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Last game you bought?


I’m curious to hear your thoughts on Blackstone Fortress. It’s seems to be getting fairly positive reviews. Personally, I like that it seems like a coop skirmish game vs a more typical dungeon crawler (though that could be said about most of the modern DC’s that I’m interested in).

I also like that it comes with options for 1-off skirmishes, so you don’t always have to play the campaign.


It’s more of the hard limits; Typically 2+ is the sweet spot of me but a min of 3 means that it’s not something I can easily pull off the shelf and play with just my wife. A firm 2 means that I can only play with my wife which is OK but doesn’t mean it’ll enter the rotation with the group I roll with.


Will do! Sadly, might be a while… the holiday season working at a game store is just shy of insane (my last day off was December 5th… my next day off is December 25th!).

My bosses are in the trenches with us (the two owners work every day from November 1st straight through to December 25th), which is comforting, but yeah, it’s still a busy, busy, busy time of year.


My Gloomhaven group is 4 players (myself, my partner, and another couple), and it looks like we’re nearing the end of that particular tree (we’ve played 37 times, finishing 34 scenarios, losing twice, and repeating one mission for extra cash).

Personally, I’ll be kinda happy to put it in our rear-view, but the rest of the group is still enjoying the hell out of it. But I think Gen7 looks like a very promising campaign to play next (we previously played all the way through Mechs vs Minions, which was fun, but yeah, about time to move on!).


I’m really excited to give it a go! I painted all the minis, but then gave them to a friend as a holiday present. So now I have to paint them all over again (which, honestly, I don’t mind too much, but it took me a month the first time around… I’m hoping to shorten that to only a week, sometime when I have time!).

Oooh, looks like the forum doesn’t like when I respond to people individually… mental note, don’t do that in the future. Got it.

Anyway! Yeah, it looks really promising!


Had a few minutes spare before a movie, so dropped into the board game store and bought Drop It


I picked up a used copy of Labyrinth: War on Terror yesterday from ebay. Bit of a swerve away from my usual tastes as I’m not much of war gamer, but I’ve been playing a lot more 2 player sessions recently and I thought it sounded interesting enough to give it a try!

Also, first post. Hello all!


Hey @JP87 ! I’m sure we’ve got at least one other radiographer bouncing around here!


Well, I’m pretty close to being a radiographer. Hi @JP87!


Hi both! @Hammond Nearly as in soon to qualify? We do seem get everywhere haha! I should disclose that I’m a member of the dark side (Therapy)


Got Priests of Ra for 13 quid from a charity. I am forever grateful to the cardboard gods. :scream_cat:


Just ordered Cryptid and Pandemic: Fall of Rome. Cryptid won’t get to me before Christmas, but it’s for me, so I don’t really care. :sunglasses:

Truthfully, I wanted a different flavor of Pandemic like I wanted a hole in my head…buuut, I looked at PFoR closely, and I think it’s different enough to be enjoyable. I certainly like the theme!


Hey! I just received notice that the copy of Awful Green Things From Outer Space I had ordered earlier this month, and completely forgotten about, has shipped. :alien::space_invader::rocket:


Actually, nearly as I’m a Radiation Therapist! (we don’t refer to ourselves as anything associated with radiographers over here :smiling_imp: :australia:).

Anyway this is a discussion not for this subtopic, you should go and post in the Introduction Thread or Selfie Thread! (if you’re feeling so inclined).


I’m not a radiologist, but I do work in cancer therapy! Can I join the gang?!


Cryptid is great fun! Just don’t do what I did and confuse the triangular cabins for mountains


Yes! And we’ve got a cancer researcher in @fiamh so I think we can just start our own clinic now!


Great! Cause I’ve got a lump on top of my neck that hurts when I think. Do you think you can make it fall off before Christmas?


Sure just smear you face with black salve until it’s gone


Just bought When I Dream for ~$6. Amazon’s algorithm must’ve screwed up or something, and it has this game at that price, but it is an add-on item. I didn’t have ~$19 more of stuff that I needed to get that to ship, so I asked the friendly folks at Target’s online customer service if they would match for me, and they did! I should get the difference refunded to my card in a couple days. I also get to go pick it up in store today, so no shipping issues can arise.

I don’t know if I will keep it or give it away as a gift - anyone have any advice on this one? I just couldn’t ignore it at that price…worst case is I hold on to it for a couple months and sell it.