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Last game you bought?


Not a game per se, but I bought The White Box from Atlas Games, which is kinda like The Green Box of Games, where it’s a game design kit, loaded with cubes, discs, meeples, and dice in 6 different colors. The meeples are small, which I actually appreciate, and all the bits are top notch. Plus it comes with a hefty book of game design, development, playtesting, and publishing essays.

I also bought a pack of FFG’s all clear card sleeves, for making double-sided cards, so I feel really well equipped for future game design endeavors.


I’ve been going to a friend’s game night where the games people play are a tad too light for me, but discovered it’s nice and easy to get fun card games played. So bought Skull King as a 4 player trick taking game (already have fox in the forest for two player).

Then decided I want another dice euro since I love Troyes so much. Was on the fence between Coimbra and Lorenzo. Think Lorenzo is more my type of game but maybe a tad aged by now (lots of bizarre iconography and just generally looks a bit more convoluted than it needs to be), but Coimbra was cheaper and more straight forward so figure I’d get it to the table easier, so plumped for Coimbra. Still a bit concerned that Coimbra is too light as to be reprove after a few plays, but a lot of people I trust are treating it highly as one of their games for the year, so that’s reassuring.


Bought Crown of Emara and Arraial, they both sounded pretty interesting


Kickstarter harvest coming in fast in the last month: Cerebria, Dawn of the Peacemakers, and Lincoln all showed up. Cerebria is great, haven’t tried the others yet.

Did my Christmas game shopping and settled on Space Base for the 10yo, Impulse for the 13yo, Sagrada + Expansion for my wife, and Gizmos for me. – We have a Santa-like “game master” who brings everyone a game each year. :smiley:


Yesterday, finally got my copy of Martin Wallace’s Lincoln. Only a few months late. They were waiting on rules books. My rule book came loose in the package, and was identical to the one already sealed in the box. And there was a bag of components not mentioned in the rule book at all.


And I just this second found a copy of Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra on the front porch. Hooray!


Also bought the upgrade kit for Orleans, does that count?


Didn’t buy, but got in a trade, Hostage Negotiator: Crime Wave. Rather liking it, even when it’s frustrating.


I found the same. There are some comments that explain what the extras are – a list of all the cards and some score mats or something. It’s kind of weird. I’m not impressed with this KS, frankly. But the game looks cool.


Found out the extra stuff was stretch goals. Had they bothered to mention stretch goals in any of the updates, I’d have known it already.

Yeah, they really screwed the KS up. Why companies don’t have someone dedicated to, or at least spending daily time on, the KS is beyond me.


Oh, yeah, that’s mine. I was just stopping to tie my shoelace and set it down then forgot it.

Could you send it on to me please? Ta :wink:


Bought Arkham Horror: The Card Game to play with my partner. Has been pretty good so far but quite difficult with only one core set.


Just walked into my office and found this waiting for me. Christmas came early!

Um…I also bought Star Trek Ascendancy yesterday on my travel recovery day off. :wink:


Is it alright if we play it some before you pick it up?


I don’t see why not. Please enjoy :slight_smile:


Postman delivered a Kickstarter I backed an age ago - Hand of Fate: Ordeals. Looking forward to finding some time over the holidays to give it a whirl.


While in the midst of shopping for gifts, I’ve also grabbed a handful of smaller games over the past few weeks (most during Black Friday sales), and tucked them away for a “rainy day”.

Though today I was able to grab Inis from Amazon on sale!!! It wasnt much off, maybe $12-17 depending on where you look, but the fact that they had it in stock (no Canadian retailer does, whenever I’ve looked), plus free shipping?! Can’t complain. Its probably a little heavy for us right now, but with how dificult it is to get, I didnt want to miss it.

I’ve read a lot of comments about counterfeit board games on Amazon, but I’m not sure how much of an issue it is on the Canadian site. The prices tend to be a lot higher than every other online retailer. I don’t think that’s a guarantee, but most of the comments I’ve seen about counterfeits, seemed to involve games that were found at a very low price. I’m also not sure how much of an issue it is in general.


This is the problem with working at a FLGS: last month I purchased…

  • Gen7 (no way I was skipping this one! DoW in space!? Yes! Yes please!)
  • Railroad Ink (Red x 3, Blue x 5… only one of each for myself, but lots of gifts for other people)
  • Tuscany Expansion for Viticulture (gift)
  • Spirit Island (gift)
  • Deep Sea Adventure (gift, but I already own it… such a clever little game! And SO LITTLE!)
  • Blackstone Fortress (my first GW purchase in probably 2 decades… aside from a copy of “Forbidden Stars”, which was gifted to me and remains one of the best games in my entire collection, and one of my favourites!)
  • The Mind (for myself)
  • Expansions for Fog of Love (I love the hell outta this game, no way I’m letting the expansions all get purchased without picking them up myself!)
  • … and a bunch of Infinity models (the Beyond Coldfront box, and a few scattered pieces for my Haqqislam and JSA forces… because I am weak and I love little space dolls of war).

I jokingly (but honestly) tell my customers that I reinvest 15% of my salary every year into the company…


Ooh, let us know how you go with Gen7, it’s been on my radar.


I told myself that I would be allowed one boardgame purchase over the holidays and Gen7 is on the short list. The only reason why I didn’t go right out and get it was that suggested min player count (3) would make it hard for me to get regular games together.
Fog of Love is also on that list but the ironically the player count could be a problem.


If you are looking for games that play less than 3 players but more than two, then yes, you may have a few problems finding suitable candidates :wink: