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Last game you bought?


Flamme Rouge Peloton Gift for a friend…
Skull… For the fourth time. Another gift!


I picked up a couple of Keyforge decks to see what the fuss is about, although I haven’t had time to play it yet.

I also picked up Railroad Ink (the red one), which again, I haven’t had time to play yet.



“Do you have a release date for Betrayal: Legacy ?” I asked out of curiosity.

“There”, he said, pointing at the shelves.

So now I have one of those.


I bought Gunkimono for 17 quid and Tak for 20 (including p&p). The bargain gods have blessed me!


Wow! Where’d you find gunkimono for that price?! Bargain!


Can’t go wrong for less than £1 https://www.pnparcade.com/?fbclid=IwAR3KD99rklNy6ZPh7Vzt63ITiF7QSpewdFWWWFst_T2_8TBeHydnrWIclkg Sprawlopolis


2nd hand - used once (meaning, practically, like new). Still a bargain


Definitely! I’d love someone to play their games once and then sell them to me half price!

(Any takers?)


I know, right? The most popular trading app in Japan is full of games for the amazing price of about 20% off retail + $20 shipping. People over here just don’t seem to understand that unwrapping a game halves its value! =P


In the UK, people generally sell for about two thirds of store price, including shipping. I think that’s pretty fair - if I’m buying second hand I’d like to save at least £8-10. Much less than that and I’d rather buy new or hold out for a sale.


Agreed. Slightly more if they’re still in shrink.

Anyway I got The Estates for my birthday. (Most definitely mid-30s now). Looking forward to getting it played


This. We went to buy some card game for SWMBO, and I just tagged along without any intent to buy anything. Then I saw that they had a rerelease copy of Triplanetary. So…yeah. This is one I’ve always wanted, but always forgot to look for. It first came out in 1973 when I was two years old!


Last year I picked up a couple games on crazy discount (clearance and whatnot) and ended up with enough games for each person in the family, so I snuck them into the gift pile and labeled them from “the Christmas Game Master.” Well, now the kids have asked if the GM will be giving games again and it’s found its way into the gift budget. mwa ha ha.

This year, it’s:

  • wife - Sagrada plus expansion (we played a friend’s copy of sagrada 11 times this year, so no brainer)
  • daughter - Impulse (my daughter likes Mottainai and loves Innovation, so this seemed obvious too)
  • son - Space Base (much harder to suss out what my son would like, but this has a building element and no take-that, so it’s right up his alley. Plus you get to do things on other peoples’ turns.)
  • me - Gizmos (got this for free using points)


Space Base has one card that we’ve come across with a bit of “take that”, in that if you get to activate said card, all your opponents lose 4 points. Plus of course vying for the good cards, and trying to make the best engine.

We keep seeing the card that says “You Win”, but since we play 2 player, and it’s for when you roll a 12, you have to roll 5 twelves on your turn to win, instead of just 3 times when you play 5 players.

Staying on topic, I’ve enjoyed the Exit games so much, I’ve picked up the rest of the ones I haven’t played yet.


Received Ponzi Scheme yesterday. The game play interests me a lot.


My wife called me yesterday, asking me to NOT look at the Amazon deals of the day, as it was focused on games. In return, she said I could pick one of these three games and she’d get it: Codenames Pictures, Decrypto, Masque of the Red Death. I told her I’d call her back after I looked into them all.

I already have Codenames and Codenames Marvel, so I didn’t feel a great need for Pictures as well. Decrypto looks pretty interesting and has reviewed well both on SU&SD and other places. Masque seems to be a mixed bag of reviews, but it is very pretty and has an interesting premise.

I called her back and went with Decrypto.

Then I sent a review video link to my wife for Masque of the Red Death, as I kept thinking about it and wanted her input. She called me later saying we should get it as well. So we did.


I just grabbed Codenames Marvel last night from a FLGS for $10 (Canadian!). Seemed like a good choice! :slightly_smiling_face:


Please don’t tell my wife: on black friday I bought myself the new Carcasonne Big Box.

I bought her like 4 more Carcasonne expansions.

Carcasonne is one of her favorite games, but we have the previous edition.

She told me not to buy the big box for her but I hate the mismatched tiles. So I secretly bought it for me.


I wonder if she bought the big box for you!


Then I’ll be in real trouble!