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Last game you bought?


Seal Team Flix

I was answering a recommendation question on bgg, and suggested this game, and then I thought, hey - I should buy this too.

I don’t think SUSD have covered it, it had a glowing review from another podcast (yes, another podcast, I have needs)


And after enjoying Fortress, I’ve just bought some of the other games in the same (Fast Forward) series - Flee, Fear, and Fortune


Bought the expansion for Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, the Estates, and Bunny Bunny Moose Moose. My friend who usually isn’t a fan of auction games has played the Estates from LoBster con, and he really enjoyed it. So, I’m eager to play it soon!


Bought Catch the Moon - I’m a sucker for dexterity/stacking games, and I meant to buy this a long time ago.


Purchased The Mind in anticipation of going home for the holidays. It seems like a game that demands little enough my parents will be able to play it but with enough edge that my siblings will want to play.


How people take to the Mind is so funny. For me it’s been a hit with my partner (who isn’t that into games), and about a dozen people who prefer light games, and a flop with three people who play a LOT of games - they each tried gaming the system in their own ways (and disagreeing about how it “should” be played), and it never really came together.


I think some people see rules as things to remain within and others as boundaries to be pushed.


Yeah, I’m definitely in the “remain within” camp, as far as boardgames are concerned.


I’ll be curious to see how it goes down. Clearly I think it demands the right group, but I think that can be my family. It also seems low-commitment, and there’s a new baby in the mix, so if we’re going to play games it’s not going to be Whitehall Mystery.

Fingers crossed!


Was killing some time today, popped into a game store

Picked up Welcome To… and Lost Cities Rivals (Knizia, easy sell)


I play a lot of games, and I would hate playing it with players like these :frowning:


Yeah, on reflection I don’t think there’s any correlation between how much you are into games and how much you try and bend rules. There just happened to be some people who wanted to mime numbers in that one group, and refused to play any other way (because without miming it “wouldn’t be fun”).


The Mind is like a litmus test of how willing people are to let go of rules. It’s like a meditation exercise!


We love this game. For some reason, US Amazon still doesn’t carry it, but it’s available elsewhere.


Orleans came up as a good deal, so grabbed it. I’ve played it a few times, so I know its good. Shame this is the standard (not deluxe) version, but oh well.

Ok, no more buying games, starting…now!


Weirdly though, even though I said what I said, I think there’s a distinction between trying to bust the rules through “smartness” and subtly squashing was the rules.

The mind has this weird thing where the rules are clear: no communication but every single person playing consciously and simultaneously unconsciously breaks the rules (e.g. 100 card lean back)


Orleans is great.


That made me lol - we do the 100 card lean back too. Sometimes with added nonchalant whistling…

We’re aware we probably bend the rules a bit, and we’re ok with that. We’ve still never won, even after quite a few games.


I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s part of the fun of the game!

I guess the “bad” stuff involves explicit strategies. Any situation where you have already conceived of the “aha but we haven’t communicated technically heheheh” or of that sort.


An online FLGS had a great sale on Pandemic The Cure: Experimental Meds (grabbed it for $15!). Since I wanted free shipping, I added a bunch of other small games, because that makes sense :thinking:

Sakura Arms - 1v1 card battle game
Dead Men Tell No tales A coop game that I’m told is a mix of Pandemic (which I have played) and Flash Point (which I have not played). Regardless, Coop + Pirate theme = Winning! (Gift for my son)
Codenames: Harry Potter A little gift for my GF who is always so willing to play and learn games with me (because she LOVES Harry Potter!!!)
Paper Tales I’ve heard good things about it, and my gf and I have had a lot of fun with Fairy Tales.
Samurai Spirit - We love Ghost Stories, and it was on sale!