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Last game you bought?


Not a game, but just bought this for my Netrunner collection…

Maybe a quarter of the cards are sleeved so far. I’m not even sure everything will fit in there once it’s sleeved! But fingers crossed. Stupidly bought the version without the tray, but shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

The manufacturer said it’s one of only two they’ve ever made. Pretty happy with it!


Recently I bought Snow Tails, which is my very first racing board game. Fun fact: I didn’t know if I like racing games! Another fun fact: I read only one random review on BBG (by person completely unknown to me)!
I bought it compulsively because dog sleds. And Huskies!

I’m very lucky, because after 2 plays I really like it! I can’t help myself but encourage my “dogs”: Mush! Mush!


Snow Tails is great fun! But, like George of the Jungle, you need to watch out for those trees (and sides of mountains).


Oh, for the love of…
I can’t get that that song out of my head now.

Thanks, bort! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


My FLGS has a copy of Teotihuacan. This evening, it shall be mine.


Tell us how your game goes! I love Tzolkin a lot

Bought Concordia: Venus (expansion), Blue Lagoon, and Z-Man’s Condottiere from Thirsty Meeples. Condottiere is well loved in our gaming group that we, collectively, have lots of eBay knock-off versions floating around, so I’m eager to have this version played. Concordia and Blue Lagoon are easy to put to the table, so I’m excited on those too!


Condottiere is out!? I know what’s going on my Christmas list this year!

OT: Went and picked up Lowlands last night from my local comic book store that’s having a progressive sale right now. Yesterday, the sale hit 50% off, so got it for $35.


If you want another item in your Christmas list, then Archaeology: the New Expedition is now available, at least, in the UK


Bought a few Essen games (shop brought back some stock)

Got Forum Trajanum (Feld game, I’m a fan), Men at Work (I’m a sucker for stacking games), The Estates, and Fool


I’m playing through the Arkham Horror lcg and I finally ordered the curse of the rougarou and that newer standalone scenario I forgot the name of.
Should arive today :grin:


Going all-in on Renegade: just ordered the two expansion packs, Christmas at the Hack Shack and Fire and Chaos.


The new edition of Pictomania just arrived at my door. I bought it specifically to play with my wife’s family over Christmas, I’m hoping it will go down well! :slight_smile:


I picked up Teotihuacan!


… Bought some more stuff for Arkham LCG. Depths of Yoth and some small cards stands for the character cards (that are colour coded for each class, ooooh!).

Chucked in 4 KeyForge decks too. Going to proxy the keys with Pandemic cubes and Iron Clays. Pretty cheap to check out, so why not.

Was tempted by Holding On, but there doesn’t seem to be much game there? As someone who works in medicine, the saccharine melodrama of all the feels doesn’t really appeal to me. Kinda hoping a friend buys it so I can check it out…


Gizmos, and Brass Birmingham


For work, I was “given” a copy of WarHammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress.

(I’ll have to pay for some of it… demo copies aren’t free, just reduced rate)

The trade-off is that i have to paint all the models, and fast: we need to display them as demo models for the next couple weeks.

The game looks… promising, honestly. Fully co-op, which is a very good start (if you play 5 player, you can choose to make it an All-Vs-1, but honestly, I doubt it will be as good as Level 7 Omega Protocol in that regard), and some interesting mechanics for hero/villain activations.

But man, painting the almost-dozen heroes and almost 2 dozen bad dudes is going to be a challenge to get done quick and clean and reasonably pretty. Thank Heavens for having an airbrush!

Downside is that despite opening and assembling it tonight, I won’t be able to PLAY it for 2 weeks! Which, honestly, is probably okay since I won’t have TIME to play it until then!


Finally found Terraforming Mars: Prelude in a FLGS so picked it up.

Looking forward to getting this integrated in the game.


This game looks pretty good; the asthetics are great. I love the gritty sci-to (and I dont think the heroes are typical, even for WH 40K, but I don’t really know). I just hope it’s actually a solid game, as I’ve read that GW plans to support it (expansions?)…though I don’t need another expensive miniatures crawler on my wish list! Lol.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts.


1066: Tears to Many Mothers was delivered today. A re-run of the Battle of Hastings awaits…


I am ambivalent to A&A generally, but I have to say that I really enjoy A&A 1914 (although it should be called Central Powers & Allies, but…whatever :grinning: ). Having said that, rulebooks that lack clarity seems to be endemic to A&A unfortunately.

I should also point out that selling a $100 (when new) game that requires two copies in order to have enough pieces to play it is poor form.