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Last game you bought?


Well I didn’t buy it, but I am receiving Terraforming Mars in a BGG trade this week. I have read all of the concerns about the art and the player boards (though my table is pretty substantial, so I don’t think that will be an issue for me), but I am excited to try it!


Oh, I also pledged on KS for the base game of Welcome to, which looks like good fun and for just $25 I couldn’t resist.


Paid for it months ago, but just got the new edition of Arboretum from the publisher.

Love the artwork, not happy with the tree changes. They took out magnolia and olive. I love both trees.

At least I still have my beloved jacaranda.


As long as the gameplay itself is solid, it’s easy to look beyond mediocre art or component quality, and imo Terraforming Mars is a great example for that. So I’m sure you’re in for a treat.


Yea I’m super excited. I know Quinns wasn’t super high on it, but it seems right up my alley.


Sacriligeous!! But not the Royal Poiciana. Bloody philistines!

What are the new trees?


Blue Spruce and Cherry Blossom do seem fitting and colorful within the bounds of actual nature. Still don’t get the purple Jacarandas though… And olive trees belong on farms more than an arboretum. :stuck_out_tongue:


I don’t know what the old trees were, other than olive and magnolia, but the new tree list is:

Blue Spruce
Cherry Blossom
Royal Poinciana
Tulip Poplar

Tulip Poplar is just sort of a green tree, so we leave it out of our three player games, along with Maple, which is an obnoxious orange.

Dogwood, Poinciana, and Willow are gorgeous. And I love Jacarandas IRL.

They are purple in real life, btw. We have one out our back window.

Well, sort of a lavender. But purplish.


Dang. Just googled it…


Actually it should have been the Willow. We dont like the Willow


Jacaranda’s blooming just give me anxiety that it must be exam season :sweat_smile:


Really hoping to see this pop in stock on one of the online FLGS I shop from frequently. The game looks gorgeous!


Personally, I prefer the original run that I own, with the green and gold design. It’s less clean and modern than the new version, but it’s so pretty, and doesn’t say the name of the game on the back of every single card.


The art-noveau(esque) of the Z-Man edition made me keep it. However, I am a fan of Beth Sobel’s art on other games like Sunset Over Warer


I did not buy this, but it did stop me in my tracks. And not in a good way. I think we can officially state that the shark has been jumped.




I don’t know, it seems more interesting than straight A&A, at least too me (though I still wouldn’t buy it).

They’re just trying to make that Zombie money! Can’t really blame them.


Eh, there’s over a dozen films featuring the idea of Nazi zombies and I think some of the recent Wolfenstein video games have had a zombie mode, so it’s not so much of a stretch to think someone would take the idea and run with it into a WWII board game. Could be fun, but I don’t play A&A anymore anyway, so I don’t need another version of it.


I’ve seen a little about it, and it looks as if they’re trying to make a real game of it – but the core game is still A&A.


I do think it’s funny that this hit retail just as J.J. Abrams new movie, Overlord, hit theaters, which will be followed up by Mythic Games upcoming Kickstarter Reichbusters: Projekt Vril (which looks like V-Commandos meets Wolfenstein - meaning it looks awesome IMO). That’s a whole lot of Nazi Zombie/Monsters!


Yeah, I’ve heard it’s fine if that’s your thing (though apparently the rule book is severely lacking).

Edit: I don’t mean that as a knock, the game just isn’t for me.