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Last game you bought?


Just picked up Artifacts, Inc (because it was cheap) and Mesozooic (to lessen the postage hit from the Dragon Age RPG rulebook I also bought).


Decided to get a legit copy of The Mind, and grabbed Everdell as well


That sucks, but I do love the idea that life is just an overly complicated worker placement game where pound coins/dollars are your workers.

I’m going to send five workers to the lunch action space, which will reduce my hunger track, but that means I’ll only have three workers left in the evening phase. I guess I could use the baked beans space again but that doesn’t feel optimal


Baked beans never feel optimal, but often are. Lessons I learned while studying.
Also never ever buy the cheapest baked beans. Ever.

In more contributory news, I got Secret… Uhh… ages ago. Despite Quinn’s review I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite hidden roll game, because of the three stages of game play. Working out who everyone is. Working out who knows. Working out how you can win. Followed by step 5, finding out you were the. Hippy all along.


Renegade is here. (Would have bought at Essen, but didn’t see a copy for sale.) Planning a small solo gaming session on Saturday to celebrate.


The Mind and Mint Works from MCM Comicon London


Last game I acquired is When I Dream. Actually had to dig through rows of games in the store to find their last English copy :joy:

It’s nice! I was getting sick of the “cards against humanity” parties. So far this game is going over well!


I was actually doing that to compartmentalize the situation. Abstracting the different aspects sort of made it easier to process and not freak out.


I bought Conquest of Paradise, got a steal of a deal on a Power Grid bundle (base game, 3 map packs, new power plants and every promo) and got charged for SpaceCorp.

To counter this Castell, Spyrium and Mission Red Planet have been put up for sale


Just bought into Netrunner. A bit late to the party.

Base v1, first three four box expansions, first two cycles. Probably. An unsorted lot from a reseller, ~700 sleeves as a bonus, but about 700 of the cards have their text covered up by Japanese translation labels, which will be a right pain in the arse to remove (if I decide to do so). Still, all that for 10,600 Yen ($95 or 73 quid) delivered is pretty good value.


Well, well, well. Look what just arrived. :grinning:


I did a bad thing and added 13 Days and a Smash Up expansion to my pre-order at 401 Games.

Really wish Arboretum and Teotihuacan would come out so the order would ship and the temptation would go away…


Please tell me if it’s any good.

I’ve been waffling on it for AGES, hoping to get a reprint of the Space Empires 4X first expansion instead, but that doesn’t seem likely on the horizon… and this looks so potentially interesting…


Well, just bought Arkham Horror 3rd edition and got a free premium manual! Hardback!

Edit: What a lot of bits…!


I just started reading the Play Book, but this caught my eye. Seems time consuming, but I would like to try it!

Addendum: I really like the idea of stand-alone expansions.


Dear lord. That combination looks amazing and terrifying. I’d be keen to try it, when I have time. Maybe when I’m retired.


It’s an interesting idea, though I always worry slightly that the big game will generate engagements that just aren’t interesting to play in the small game. Perhaps there should be some sort of “overwhelming force” filter…


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Seems like a better solo endeavor, rather than head-to-head.


Something I and some college friends wanted to do was have a huge Federation and Empires game using Star Fleet Battles to resolve conflicts. We never managed it, mostly due to being unable to make sense of some rules in F&E, but also the sheer lunacy of the task.


Local comic store is having a progressive sale, currently at 40% off, so we picked up The Bloody Inn Carnies expansion, and the Cthulhu expansion for King of Tokyo for about $14. Hoping to pick up something else later this week when the sale is at 50% off.