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Last game you bought?


The sense I got was that it was a person writing because they had a chance to write and they wrote and damnit no one was gonna stop them writing what they were gonna write.

I got a similar feeling to when people describe how many film scenes are in Metal Gear Solid and how over done they are.

But they may have been being over the top because apart from them I’ve not seen people criticise the game really for its writing (maybe actuallol?) to the extent that it pulls people out of the game.

The other sense I got was that it was a bit like a choose your own adventure where you automatically zoom into the paragraph options after a while.


Detective gives me that Lord of the Rings feeling. It’s mostly alright in the grand narrative, but be prepared to skip past a few dull paragraphs of mountains or drinking coffee in a car in torrential rain (what’s the difference, really?).

Metal Gear Solid reminds me more of Rohinton Mistry or Salman Rushdie. Every damn character (major or inconsequential side) has some quirk which needs an elaborate, nonsensical (and largely meaningless) quaint backstory to explain what they do slightly oddly (or why they wear so little clothing with independent breast physics, what’s the difference?). Ooooh the rich tapestry of life! Doesn’t it make you think?

(Chip on my shoulder for literature, obv)


That’s partly why I bought it. I have several game groups atm, and I’m always bringing my lighter fare to tempt both my coworker’s and SO’s friends. The one constant need in my collection is a nice array of light party games, and the only drawing game I own is Fake Artist so the many praises of Pictomania have rattled about in my head for a while now. Glad I picked it up right as the 2nd Edition came out.


To clarify, the negative buzz I have is not from SUSD, but from friends in gaming groups I know.


I’m not going to list everything I bought at Essen, but I think Human Punishment deserves a mention: three-faction social deduction with two loyalty cards and a role card per player. Loyalty cards can be investigated; role cards are revealed when you take enough damage, and may have some special effect when that happens. Not yet played more than a brief example round, but that was enough to sell me on it.


Kickstarted this. Only played once unfortunately


Just bought Steam Time because it looks nice and The Works were selling it for £15 with an extra 25% off.


That actually looks the most fun out of the lot of their new stuff.

I’d tentatively reccomend tumult royale as it’s 15 pounds if you can play with more than two players.


Funds will be tight in our house until next Summer, so I won’t be buying any new games (save for getting one for Christmas and my birthday). Which actually feels liberating, not having to check the usual sites for sales all the time, and hopefully enhancing my played-games-to-collection-size ratio.
Anyway, the last purchases I did were for making my copy of Gloomhaven more conveniently playable/durable via insert, sleeves and removable stickers.
The insert is by folded space and made of a kind of glorified foam core that comes precut and ready to punch out/assemble.

This makes Gloomhaven by far the most expensive game in my collection, having spend 210€ on it. I’m positive it’s worth the investment, but still…


I know what you mean, but it gives more back. Thank god it didn’t come full of miniatures - then it would be even more expensive!


We recently got Stratos and Stratos lite at a garage sale. I haven’t played it yet, but let me tell you, small miniature forests were clear cut to supply all the cardboard pieces for these games. It seems a bit of a crazy time. Has anyone played it? Any Impressions? Is it worth sinking my time into this game of putting smaller cardboard pieces on larger ones?


With Asmodee’s holiday sale going on, I skimmed through the offerings and decided to pick up Mr. Jack and Crossing. I also showed that 7 Wonders: Babel was available, and my wife wanted to get that as well. After looking at the shipping costs, however, I just got Crossing from the sale, and ordered the other two on Amazon, which had only slightly higher prices, but no shipping cost, so we saved a few bucks.


My cardboard santa came back from Essen and gave me Reykholt and 7 Wonders: Armada. He forgot to get the Keyflower developer tile promo. Im crying a bit inside but Im not complaining because I really appreciate what he did for me.

I got the Mind level 13 promo too. Whoop!


My cardboard santa drew a big blank. sobs quietly into keyboard Please can I play?




How can I move on now?? :sob: :sob::sob::sob::sob:


If youre around West London, we’ll be in poshy Richmond tonight for Halloween gaming.


Still accumulating Arkham Horror LCG mythos packs, which is hoovering up all our new game funds.


Good thing it’s entirely satisfying as the only game you play (for a while, anyway).


My fav new game is “Take your pet to the Vet ER”. It’s sort of a cross between deckbuilder by way of adding charges to the invoice, worker placement (“Hrm what bills can I skip this paycheque”) and random chance (“This procedure may work or the pet may still die… Roll the dice!”).
I highly recommend it. It’s so engrossing that it’s the only thing I’ll be playing till I get my holiday bonus.