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Last game you bought?


I was looking to purchase the new warsch roll n write game - brikks a Tetris affair - and decided to nose around for out of print English games with low language barriers.

I got two games in my hunt. (In addition to brikks)

  1. jolly and roger. An i split you choose game.
  2. a hhame called schmugglers (translates to smugglers and is available in English). This one is really intriguing to me. It’s a game where you make a putty ball small enough to pass through a gate but also the biggest possible ball. There’s some other stuff but it’s the core idea and its implementation that scratched my itch for weird stuff.


I had this, played it once, it was a bit of fun. I sold it to a workmate, and he says he loves it, and they play all the time (and they dont have kids)


I suspect I might play it only a few or less times (maybe at the pub) but it was only 15 euro!

One other thing to note: it’s made by the designer of Catan. That guy has deffo taken his rep and cash and decided to use it to make wacky games. I really like it.


It’s made by him and his son, actually!
The first board game dynasty I know of in the making? (Although there has also been the game Vital Lacerda did with his young daughter on KS,and there are probably more…).
I also thought about getting Schmuggler, since it’s even cheaper here, and the idea sounds nice, but I don’t have room left for games just might like. It would be cool if you could report back once you’ve tried it. :slight_smile:


You are forgetting the Englesteins. They’ve made a bunch of games.


Right, I knew I’d at least forgotten one designer family.


Bought Mission Red Planet as I’m looking for a medium complexity game that plays 6 well in under 2 hrs. Big Ask but this might do it (at the less complex end)

Also want to try Empires but it’s £43! It’s also a little under the radar due to being released in the shadow of Sidereal Confluence…


Well my Cryptid order was cancelled. :rage:

…so I went to town and got a copy from my FLGS since it looks like it may get the SUSD treatment soon. Then noticed they had Fox in the Forest too. The store give 10% off when you buy three games, so I added the Taj Mahal reissue since my friends have got on well with Reiner Knizia auction games, so why not try one in a board game format?

Think I’m going to have to actually start selling that stack of games I set aside.


That’s awful about Cryptid. What happened?

Anyway, I do like oddball FLGS deals. My local lets you roll a D20, and if you roll anything above a 10, that’s your discount! I’ve had a few nat 20’s!

I know, they price it so they still make 40-to-60% off every sale, but it still makes it fun to shop there.


Typical online store stuff. 1 in stock. Turns out none in stock. No idea when they’ll get more.

Yeah, I didn’t end up making much of a saving. In total it ended up being maybe £5 more than internet with the saving. But good to support the store once in a while.


I bought Princes of the Renaissance from the Mercury booth at SHUX and am looking forward to playing another old-school Martin Wallace design again.


I bought Ethnos at the Starlit Citadel booth the day after playing the game library copy at SHUX with my wife and friends. We all really liked it and it was cheaper there than anywhere I saw online.


Modern Art - Korean Edition


Wow, they’re using actual famous art!?


Yep. They have two sets of artists - Western Modernist ones: Manet, Cezanne, van Gogh, Munch, and Klimt. Then, there’s the other set composed of Korean artists. They are in Korean, so I don’t know who they are.

There are two sets of decks for these, and the board is double-sided. I added a 2nd pic for peeps to see who the artists are.


Playing Modern Art with Proto-Modern Artists… I’M NOT IMPRESSED!


I walked into Barnes & Noble yesterday to see if anything was left on their clearance as it’s now 75% off. While I turned away from the clearance bins, I saw one last copy of The Mind sitting on the regular, non-clearance shelf. I’ve been intrigued by it since hearing about it on the podcast, and it’s not exactly an expensive game, so I went ahead and bought it.

I have also accumulated a few games recently via trade on BGG (mostly from thrift/heavily discounted finds that I got for cheap purely for trading). I have yet to play any of these yet, but I got my own copy of Codenames (which is always a blast when playing with a new group of folks), Machi Koro: Bright Lights, Big City, Mascarade, Sushi Go, Ex Libris, and Campaign Manager 2008 (which I will flip). I have a nice arrangement at the moment where shipping isn’t much of a concern for me, so my wife can’t complain about the costs of me buying them…but she will wonder what happened when I come home with a new stack haha.


Remember, everything in the public domain is up for grabbs.


Heaven and Ale was on sale, so grabbed it


Also bought: Vanuatu, Ancestree, Fast Forward Fortress, and Now Boarding