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Last game you bought?


I’ve not yet played Archaeology with just two players, but having played a couple of games (my first games of it) with five players tonight (which is the maximum), I thought that was probably too many players – the gameplay is very light, and I thought it took too much time between turns for what it was. I see that BGG suggests the original edition (2-4) is best with three players, and for the newer edition (2-5) doesn’t have an opinion, but I’ll be surprised if I don’t find it better with fewer. I’ll let you know once I’ve tried it with two. It’s going to have to compete with Jaipur in the two-player set-collection category, though, which is some fairly stiff competition.


Two players is pretty good! My bf and I are also fans of things like Jaipur, Parade, Aboretum, Lost Cities and recently Piepmatz. Archaeology gets thrown into the mix pretty often as a lighter faster game


“Piepmatz? What is Piepmatz?”

Goes to BGG

In Piepmatz , you skillfully play bird cards from your hand…

“Bird cards? I want to play bird cards!”


My goodness.


@Phil / @Plum, thanks! Piepmatz looks pretty good too!

Last night was Dominion: Seaside, with my wife and a card draft (traditional with the groups I play with). Always a solid game. Some of the cheap cards like Native Village and Embargo are such brilliant ideas, but I’m often sad how they get passed over because the other cards in the expansion seem to give you so much money so fast. Playing with just Seaside makes for a tense, quick game (especially with just two), but I want to get some of those cool concept cards into a slower paced game (probably heavier on the original or Intrigue cards), and see how they fare.

The whole expansion though, it just cries out to be mined for card game ideas. “Put tokens on the cards!” it cries. “Stores some cards here for later!” “Reuse these cards!” “Throw away your crap cards and have more next turn!” “Want that card on the bottom of your deck on top instead?”


I’m glad at the spread of Piepmatz here. I havent played my copy yet. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Bought Brass: Brum before I watched their review, so I’m elated when they recommended it, and Lancaster: Big Box.


I’ve placed myself on a ‘no purchases till after SHUX’ restriction but that said while I was at lunch I help Brass : Birmingham in my hands for a hot second.


I haven’t seen it available, generally. Where did you get your copy?

EDIT: Piepmatz, that is.


Im from the UK and got it from Rules of Play website. They sold out though. But there should be some on other places like Zatu.


If you’re in Canada, Meeple Mart has it in stock. (Yes, now I’m looking into it as well…ugh! Lol).


We like the Native Village, and especially the Lighthouse, but found the Embargo one too mean for a two player game.


I like Embargo because it’s a hard choice to buy from the cursed stack, so it may cause a strategy shift, but it’s not just dumping curses into someone’s deck.


Just received Gloomhaven. Sadly, the box was heavily damaged during transport (contents are OK, but one of the corners ate a rough hit). Kinda bummed especially since nowadays it costs quite a bit and hard to find.

Still, no regrets: Looks like great content. Even found the secret letter while unpacking


That stinks. I know this sounds odd, but I really like nice packaging.

Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of games that are pretty beat up (I just throw them in my backpack sometimes, my original red boxes of D&D are toast), but having nice components in a perfect box is very aesthetically pleasing, especially when they’re brand new.

I feel for your loss, but am also glad you got an excellent game!


Jumped on the Piepmatz hype train, and got Cryptid since my friends love Witness and this seems a more gamified logic puzzle whilst still being short.

…plus more Netrunner. Oops. Got so close to completing the first two cycles, I figured I may as well just finish them off!


So Unicornus Knights arrived and looks really rather lovely. I love a good standee with colourful artwork rather than a lump of grey plastic which is admittedly intricately detailed but which is going to remain lumpy and grey because there’s no way I’m going to have the skill or patience to paint it.

I listened to the Board Games Ireland podcast last week, where they mentioned a curious little word game called Movable Type. I’m a big fan of Paperback and still have fond memories of playing Scrabble so to hear of a “Scrabble-as-a-drafting-game” (in a similar vein to Paperback’s “Scrabble-as-a-deck-builder” mechanics) I couldn’t help but pitch €13 to the cause and buy a copy.

It seems like such a delightfully simple idea, I’m surprised that it doesn’t seem to have much of a following outside of Ireland. I also really like games with a grand finale rather than a simple totting up of victory points and I find that that style of game is rarer than you might expect. I think it might go down well with my group.


A2ul and Reef. Im a sucker for simple pretty things. I’m yet to bend to the Piepmatz hype but my will is weakening.


Not sure if I’m bending to the Piepmatz hype, but I checked it out and it looks cool, so I bought it

And Spy Club, which looks intriguing

I have some gaps in my shelves (because I just sold 40 games to a workmate - mostly small box games)


I like the look of spy club but I wasn’t clear on how complex the cases were. The campaign system looks intriguing. I would welcome any post play assessment.


Stay tuned for a review! It doesn’t sound like its too complex.


Spy Club is a family game so pretty low complexity. I tried this out at a convention. The legacy-like adding of new cards is fun, but I’m not sure the core game is that interesting to me.