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Last game you bought?


Dang it, SUSD. I popped into my FLGS where they had the latest Arkham Horror pack waiting for me, as well as my pre-ordered copy of The Mind (“the last one anywhere,” my shopkeep tells me). I glance around and before I know it, I’ve purchased Welcome To… also. Argh.

Just kidding, I’m excited.


The Ariovistus expansion for Falling Sky, and the update kit for Cuba Libre have arrived.


What? An expansion called Ariovistus?? What does it do?


It restructures the game to play Caesar’s entry into Gaul. Here is the GMT blurb on their website:



AH:LCG is great. So great in fact that I’ve spent more time buying and organizing the expansions / mythos packs into a broken token organizer vs actually playing the game.


Me too. In fact, here’s my timeline:

  • Jan 2017 - 1 play - bought the game, tried it, loved it.
  • Mar 2017 - 1 play - played with some friends, loved it again. Decided I’d start collecting.
  • July 2017 - 5 plays - played twice by myself to refresh how it worked, introduced it to my wife. She liked it and we played all three scenarios of the Night of the Zealot.
  • THE GREAT DROUGHT in which I keep buying expansions, but do not get to play it. I put it on my 10x10 list but still found no energy or time to play.
  • For Christmas, my wife got me a cool old box to hold it in and I bought the Stonemeier tokens for the game and the coin holder things.
  • August-Oct 2018 - 13 plays - my wife and I picked the game back up, played through Night of the Zealot, all the way through the Dunwich campaign, and have started on The Path to Carcossa. It’s such a good game! Thank goodness I’ve been collecting it. :smiley:

My box:


The new reprint of Archaeology: The New Expedition turned up in my local, and immediately became the latest addition to my collection. I look forward to pushing my luck, cursing the disagreeable weather, and trying to get the sand out of my artefacts.


I’ve been starting to appreciate co-ops a lot more lately, so I splashed out on a copy of Unicornus Knights which looks like one of the more unusual co-ops on the market at the moment.

I’m wondering if there’s a co-op game themed around a Wild West delivery train full of precious cargo that’s about to set off on a slapstick comically over-the-top dangerous train journey featuring half-finished bridges, jammed points, marauding bandits, boulders rolling down hills, cut telephone wires and so on with all the players rushing around the map fixing all the problems and re-routing the train so that it arrives at its destination in one piece. Unicornus Knights seems to be that kind of game but set in an anime fantasy universe with perhaps just a few too many dubiously skimpy outfits for my usual gaming tastes.


That sounds really interesting! Thanks for the link :slight_smile:


I introduced a couple of friends to Arkham Horror: The Card Game at the end of May and now both have bought two core sets, all deluxe expansions and Mythos packs so far. One even bought the Broken Token organizer and printed out dividers for everything. :laughing:


I’m still waiting for the reprint to hit Amazon… If you play it with two, I’d love to know if it feels antagonistic towards the other player. My wife and I love small box card games, but Arboretum was a bit too cutthroat.


I’m banking that I’m really going to enjoy AH:LCG once I can get a steady group to play with. The biggest hurdle right now is that the group I roll with is usually 4-6 people but since we play monthly I’m not sure if I want to spend the extra $50 for a 2nd core set. If FF just put out a 3-4 played release and priced it at $30 I’d snap it up in a second.
For the time being I’m just going to slowly buy more Mythos packs, drool over the Team Covenant merch and debate getting a another Broken Token organizer to store all the additional cards I won’t be using anytime soon.


I figured it was just better to show you.

There’s been a rolling game of Codenames PBF here.

Monikers is fun as heck, but you can only do it in person. I don’t think you can do it PBF, which is part of the charm.

Boss Monster isn’t a great game, but it’s still an incredibly fun game with fantastic style, easy to learn. Sometimes it plays itself, but there’s still a bit of strategy. (Yes, I was seduced by the theme and art, but it really is fun for a 20-40 minute game).

I haven’t bought many games recently. I splurged and got these since I couldn’t go to SHUX.


That’s a lot of Codenames!

I am on a purchasing hiatus until after SHUX, when I hope to purchase something that I play there and really enjoy. Which makes the various sales on games that come up from time to time very frustrating. :slight_smile:


(There was a deal on Amazon Prime for the three. Also it sucks I don’t get to meet you at SHUX)


Indeed. I’m a great guy!

So I delude myself.

In all seriousness, I’m bummed you’re not making it.


I will be hugging you in my mind, my friend.


Picked up Transatlantic and Princes of Florence second hand

Thought I was getting Rialto too, but didnt happen (dammit)


Just picked up Welcome To and Targi for £30. Bargain! Hopefully rocking them out tomorrow. In the pub. Love having Friday off.


Pssst! Pools are awesome.