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Last game you bought?


I picked it up at £22. This has proved good value and I suspect will be shown to be all the more so when combined to the apparently superior eastern wonders. Something to consider.


I have all my netrunner cards in binders because I definitely overloaded the base box and it is barely held together with tape and rubber bands at the moment.


I loathe binders!! If I need a storage solution, I’ll go with a MDF box kit. I love the box I have for AH LCG, the only downsides are the bland look, the weight and difficulty in storing (needs to go on its own, won’t stack with the other games). I’ll definitely go for something slightly smaller for my Netrunner collection.


I’m coming very close to adding Teotihuacan to the pre-order I mention above. May push receiving the order back a month or two, but watching a playthrough of it, it may very well be worth it.


I’m getting a copy, after someone else organised a group buy

Looks interesting


Bought Dominant Species. Now all of my 10/10 games are mine! Mwahahaahaha!


That’s on my list! I missed it at UKGE, but it was described to me as the spiritual successor to Tzolkin. And I love Tzolkin (it’s really difficult) so it’s shot to the top of my must buy list.


I heard “spiritual successor to Tzolkin” and you guys got me interested!


Tzolkin makes my head hurt, but I’ve enjoyed playing it on Boiteajeux enough.

And watching the Heavy Cardboard playthrough of Teotihuacan cemented it. Along with the really low pre-order price.

It does look a bit simpler to grasp for me personally, but that could just be because I’ve only played Tzolkin on the table once.


Feast for Odin just arrived yesterday… excited to break it out!


Outfoxed has gone down very well! I have to direct everything a little too much, but she understands everything that is going on, makes all the decisions on her turns, and eliminates the suspects with yes/no answers as I reel off the known clues. She loves the clue device, and gets frustrated when she doesn’t roll a set of icons - trying to stop the fox from progressing.

The first time we caught the guilty party - Harry - and there was much rejoicing as we locked him up.

The second time we had it down to two suspects, and gambled on arresting Ingrid, but Maggie got away. We apologised to Ingrid.


Had a day away with my boy yesterday, and we stopped in at a FLGS that is about 10 times larger than any here.

Went in knowing we’d grab a couple of games…well a couple turned into Flick’em Up: Dead of Winter, Aeon’s End 2nd Edition, Fox in the Forest, Quests of Valeria, amd the Power Up expansion for King of Tokyo.

So much for my plan to minimize new game purchases leading up to the holidays, lol. Oh well, it knocked a few off my wish list which is good.


For some reason I keep picking up Android:Netrunner datapacks and expansions. I decided to get into it the week that FFG lost the license so now my life seems to be dedicated searching random online retailers and ebay grabbing not-ridiculously priced sets.


I just picked up Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game this morning.

We are just about to sit down for a few sessions Gloomhaven.

Just doing some Character generation for Dungeon Fantasy (GURPS).


I’ve done the same! Decided to stop at approximately 1600 cards (all the big boxes and about 6 or 7 datapacks) to. There are some interesting datapacks out there but I keep telling myself I don’t need any more. If I see any for a ridiculously low price I may bite though…


…and this afternoon I realised I had a prepaid card sitting around as a bonus from my internet provider that needed spending before the end of the year. So looks like I have 7 more data packs now :roll_eyes: I pretty much have half the first three cycles, half the last two cycles, and none of the three in between. Happy with that!

Need to choose a victim to teach Netrunner now.


This weekend was at the Tabletop Gaming live and I bought, High Society and Santorini but then they had My Little Scythe for £32…so I went over my budget and got it too… 8) bank account 8(


Uhhh… I got Shadows Over Camelot, Pi Mal Pflaumen, Ganz Schon Clever (Are you happy now, webs?? :joy:), Orleans, Nusfjord, Space Base, Amun-Re - all from Tabletop Live. Normally, I wouldn’t buy them all in one go, but I got them all for a good deal.


Actually, after seeing and handling the lightweight wooden dice that are included in the box, I was starting to sympathize with your plan. :rofl:


Bought Targi, hands-down the best 2 player worker placement game I have ever played, which I previously tried online with my wife. So good, and a surprising table-hog with so many cards. It’s so great that this game is finally back in reprint.

Also bought Hand of the King, which I like, but it’s not a hit with my wife or my usual gaming group. I like the puzzle-y aspect of it and the simplicity, but all they see is that at a certain point, one side will win for sure, and they can’t stand that. Probably won’t hit the table much, sadly.