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Last game you bought?


Just picked up My Village and Dragonwood used from a local BGG auction… Not expecting anything spectacular from either. My wife, I think, will like Dragonwood and I’m such a big fan of Village, I thought I’d check out what the designers thought they could do differently


Thanks very much, that’s good to know. I’ll put on my to look out for list. Happy gaming!


Ooooh! OOoooh!

I backed the spaceship-version of that game (Intercept Orbit), and I was SO EXCITED to build little spaceships to battle with!

… and then my neiphlings came to visit and my partner gave them ALL MY LEGO (it wasn’t that much… 2 large box “mixed” sets… but STILL!).


If I hadn’t just dropped a grand on new WarMachine models I would absolutely just buy replacement LEGO, but it’s going to have to wait. I have other priorities for my money for the near future (book editing costs, a trip to Japan in September, etc…).


Would they accept your partner as a reverse trade for the Lego?



Ooo. Im planning a trip to Japan in next uear. Psyched for your debrief.

Anyway, I bought Flamme Rouge and plan to buy the peloton expansion almost immediately. I’m a big cycling fan. I pretty much write off three consecutive sundays in March and April for the cobbled classics although I haven’t visited them yet. I’m very excited for this game.

Does anyone know if there are opportunities for cooperation between the 2 break away riders in the peloton expansion?


Not entirely sure what you’re asking – as they’re being chosen, or afterwards?

Everyone bids a card, highest card gets the first breakaway spot. Then you do it again for the second breakaway spot. Any cards that didn’t win a bid go back to their players, but the winning cards are out of the game, and those riders also get 2 exhaustion each.


Maybe they mean ways to work together for the break aways during the race, i.e. for all racers that managed to break away?
And as far as I know it’s up to the players to decide whether it’s okay to make arrangements.


Yes, I think I’d say that racers can’t coordinate privately but have to do it in public. Possibly one ought to say that you have to coordinate only before you’ve drawn your first card, because it doesn’t make sense that you can work together between teams better than you can in your own team.


Finally bought Arboretum! :smiley: :smiley:

And I chucked in a copy of The Mind as well.


My new copy of Fog of Love just arrived, and I have a copy of Junk Art arriving tomorrow as well. The pear patrol continue to punish my wallet.


Just bough War of the Ring (in the Xmas sales). Getting through the first setup and reading the rule book is like getting a new qualification, but am looking forward to playing it once I am certified, competent.


I bought Incan Gold in a rare cheap second-hand English game deal. Probably not my kind of game, really, but it should help bulk out my meagre collection of “games simple enough to play with family that aren’t boring”, which Celestia failed to qualify for (the card effects are too much to explain/remember).


I love Incan Gold! Well worth the money imo


Just had a very successful 2-player game with the 4-year old on my return from work, so I’d say I’ve already had a return on the 2000 Yen.


Ohh boy is that a category.
I think I’ve finally found one I can play with my dad: skull. Even that’s a bit hit or miss with the rules. It’s a challenging selection.


Ahhh, I sold my copy, forgetting that I could eventually (i.e. now!) play it with my daughter!
Thanks for reminding me of my stupidity!


This just arrived. I am geeking OUT right now! :grinning:


You are missing out on cries of “oh no!” when a mummy gets flipped over, and mummy zombie impressions, and your daughter “going home” because she’s “scared”, and counting up all her turquoise gems at the end and proudly declaring herself the winner because she has the most pieces of treasure.


So whole gaming goal of 2019 (buy less games) has started well, as I just ordered Piepmatz. Seems charming, was well reviewed and my GF will live it. It was that or Arboretum, but I decided will grab that later. I could be wrong but the scoring in Arboretum seems slightly more complex, and possibly mean at 2?

Also, to make sure I qualified for free shipping I decided to grab Gloomhaven as well! :thinking:

In truth, I’m grabbing that as a Christmas present. Yes, its a bit (read; extremely) early, but as the last time it was in stock locally was around April last year (give or take a month) I didn’t want to risk it not hitting stock again before the end of the year.

That giant box is going to sit safely in my girlfriends basement (its dry, and the box will be elevated), for 11 months, but it should be worth it. This also gives me time to work on storage solutions! :joy:


How do you know the intended recipient is not going to buy it in the next 11 months?