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Last game you bought?


I’m also in Canada! Got my copy at 401games. They seem to be one of the cheaper retailers in the Great White North. Looks like they have plenty in stock.


I felt the need to share that after listening to 30 or so of the podcasts I finally had the chance to sit down at a computer to read and watch some reviews. I should have done it sooner, I’ve definitely been missing out. I love Ancient Egypt yet none of the reviews I read made me want to immediately buy it, then I watched the review here, and now it is the last game I bought…I don’t think it comes with a cool pharaoh hat though, bummer.


The written word is best format for boardgame reviews. Podcasts are listened to once then forgotten, and videos are remembered more for their presentation than content. Written reviews have permanence. You can search them out easily, quickly dig out the bits most relevant to you, and it won’t matter if the game/review is 1 year old or 10, it’ll never become less useful in informing your purchases.

Well, I suppose you do have to take into account how jaded the reviewers are, or more accurately whether or not they were new to a certain thing when they wrote the review.

… I wish there were transcripts of SU&SD podcasts.


Yeah, if only…



So i got a bunch second hand recently. was pretty chuffed with grimoire and magical restaurant, even though the people i played with wasn’t nearly as impressed. there’s something about neat, interlocking mechanics in a small box that i’ve recently been enamoured with.
QE is one I’m really trying to get to the table, but needing exactly 4 players is a bit tough.


I only really started getting into the hobby in March, so forgive me that I’m so behind on one of these. It has occurred to me that the games arriving to me in the next two weeks (though purchased at different times) have a wonderfully subtle connection.

I KSed the Dinosaur Island reprint, as I clearly missed on their first one. That is due to get here sometime in the next two weeks, and I am planning a game night for when it should be here.

There was a KS campaign that I saw a little while ago called Peak Oil that looked interesting to me, especially since energy security was a big focus of mine in school, but I couldn’t go for it then. I recently got a new one on eBay for less than $25 total, so I couldn’t turn that down. That should get here this week.

Then I traded an unplayed copy of 7 Wonders for an unplayed copy of Power Grid (I know I know…remember, I’m new to the hobby). That should arrive today.

When the dinos from Dinosaur Island die off, we end up drilling for their leftover matter in Peak Oil, which is then used to power everything in Power Grid. So there we have it, I have somehow put together a very simplistic (extremely so) look at the energy process with my soon-arriving acquisitions. Amazing how the human subconscious can work sometimes haha.


I have received Palm Island, Mint Works and Mint Delivery from KS. I like Palm Island as a short solo game so far. As for the Mint games, I think I prefer Mint Delivery from my dummy game so far.


Please do not be ashamed of not having played games! There is absolutely no need for anyone to keep up exclusively with new release games. I actually envy your position; to be able to see which games of the last 5, 10, 30! years have stuck around and floated to the top (and so many gems hidden just below the surface of popular opinion)


Totally agree with this. Nerds who start conversations seriously with “I can’t believe you haven’t (watched) (played) (seen) (read) XYZ” are bad for a hobby. I’m glad to be a veteran tabletop player with almost 500 titles played, but I love teaching new games to the uninitiated and getting to vicariously re-experience things from a fresh perspective years later.


“Nerds who start conversations seriously with “I can’t believe you haven’t (watched) (played) (seen) (read) XYZ” are bad for a hobby.”

They are the most off-putting people ever, in almost any field of interest. For pretty much my entire life I have been primarily interested in things that are off the beaten path or have their own active subcultures, from comic books to punk rock to board gaming to woodworking, and those goddamn “cognoscenti” are the bane of my existence.


Hear hear! I always lament when I read/hear people use the astonished or snooty tone about that sort of thing. I prefer the excited – “awesome! Here’s something I get to show you!” Viz XKCD - https://xkcd.com/1053/

We recently did a revised budget and my game purchasing has to be much more selective. That said, I had some Amazon points and decided to pull the trigger on “RAIDS” from Dunstan and Gilbert. I like the look of the game and the reviews are positive and ELYSIUM was so good. Can’t wait.


After not buying anything since the UK Games Expo a flood has arrived via the latest maths trade and the rush of wanting new things™ 5 new things turned up all today.

  1. Agra

  2. Santa Maria

  3. Nations

  4. Sorcerer and Stones

  5. Noria

Noria and Santa Maria feel risky, so gad I got Noria in a trade. It worms away at my brain though so gonna play it to see for myself. Also my group’s been loving shorter euros recently, which these might be.

Really hyped for Agra, I’m hoping it all comes together to suit my group as much as the individual elements suggest it will. It also looks beautiful. I’ve have always loved playing Nations, so trading it in is a bonus for me.

Sorcerer and Stones is the new game by Eros Lin and as Burano’s pretty much my favourite game, I’ll always give his designs a bit of a spin.


CoolStuffInc has War of the Ring 2nd edition for sale right now. I was very very tempted, but really can’t afford something like that right now. I told our main gaming couple about it and sent them the SU&SD review, seeing if they go in for half with me. Instead, they’re just buying it for themselves outright! So I guess I sold a game, in a way?


Sherlock Holmes - consulting detective. planning on a few more, like Inis and critical mass when it comes out.


That’s such a great solution to the problem.

It is part of nerd culture, where knowing things is usually prized above all–but the correllary where you use your knowledge to put others down so you can raise yourself up is not only destructive, but also demonstrates a lack of self-worth. If you think you’re so smart and wise, why do you have to diminish someone else?

That said, the tone in which the “…ooh! You haven’t played/read/seen X yet?” is delivered really makes the difference. The sentence is fine, but the undertones can change it from inviting in to keeping out.


Recently Putnam order in for a few games; Skull, Weclome to…, Tiny Epic Defenders 2nd Ed., and Star Wars: Imperial Assault.

Ive been wanting Skull for awhile and was finally able to find a copy (due to a recent comment on here).

Welcome to… I grabbed because they had it, and the guys rave about it. Not really a game that I would normally seek out, but the reviews are all positive and it will be a nice game to have for the rare occasions we have a group to play with. Also, it was fairly cheap! Lol.

I’m alsways on the look out for fun and short coops that my son and I can play during the week, and TED 2nd Ed. fits. The reviews are generally positive.

SW:IA is a Christmas present for my son, so that’s getting tucked away. Really looking forward to that! I’ll have to download and read the instructions and get the app set up beforehand, so we’re good to go!


Another week, another grail.

Pillars of the Earth: The Expansion finally showed up on BGG Marketplace for a reasonable price. I’d self-printed the cards in English when I got a German copy of the base game a couple of years ago, including the expansion, just in case I found a copy some time in the future. And here it is! :slight_smile:


Just ordered Return to the Night of the Zealot for the Arkham Horror LCG.

Looking forward to this one!


I bought Carcassonne a few weeks ago, and I enjoy it quite a bit, and more importantly, my family seems to enjoy it quite a bit. We decided we wanted MORE CarcassoNne, but a cursory examination of the various expansions didn’t entice me to buy any of them. I mean, I like the base game… I don’t need more fussy rules about falconers or tollbooths or princesses or itinerant banana salesmen or whatever. I just want MORE tiles.

Anyway, owing to some weird economic behind-the-scenes upheaval probably having something to do with the dissolution of Toys’r’Us*, excess inventory, Amazon, and Halley’s Comet, Target** was selling BRAND NEW copies of Carcassonne for $10.49!!! That’s over 3 million percent off the MSRP! Or something. For you UK folk, $10.49 is the rough equivalent to 3 nabobs, 47 shuppence and 12 half-shrillings.

So, I bought a couple more copies, one to give to a friend and the other to make Giant Carcassonne or CarcassDeux if you like. So much fun and now our scores are routinely in the low 200s at the end of a longer, larger, more carcass-y (??) game. Highly recommended.

*Recently defunct US retail toy chain.
** Large US department-store chain.


I have a few of the expansions and I’ve hardly ever played with any of the rules, just the new tiles. The exception is Hills and Sheep which introduces a bit of push-your-luck (which I love) and a clever mechanic to hide some of the tiles (I can’t stand the game when it devolves into tile-counting) and provide a little edge on tie-breakers. Not that I need worry about tile-counting any more - I found that any more than about 80 tiles and the game really drags, so every game I pick 75-ish at random and discard the rest.

The advantage that getting an expansion has over a completely new set is that you get tiles with different layouts that can fit in previously impossible locations. I love the look on people’s faces when they encounter this bad boy for the first time:

Although for sheer quantity-for-money, I’d wager a nabob to a half-shrilling that a full Carcassonne set for 10 of your finest American space-dollars is a deal that I don’t think can be beat.