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(LAN-)party like it's '99!


In a few months, I’ll be attending our annual LAN-party with 5 other friends! While the amount of games we play gets less and less each year, I’m pretty sure we will play some games during those 3 days :). The last couple of years this has been mostly Killing Floor. Which is a great game, but I’d like some more variation this year.

So, to get some fresh blood in our gaming playlist: What are great games to play with 6 people? They can be online or LAN, but we sadly don’t have any local co-op setups (read: controllers).

What our group likes:

  • Co-ops
  • FPS’s
  • RTS’s
  • Action games
  • Short games

What our group doesn’t appreciate :smirk::

  • RPG’s (well, most do, but not during LAN-parties)
  • Racing games (flatout could be an exception)
  • Sim games
  • Long games

So… Any suggestions?


Defcon is a bit old, but should work quite well. It supports up to six players, the games are roughly 30 minutes long, and it’s pretty cheap.
I have not played with more than three, though. Also, it’s ultra-grim. But a good game.


When you feel like an RTS but don’t fancy anything too serious, our go-to game is Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds.

Described as Age of Empires with Stormtroopers, it isn’t much more than it says on the tin but it’s great fun, really cheap and brings out all that good diplomacy and terrible tactics stuff when played in a lighthearted group.

I’ve not attempted the Steam version over LAN, we’re still using the old discs and GameRanger. Probably worth researching before you invest in a copy.


We always play mostly our favorites from the 90’s.
Age of Empires 2, Unreal Tournament, Serious Sam, C&C as examples.


I second Age of Empires 2, it’s so much fun when you allow open alliances and therefore the potential to backstab each other! The new Steam remastered version is pretty good and relatively cheap. I picked up a 4 pack and dished out a copy to a few friends/family.


Thanks for the recommendations! Keep them coming :slight_smile:

I’ve currently got some games we might try:

  • Aliens vs. predator
  • Red Faction: Guerilla warfare
  • the Commandos collection (not sure if those still work on windows 10)
  • Men of War + Men of war: assault squad
  • Chivalry: Medieval warfare (not sure if it’s fun with just 6/if it’s playable with 6, but we’ll see)

And I’ve got my waitlist on isthereanydeal on for:

  • Age of empires 2
  • Bulletstorm
  • Contagion
  • Killing Floor 2
  • Unreal tournaments
  • The red solstice

Currently eyeing the newest Humble bundle, but I’m a bit unsure if the group like most of those games.


I think Chivalry could work as FFA with 6. But the other modes wouldn’t really work with so few imo.

I’d recommend Armagetron Advanced. Some could say it’s a racing game, but it’s not really. Very quick rounds, just know you can change your camera :). It’s great on LAN. Free and small download.