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Keyforge: Tournament of Hey That Would Be Cool @ SHUX19

Do you have a bunch of Keyforge decks? Of course you! Everyone has at least one deck. Now, what if I told you that if you’re attending SHUX this year, you could bring those decks with you and compete in the haphazardly organized tournament with other like-minded individuals?

I can see that maybe you need a little more incentive. Fair enough. I mean, bringing one tiny pack of cards if quite the request. Would you consider changing your mind if the chance to win a prize, maybe even prizes, was a possibility?

Interested now? Then you should cruise over to the official organized play post on BBG (link below) and add your name to the ranks of heroes for whom immortality is guaranteed in this prestigious tournament of champions, if champions means you at one point spent at least $10 on a pack of cards.

SHUX’19 Community Organized Play

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I’ve set a loose start time of 1PM with an end of 4PM but, given the number of participants, we’ll probably be done much sooner than that.

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Alright looking the hammer down a fixed list of contestants. Please comment with a YAY or NAY so I can confirm and start building a bracket.

Speaking of which, is there any preference? I’m not sure how long each match will take but I’d like a chance to play against everyone at least once. That said it might not be feasible.

Going to meet/stage in the southern corner between Forgotten Freeplay Fortress and Toasty Fireside Freeplay.