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Keyforge: Call of the Archons


So I’m interested in getting this game for christmas but it would appear the starter set has run out everywhere in the UK. Has anyone got any recommendations for what you could use as damage tokens, status cards etc if I just bought a couple of decks.



Played a couple of games with a friend who has bought into this. He had the starter set so we used the right tokens but, to be honest, you can do what us Magic players do and use whatever you have to hand. Dice, plastic gems, beads, Skittles, coins, anything would work as tokens.

Dice would probably work fine. A d10 would do for Amber count. d6’s would work for damage markers (probably use red). Another colour d6’s for the +1’s on your creatures. Finally some other way of marking stun (frankly just turning the creature 180° would do the trick). There, sorted!



It’s definitely worth getting into even if you can’t get a starter. I found the best way to get tokens was to cannibalise another game(s). Asking for Trobils for example has lovely amber coloured crystals, black crystals (which I use for stun) weird little hex ish tokens which are good for damange and tiny carrots which work for keys. Here they are next to the real ones.

I actually still use the amber and black crystals for regular play even though I have a proper kit because they are so nice.


awesome! Thanks both!


So I’m having an issue I hope the community here can help with.

I used to play Magic, the original Netrunner, all sorts of CCGs. My wife has played Arkham LCG for a couple of months.

She’s having real trouble wrapping her head around Keyforge. I thought the lack of deck construction would help, but no. Should we just keep plugging away, and hope it clicks? I’m starting to love this game, but due to a lot of issues, I can’t really just hare off to the FLGS to play.


What exactly are they having difficulty with? I personally like that it’s very straightforward and makes sense (to me) but I know others struggle with the fact that it does play differently to other competitive card games that they are used to.


Yeah, was gonna say essentially what @hammond said-- specifically that (at least in my limited experience of the game), players that are used to the duel-to-the-death focus of MtG have to kind of curb some old habits.

It’s a game about harvesting aember, not killing creatures and other distractions. Everything should be focused on either 1. getting aember or 2. reducing your opponent’s supply of aember. There are short- and long- term ways to do this, depending on your deck.

I think house choice and using archives effectively are also probably skills to be developed that are not straight forward-- might be worth watching a couple of matches online?

Then of course there’s always the possibility that your wife doesn’t like it (it’s definitly more confrontational than Arkham LCG)…which is totally valid, but more of a bummer.


I think that may be the ticket. And she may just not like it, which will be depressing…


I tempted myself by going to the LGS after getting a holiday bonus but I was able to prevent myself from going nuts and instead only bought a a new deck.
Ladies and Gentlemen may I introduce to you…
Jeffries of Corningreach Hive
Who knows maybe I’ll actually get to play a game again someday… To current, I’ve only played 1 1/3 games and still don’t know if I actually like it or not.


Haha I got a new deck too. I want more Untamed (only one of my 4 decks has Untamed), but I have a Sanctum/Logos/Brobnar by the name of Drubbings, the Protector of Botber. I did the bad thing of just adding a deck to my order of a game. This is how it starts

Interesting to get Epic Quest (archive knights in play, and play 7 sanctum cards in a turn, score a free key) with a few other archive/card draw cards and 5 Knight cards in the deck. Could be fun! Also has Blinding Light! Would love to store up all the sanctum cards, stun the enemy, then flood the board with knights. Probably won’t work that way in practice, mind…

In my five decks I have:
4 Logos
3 Mars
2 Brobnar
2 Shadow
2 Sanctum
1 Dis
1 Untamed

Not a bad spread all told, but definitely curious to play more decks without Logos or Mars - Logos in particular are quite functional, but not all that much fun. I’m loving the game enough to maybe get a starter deck now…


Talking about OP for upcoming events and kits, and a bunch of other things.


I would like more of everything except Mars and Sanctum! Although particularly with Mars each deck I have featuring that house does play differently to the others. A lot of Sanctum feels the same to me so far.

My spread from 5 decks
Mars 4
Sanctum 3
Shadows 3
Brobnar 2
Dis 1
Logos 1
Untamed 1


Hi all,

I just got my first deck and me and my Dad sat down to play a game and it seemed to take a really long amount of time definitely over an hour . Is it meant to be that way? We both had Sanctum, Dis and Mars as our factions (apparently, after opening two decks the chances of that happening are only 3% so that’s something).

I was wondering was it because Sanctum, Mars and Dis more slow pace factions or is it because we are new players and as we learn the game the play time will get faster?


Probably a bit of both? Most games for me are like 30-40 minutes but there are some deck combinations which can really drag the game out.


I’d say 30-45 minutes is common for a deck you’re unfamiliar with, and learning the interactions between cards. Generally a game with 2 people who have an understanding of most of the cards in the decks will go around the 20-30 minute mark.

Also, to what @Janek was saying, Sanctum is often adds a bit of length to games as their creatures are generally tanky. I find that newer players forget that the game is about collecting aember not destroying creatures.

Games can easily end in just a handful or turns if both players are pumping out the aember.


The tournament I played in this weekend was set for 30 minute rounds, with time added in for a final turn.

I had a great time, but I didn’t place. I won half my games.


Thanks a lot, the advice is super helpful and it is reassuring that maybe some of my next games might take a bit less time. :grinning:


Sounds fun! Where was it? How are Keyforge tournaments?

I’ve been wondering whether it’s worth taking look for local tournaments. Never played competitively before :grimacing:


This was my first tournament I’ve played in for Keyforge. It was sealed format, we played 4 rounds and had a pretty good turn out, 16 people I think.

I played in Statesboro, GA at Galactic Comics and Games. it’s my understanding they’re planning to do weekly events on Saturday Nights. I used to be a regular, and employee for that matter, but I go back when I can. I had a great time but naturally, I’m biased.

Prize pool was just promos since there was no buy in, First got a set of metal keys, and way down in whatever place i was in I got a couple of Chain counters.


I’ve been to quite a few tournaments in the past couple of months. We have a casual Archon (bring-your-own-deck) format on weekly at a local store which is a nice time and done a couple of sealed events too. Those definitely seem to be the most ‘competitive’, but overall I’ve found Keyforge more welcoming to the casual player.

People seem to be enjoying the randomness of the decks and how they interact over the hardline skill of some players.