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Keyforge: Call of the Archons


So I’m interested in getting this game for christmas but it would appear the starter set has run out everywhere in the UK. Has anyone got any recommendations for what you could use as damage tokens, status cards etc if I just bought a couple of decks.



Played a couple of games with a friend who has bought into this. He had the starter set so we used the right tokens but, to be honest, you can do what us Magic players do and use whatever you have to hand. Dice, plastic gems, beads, Skittles, coins, anything would work as tokens.

Dice would probably work fine. A d10 would do for Amber count. d6’s would work for damage markers (probably use red). Another colour d6’s for the +1’s on your creatures. Finally some other way of marking stun (frankly just turning the creature 180° would do the trick). There, sorted!



It’s definitely worth getting into even if you can’t get a starter. I found the best way to get tokens was to cannibalise another game(s). Asking for Trobils for example has lovely amber coloured crystals, black crystals (which I use for stun) weird little hex ish tokens which are good for damange and tiny carrots which work for keys. Here they are next to the real ones.

I actually still use the amber and black crystals for regular play even though I have a proper kit because they are so nice.


awesome! Thanks both!