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Keyforge: Call of the Archons


Really excited for this one. 6 untamed creatures and two full moons. 6 Mars creatures, including marauder. A whole load of archiving cards, including archiving opponent creatures. I’ve seen a lot of decks have issues with creature/action ratio, but this one seems pretty balanced.

Hoping crucible allows unique decks soon!


Still definitely on the fence about this game, but I find myself hoping really hard that it fulfills a casual space.

Every now and again I find myself with the itch to compete at card games without wanting to commit a bunch to it. A limited style event is perhaps a good recipe for that.

Which is an odd thing to say. I hope this game succeeds so that I can maybe play it sometimes-for-a-bit-if-the-mood-strikes.


Not at all! I’m similar. I just want to have a good time with it when I have the time. I know it’s impossible, but I’d love to say NO to any hardcore CCGers who meticulously rip apart a games mechanics in the name of ‘competition’. I just want to play a game with other people who want to play a game!!

I loved Netrunner, but didn’t have the TIME to practice in order to compete at any decent level. I really enjoyed it, but found the game punishing at tournament level. If KeyForge circumvents that by being more casual, it’ll be a goddamn miracle! I don’t have high hopes for it happening. Looking on the likes of Reddit, there already seem to be people who can name all the card abilities off the top of their head, and it’s been less than a week!

Regardless, I’m enjoying my little corner with the game.


In case you’re going to PAX Unplugged/South (or some other conventions), they’re going to be running Discovery Pods there.

Did pretty well myself at a launch event, going 3-1 with some turbo-ramp Untamed shenanigans.


So, about those recalled deck names…


Oh man, I would love to play with most of those. Hopefully the deck fits the name too.


That article seems to be confusing banned decks with just good deck names. Only the ‘pays for boys’ one has been banned. The others are all registered decks.


You’re right, and it’s really irritating, since the ‘look what political correctness has led to’ comments have already started…


The author states in the comments that he “added a note” to the article to clarify that not all the examples have been banned. If he has done so, it still doesn’t read that way, and I can only conclude that it has been left deliberately ambiguous in order to generate outrage, comments, clicks, etc.



Yep. Thought the same thing. The note is ambiguous at best and does nothing to alleviate the confusion.


Finally got my starter box yesterday. Played our first game last night.

It was interesting. I’m in love, but my wife, whose card game experience is, basically, Arkham LCG, was lost through most of it.

Then she won. :smile:

I’m seeing all sorts of potential in different combos. My deck randomly through up a bunch of each house in order, which was odd. And I think I spent too much time a: not reaping, and b: not killing her critters.

We’ll see. Going to play a few more with the starter decks, then try out our randoms.


Our stuff just arrived, going to play during lunch today! Very excited. :smiley:


There were three of us so we played a couple of games over lunchtime: one with the training decks and then another with two of the proper decks.

It’s a really interesting game. Plays a bit long, but that will improve. We’ve still got a lot to learn about how to play properly though. :slight_smile:


How are people enjoying/not enjoying the game so far? Anyone tried out a bit of organised play?

We’re finding that a few of use will play a game or two at the start of our game nights at the local store, with some of us even showing up an hour earlier than normal to get some games in!

I’m really enjoying it; I have 5 decks so far and that is plenty as I’m not entirely confident with any of them yet for how they play… although 4/5 have Mars in them and I would like a little more variety. Props to the game though as the Mars aspects of each deck plays so differently from each other.

Launch weekend I took part in a sealed tournament which more than anything was a great way to learn how a deck works, since I had to play it about 5 times in a row! There’s an “archon format” (bring a deck you own) tournament happening this weekend but sadly I’ll be away - I want to win me some metal keys!


I really want to play more Keyforge but my main groups (family and co-workers) aren’t as jazzed with it as I am. Maybe I can start checking the back of magazines for shady ads or start hitting the Keyforge clubs in the seedier parts of town.


There do seem to be a lot of Mars! 3 of my 4 decks are Mars and I keep seeing photos of Mars decks. I wonder what the stats are?

I’d love to get more decks for some varied play to keep as a casual game, but I really don’t want any more Mars decks!


Maybe have a look at the event schedules for some local stores and see what they’ve got going on. Everyone I’ve met so far through Keyforge events has been really nice. Maybe not quite as good as the Netrunner days (the only negative people have been hardcore Magic players that don’t want to accept that this is a new game with a new way to play).


I can answer that! With the help of Reddit people and statistics.

There’s a Google spreadsheet here if that’s your thing. But the core information (most common, least common and house distribution) is presented nicely at https://keyforge-compendium.com/stats

Dis is actually the most common (at the moment) and Untamed the least. There’s not that much in it though, really. Keyforge Compendium does a really nice deck analysis using Aminar’s Deck Heuristic Diagnostics (ADHD) to give you an idea on how your decks perform at Aember Generation, Board Presence, Aember Control, and Efficiency.

Lastly, this is a neat graph showing distributions of card-types in decks. Based on the data taken from that G-spreadsheet linked earlier:


I have played a LOT of keyforge online and I think Adaptive is one of the most fun and also most balanced format of anything I have ever played. It doesn’t matter what deck you own, you could just have one, you could beat absolutely anybody regardless of how good there deck is.
It rewards learning your deck and learning the value/penalty of chains.

I would love this to become the standard competitive format.
I really hope SUSD enjoy it and give it a good review because I know Quinns wasn’t initially that sold on it. I am hoping he was just bitter about Netrunner :joy:


I need to play more. i’m going to have to check out the online version. My schedule is not permitting me to get out to my FLGS.