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Keyforge: Call of the Archons


Pre-launch later today. Pretty excited, though the store I’m going to has horrible parking options (always an adventure to park there.)

As an aside, FFG has announced recalls of some of the decks due to possibly offensive procedurally generated names. More details here.


I so desperately want to know what are the “bad names” that are being yoinked! I mean, I’ve seen some of the preliminary deck names, I’m not sure how bad they could be…


Pre-ordered 4 decks to mess around with. Guess I’m in deep now! £30 for 4 decks though, worth a shot.


I wanted to attend the pre-launch today but couldn’t be cause of a previous engagements however the local game place made a soft promise to put one aside for me if there was any left overs.
That said I’ve “pre-ordered” the starter pack and look forward to attempting to and failing to teach my wife.


The naming system is a bit more creative than I expected. Looks like there’s at least 3 or 4 different naming formats.

Some of the ones on the UK fb gaming group include:
Titanflayer, the Farmer of Racism
The Creature that Helps the Opponent
Annoyingly Tensed Alonzo
Holdsworth the Apologetically Ragged

Can’t wait to see what Ive ordered now!


I got a starter kit and 2 extra archon decks on Saturday. I was too busy teaching with the starter decks I only have had time to open one of my own decks…

Brobnar, Mars, Shadows would not have been my first pick of combination but even just with a second play through this deck I was beginning to see how it works. Can’t wait to open the others – I think I’m more excited about the names than anything! The store favourite of the day was one called “V.B. Mourningdrinker” which if you know Aussie beer culture is the best!

My FLGS uploaded a photo of me mid-teach where I do not look very impressed with my shuffling.


Yesterday, two friends and I attended a Pre-Launch-Event.
Long story short: we were underwhelmed.

We all agreed that it’s pretty cool to have a deck with a unique name (names are pretty weird and funny, love that) but the game itself couldn’t hold up to our expectations.

We were a mixed group, me being a casual gamer and my friends being former MtG/Lot5R-pros. One of my friends just hated the fact that he couldn’t change anything about his deck. He knew that this was part of the game but when he played his third match with what he felt to be an inferior deck he decided to not play Keyforge ever again.

I got lucky, my deck is on a 5-0 winstreak. While our first game was a learning game and only in the second game I understood how my deck was supposed to be played I got the same feeling in game 3, 4 and 5: I was going through the motions.

Keyforge has some very strange problems. Winning can feel unsatisfying - you check and after some consideration your opponent concedes. Meh.
Additionally, you play a lot of cards that don’t have impact on the gamestate just to get the aember from casting them. Lame!

My opponents hated my deck because I was able to play around their creatures easily. Only in two games my opponent was able to forge a second key and I didn’t had a close game really.

After my fifth game I didn’t want to play anymore. And today, having 3 decks of Keyforge infront of me, I don’t care much about it anymore. I canceled my preorder and might sell the decks even.

However, if a friend would buy 2 decks and asked me to play against him, I would join in, the first few games with new decks are fun. But that’s about it for me. The three of us came to this same conclusion: it’s a good game but somethings missing.


I’m exciting because oooo big launch events and all that buzz but I’m still on the fence if it’s something that I’m going to keep up with.
For $50 I’m willing to buy in and give it a whirl but it remains to be seen if it has legs to keep me interested.


Yeah, I’m jumping in as a gateway CG to show friends. Just the idea of pulling completely new cards each time is daunting to newcomers. If it has legs beyond that, we’ll see. I’m excited to see how it plays out regardless - it’s not often we get something this unpredictable pop up.

I don’t care if this is a huge success or a dismal failure. Seeing something new tried out as a learning exercise is fascinating to watch play out. Between this and all the digital games appear, it looks like there could be some big changes coming up


So my pre-order arrived today. I was pleasantly surprised in that I didn’t realize the starter set comes with not 2 but 4 decks! Two of the decks are for teaching purposes, and the only non-unique decks in the game. The other two are like the decks you’d get otherwise.

So I have three unique decks in total, and the names are amusing and strange. I got:
1.) Leechhook of the Major’s Gateway
2.) Palmar, Falconer of the Golden Fort
3.) Isastrong, She who Grimaces at the Center

Can’t wait to start playing this game.


Just arrived!

Can’t wait to play with the Wormhole Teacher and the Number Cruncher’s Cabin!

Nothing super unusual about the decks. Each has 2-5 rare cards and 6-11 uncommon cards. No Special or Maverick cards. The two decks that share two houses actually only have 5 cards in common, and 2 of those are in different quantities between the decks. Rhombar has three copies of Mindwarper, but other than that, no more than two copies of any card in a deck.

Will be interesting to see how they play!


I had preordered on Amazon. Saw that it’s for sale, went to Amazon to find out why I didn’t have it yet, and they said Nov 27.

Cancelled and ordered from FFG. Had to pay shipping, but should be here tomorrow or Monday.


Played a few games now, and it’s a lot more challenging than I expected. I keep wanting to get an array of houses in play, but that inevitably means my creatures are cleared out before I even have time to use them! Balancing aggression and engine building is so difficult!

Still, the crucible is really great for playing online. Really straight forward to use. Think I’ll try to master online before I venture into the real world…


Three of us from work have decided to get decks and try this out, and I know there are other people in the office giving it a go as well. Very excited to see how it plays, particularly after hearing that some of you are enjoying it.

In some of the information that has gone out they have touched on the idea of expansions for Keyforge. I’m really interested to see how that will work when there’s no deckbuilding. Will future decks contain base and expansion cards, or expansion only? Will there be power creep and you’ll really need to buy expansion decks? Interesting stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve played 5 games now with the same deck and I am really enjoying it. It’s great to come across new decks that do unexpected things and I really enjoyed just rocking up to a tournament, buying a deck and setting off on. I think it will definitely find it’s niche with a more casual play experience but that is totally fine and I look forward to attending the occasional tournament without having to be completely wrapped up in the game and a ‘meta’.


I’m not so sure about not needing to know the meta. Hardcore magic fans will almost definitely seek out a meta of some kind. With the app it will become far easier to analyse in minute detail what is optimal. The fixed decks protect against that, but with enough money to throw at the game some rough approximation can probably be found. People are already falling over themselves for the Horsemen decks even though we have no idea whether these are genuinely powerful decks in the grand scheme.

But we’ll have a few months of blissful ignorance before the game gets ravaged! I really hope it doesn’t become a competition of buying decks, but only time will tell.


There are some sites reselling decks already based on number of rares etc. without any knowledge of whether those cards are actually powerful or not. Total madness.


I was wondering about expansions as well - I did spot that on the Master Vault App (or possibly only on the online version) one of the filters is ‘Set’, of which the only entry right now is ‘Call of the Archons’. So that’s definitely a subtitle rather than a full thing (almost as if the first set of MtG was ‘Magic: The Gathering’ and then the expansio was ‘Magic: The Uprising’ or somesuch).

Mechanically I’ve no idea how they’ll handle them though. New houses? Disappointing if you get an old house mixed in. New cards for existing houses? Disappointing if you don’t get many new exciting cards. But (new houses or not) completely segregate the expansion so never the twain shall meet? Also disappointing that combo potential is missed, as everyone would be seeing potential synergies between them.

One option would be to have expansions purchasable in two options - ‘all new’ or ‘mixed with the previous card pool’. But then future expansions after the first get exponentially bigger in terms of the options you might want to buy…


I could see it working by unbalancing the proportions of old Vs new. Maybe make 2/3rds of houses being new in the big mix, with a guarantee of at least 1 new house per deck. Gives integration whilst promising a fair amount of new. Maybe even weigh it enough that including an old house is seen as uncommon (like 10-20%?) so it becomes something people seek out.


The Wormhole Teacher looks like a really interesting combination of houses for sure!