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Keyforge: Call of the Archons


From a couple of things I’ve seen I would say there is the ability for deck strength to be assessed from strong card combinations. For example, in the small selection of decks that are available so far on TableTop Simulator or as print-and-play (anyone PM me if you’re curious and want a link!) there’s a deck called The Guild-keeper of Doomwind which the community has found is very powerful.

It contains 3 copies of a (common) Untamed creature called Hunting Witch which gives the player an æmber every time they play another creature to their battleline; that’s potentially 3 æmber for each creature – or at least a continual supply of Hunting Witches to constantly be earning æmber. As well as a (common) Dis action, Arise!, that allows the player to pick a house and retrieve all the creatures from that house from the discard pile – keep that in your hand and you can bring back all your Hunting Witches (and the rest of your Untamed creatures you’ve played so far).

As you can see, that particular card combo is fairly powerful. So maybe the decks can be assessed and if they have certain combos present, when you scan the QR code into the app it could tell you that hey this is a pretty nuts deck so you can start your game with 5 chains or whatever. This number could be adjusted as combinations are discovered (or countered!) to balance decks out.

But yes, I agree that from statistics alone it might be hard to rule when something is an inherent deck bias or player ability.


In case anyone’s interested, the Art of Warcast did a interview with Richard Garfield talking about the game.


Thanks! I just listened to it on my lunch break


New article on the FFG website talking a bit about gameplay.


Another new article, with a interview with Brad Andres talking about the game.


If you have TTS there is a Keyforge mod for it, unofficial of course


Someone has done an in-browser implementation called The Crucible where you can try stuff out too.


I haven’t had time to test it out myself yet but people are doing streaming plays on there and such so it must be pretty decent.


Very interesting these one-pagers from FF regarding Organised Play (OP) and Launch Party plans. (Images taken from posts on Reddit)

It’s kind of cool that they’re going to be giving tokens and Active House Card Sets which seem to be just cards to represent what house you’re calling. That is, unique and pretty but won’t affect your game.

Also some of those tournament variants are great. I really want to play Adaptive but I wish people (elsewhere) would stop whining about how they don’t want other people to handle their cards, and worried about people deliberately damaging decks when they lose etc… these people definitely need to find better people to play games with.


Oh hey, I didn’t know that Adaptive was going to be a actual format. I had only heard it as a hypothetical, but I liked the idea of it.

Also noticed that my FLGS is apparently hosting a launch event, and already has something like 35 signups.


Yeah I’m quite interested in the different approaches to competitive play.


Found this yesterday as well. Looks like it might be from the same folk as jinteki.net or at least based on the same software. Online Keyforge.



Looks like KeyForge is going to have a weekly fiction series as well.


New article up, talking about House Brobnar:

Also if you’re in Europe or will be at TwitchCon they have scheduled some Preview events.


I’m excited for the European previews but since they will be happening before release, that means that the earliest date for release will be Nov 12th :disappointed_relieved:


i could honestly see November 15’th as a launch date. Couple weeks after Worlds, and would be after the last House preview if they do them weekly.

Unrelated, they put up a fiction short story today.


Seems like a massive potential money sink to me.

10 quid a deck is not pocket change. Fancy a change of playstle? 10 quid. Bought a deck and just don’t like it? 10 quid. Like a playstyle but want some extra options? 10 quid multiplied by as many options as you would like.
Compared to Netrunner (whose demise was so perfectly timed the more suspicious might wonder at it) it is full on loot box style horribleness. And of course there are going to be decks that are either overpowered or simply completely counter othet kinds of decks. Chains is FFG acknowledging that not all decks can be balanced and putting in a rules patch to cover it.
Anyway, sorry for the rantiness. Losing a lot of patience for the increasingly cynical money grabbing from FFG. 2nd edition Xwing was kinda the last straw for me. Take your conversion kits and shove em where the sun doesn’t shine.


New House preview who Dis:


So I am shocked, shocked that I am so excited for this game. But I am; I cannot wait for this game to be released! I preordered the Starter Set and one additional deck already from FFG.

I mean…I’m showing my age, but the last time I played Magic was in the 90’s when it was first released. I stuck with it until the 3rd expansion ‘Mirage,’ then my friends and I moved on. Over the years, I flirted with the idea of returning to Magic, then I remembered that there’s only so much gaming I can afford (tabletop rpg’s, videogames, boardgames, etc.) Not to mention the temptation of buying booster boxes hoping to get the cards you want / need to build the deck you had in mind. Yes, I could go to the 2ndary market, but in the end, it just didn’t seem worth it to me. Besides, I’ve actually had my deckbuilding itch satisfied by other games like Aeon’s End, and Thunderstone. I’ve actually stayed away from Living Card Games too.

Back to Keyforge, I love the idea that there’s no deckbuilding in this game, that every deck is unique. Just buy a deck and play (though you’ll need tokens to represent stuff; I guess loose change would suffice); and after awhile, if I’m dissatisfied with or just bored with the play style, I can buy another deck and try that one instead.

Oh, I noticed the following two tidbits were posted in the Keyforge forums at FFG’s website yesterday and today. Obviously, take with a grain of salt:

"Currently working a shift at gamestop, our system lifted the street date and show that it will be in stock at the warehouse the end of this month (October). Solid guess is middle of november "

“PaxUnplugged released their schedule today (Nov 30th-Dec 2nd) and they have learning and 8 man tourney pods on schedule for Keyforge. Definitely mid-to-late November.”


For the aims of the project to work though it can’t be pocket change. The point is to get you to stick with a deck for a bit longer than you usually would and see what you can do with it. The point is not to have a “meta” where everyone decides one type of deck is the best and everyone just builds those decks. Or in this case, buys decks until they get one.

It is a little consumer-hostile, but it sort of has to be. But it’s meant to discourage spending, not encourage it.


I don’t think any business puts out a product to discourage spending…