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Just got back into PC gaming, recommendations needed!

Hey gang! After a few years working off tablets, smartphones and a battered old macbook, we got a new laptop recently. It’s mainly being used for graphics work, but it runs most games except for particularly high-end ones, so I’ve installed Steam on there.

Basically, I’m after some recommendations! New games, old games that hold up, indie games, good mainstream games, whatever. I’m on a bit of a post-Christmas budget at the moment, so the cheaper end of the scale would be great!

Here’s a fairly random list of games I like:

  • Age of Empires II (The memories! Although I think I preferred Empire Earth.)
  • Project Zomboid
  • Braid
  • State of Decay
  • Blood Bowl
  • The Walking Dead (the Telltale Games version, sweet crikey it's amazing)
  • FTL
  • Reus (although it made me want to play Black and White again)
  • Uplink
  • Sid Meier's Pirates
  • Gunpoint
  • Frozen Synapse
  • Dawn of War
  • World of Goo
  • Gish
  • Left 4 Dead (and the sequel)

Advice is appreciated!

Crusader Kings II. Always Crusader Kings II. It’s 30 quid at the moment, but worth every sweet penny in my opinion.

Also, X-Com.

Mount Your Friends
I Am Bread
Rimworld / Prison Architect
Civ 5
7 Days to Die
Invisible Inc

Yeah… I play a lot of indie…

Seconding X-COM from Firaxis and Crusader Kings. Nodding at Frozen Synapse and FTL on your own list.

Adding The Banner Saga, for sure. Also, I quite enjoyed the recent reboot of Tomb Raider.

Lesse now.

Antichamber (First Person Non-Euclidean Puzzle Game)
The Bridge
The Cave
Cave Story+
Don’t Starve
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light (Surpringly fun for an isometric style gameplay)
Long Live The Queen
Magrunner: Dark Pulse
The Marvellous Miss Take
Never Alone
The Room / The Room 2 (I know these are kind of tablet games but you can get the first on Steam.)
Shadowgate (ALL THE YES! Revamped expanded old school point and click GLORY)
Stealth Bastard Deluxe
The Talos Principle
Triple Town (Match three game. WITH BEARS!)
Y’s I
Y’s II
Y’s Origin

Your list is my list. Get out of my head! Unless you’re the one who’s been helping me remember things. Then you can stay.

Prison Architect is a pretty special tycoon type game, made by the same folks who made Uplink and Darwinia.
Like others have said, Crusader Kings II is special. It’s the kind of game that sucks your mind into it’s world, and never quite lets go.
There’s an HD version of Gauntlet which is fun with friends.
Divinity Original Sin has had some really good reviews, after the 5 minutes I played I decided it was a game for a week when my girlfriend would be out of town. The kind of week where you order enough pizza that you won’t have to eat anything else for a long time.
Skyrim. Yep.
Battleblock Theater is absolutely fantastic. It’s a puzzle platformer, that has co-op and lots of humor.
Risk of Rain is a hardcore sides scroller beat em’ up, with a touch of roguelike, again it has co-op, but is plenty enjoyable on your own.
Titan Quest is a pretty awesome game from almost a decade ago. It’s greek mythology Diablo. Make sure you get the expansion pack with it. For my money, it’s the best Diablolike game out there.
Civilization V. It’s the most complete Civilization game out there. It’s also the most accessible. Again, this one needs the expansions, because the vanilla edition is a shadow of what the full game is.
Company of Heroes is WWII Dawn of War. It’s worth a look.
Hotline Miami is a gruesome top down puzzle game. Don’t be fooled by all the blood and weapons, each level is essentially a puzzle.

Oh and add me to steam if you’re into that sort of thing.
My username is Pseudohausen, or undertone. One of those should work.

Awesome suggestions, one and all!

@siayres - I’ve played X-Com to death on the Xbox, but I’m definitely tempted. (I’ve heard good things about the mods for PC.) Crusader Kings looks awesome, I’ll check it out come payday!
@macnme - Downloaded Mount Your Friends. Played it with the other half for about two hours. No idea why we found it so hilarious, but we did! I’ll work down the list in any case, cheers for that :slight_smile:
@Kaffis - The Banner Saga looks ace, I’ve got a bit too much on with work at the moment to get into anything too in-depth but I’ll definitely get it on the list!
@Pravikun - That’s a heck of a list. I’ve got a few of 'em (Humble Bundle a few years ago, wonder if you got the same one?) but I’ll be sure to look the others up!
@Pseudohausen - Ha! Awesome. Great minds, and all that. I’ve had an eye on Prison Architect, I might have to give it a go based on the recommendation. I’ve done Skyrim time and again on the Xbox, but again the idea of mods might make me go for it on PC - and I imagine it’s pretty cheap these days! I’ll have a look at the rest. I don’t tend to do much online gaming, but if I do I’ll drop you an add!

Again, much appreciated everyone. I’ve got games aplenty to be getting on with now!

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Dammit, I wanted to chime in with my two cents - but I feel I’d just be flooding you with games at this point :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, I’m going to add some too! Most of these are indie games, mind, and might not be for everyone.

  • Sunless Sea - An exploration game that focuses heavily on story and writing.
  • Darkest Dungeon - Roguelike-like dungeon-delving management game. My favourite game right now.
  • Dungeon of the Endless - A fantastically interesting little mix of roguelike and tower defense game.
  • Nuclear Throne - A fantastically hectic shooter game.

@lagoon83 , your wallet will not thank you for this thread!

I’d also recommend Don’t Starve (if you don’t have it already), and add The Stanley Parable which is just…well, good. If a little odd.

Somehow I had heaps of fun with:

  • Game dev tycoon - really mellow, almost soothing, light tycoon game in which you make videogames.
  • The Banner Saga - mentioned earlier, but it rightfully deserves to be. The combat is interesting, if somewhat limited, but the story and the sacrifices are very good. Can’t wait for the next chapter.
  • Age of Decadence - Currently not finished, but it is a very interesting, if brutal/punishing “old-skool” RPG. Though better save it for when you have lot’s of time, for there is reading-a-plenty.

On the subject of The Banner Saga (and since the OP was concerned about not having the time to get too in-depth blahblahblah), it should be noted that if you click with the battle system reasonably quickly, the campaign is not very long-winded. The campaign can be played in around 10-12 hours if you’re not cocking up the key battles constantly.

Yeah it’s probably the case we snagged the same humble bundle @lagoon83. I have participated in those a time or two. But yes those games are ones which I have enjoyed and I would recommend. :slight_smile: Have fun!

@lagoon83 , your wallet will not thank you for this thread!

I’d also recommend Don’t Starve (if you don’t have it already), and add The Stanley Parable which is just…well, good. If a little odd.

I would recommend Don’t Starve Together then because making it multi player is really more fun. It’s in beta now but already very playable