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Is there a Crokinole?!


It’s Canada we need our national game going on


I’ve been trying to find a board here in Australia recently. No luck so far, but I’m still searching.


When I was a kid, my grandparents had a crokinole set, but my cousins and I had no idea how to play, so we made up our own game! We called it “tall tower” and we would take turns stacking the discs in the centre of the board until the tower fell down. I have no idea who the winner was or why, or whether there was scorekeeping, or any rules for that matter. What I do know is it was loads of fun and we always looked forward to playing Tall Tower at grandma and grandpa’s house. Also worth noting is no adults attempted to correct us or teach us the “right” way to play, they were happy to let us just make it up!


I am bringing my board next year. So SHUX '19 will for sure have a board.