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iPad no longer supported?


So for as long as I have known about SUSD I have used my iPad to visit the site. A while back something changed in the sites formatting that no longer allowed me to watch videos in expanded view without going to YouTube. Now all of a sudden not images or videos show up. It is almost like you guys hate Apple people…lol…what gives? Am I missing something super obvious? I can’t really sit on the couch with my desktop.


Working for me on my iPad - images also working just fine

I just realised that I just used a picture to show you it working, and you can’t see pictures…


There’s certainly been a site upgrade recently - see the way @SleepyWill’s avatar at the top is overlapping onto HOME (it’s doing it for me too), and the way “Category” is now tucked under the post title rather than being in its own column in post lists. I hope the authors will fix this soon.


Yep, it’s been driving me absolutely spare, because it clicks home rather than my avatar menu


Very non-optimal, but I’ve fudged around this by shrinking the browser window size.

All the links to the main site get shifted to above the thread title, leaving the avatar icon unimpeded.