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iPad games to play remotely with kids?


Hi lovely ghosts,

My 7-year-old nephew got his first iPad mini for Xmas! Yay!

So, whenever Uncle Casuistry is in town, we play lots of board and iPad/iPhone games together (or, he plays the game until he gets stuck on a level, and then I save the day). It’s lots of fun. But I actually live several thousand miles away from him. So it would be really great to have an iPad game that we could play together—maybe at the same time, maybe asynchronously.

Any suggestions? Thanks!


I really enjoy playing Ascension online. Not a big fan of deck builders usually, but the ipad taking care of resource counting and card shuffling makes games a lot faster (15minutes or so when you’ve learnt the cards), so I’m more tolerant of the odd imbalanced game due to lucky draws. You can set the time for a game (speed chess style) from 10mins each to 28 days each, so it suits asynchronous or simultaneous playing. I’ve clocked up 400 games now…
It’s much cheaper than the real game too, with each expansion costing <£3 - you can get the entire set of expansions for less than the base game costs in the stores. The expansions change the game a lot - Dawn of Champions is pretty much an essential IMO, as it assigns a class to each player to encourage asymmetrical play. The store has a bundle of the first three expansions + some promos for £3.99 which is pretty generous as a gateway to see what the game can do. The base game alone can be fairly formulaic, but.that’s true of most deckbuilder franchises I suppose.

Patchwork is great on iPad. Just like the real game. Only small issue I notice is that while the pieces are placed in a circle, so you can predict future moves to block your opponent, the ipad represents this as a queue of pieces, showing three at a time. This makes predicting beyond a move or two more difficult/less intuitive than playing the real game. Not a big problem though, and I doubt a 7 year would notice that in any case.

I’m kinda surprised how few games allow remote play. I have Pandemic and Paperback on my iPad, but they only have local play.


…and for great single player games on iPad, I heartily recommend Steamworld Heist. Matt reviewed it a while back saying it felt like a great ipad game, and they just released an ipad port a few months ago. Strikes a really good balance between fun and difficulty without being punishing - it feels like XCom Junior in a lot of ways. Think it would be great for the 7-10yrs bracket (as long as robots with guns are considered suitable).


Well, I haven’t tried out Patchwork with him yet—I’d want to show it to him in person first (but I might see him next month, so yay), but wow have I been playing the heck out of it the last week. It’s a good implementation, although I think it’s much clearer if you already know how to play the game going into it! Thanks for letting me know it exists.


I agree that Patchwork is great for asynchronous play on iOS. There’s also Sushi Go, Carcassonne, Ticket to Ride, and Lords of Waterdeep (not sure if Waterdeep is kid friendly, but it’s a fun one!). Most aren’t free, but they aren’t too expensive and the quality is excellent. It’s also a great way to learn a new game, as the tutorials are usually quite good. The trick with most would be to make sure you’re “buddies” on the various systems and to teach your nephew some internet smarts about playing games with strangers online.


As a child myself (well really a teenager, but hey close enough), I would suggest Tsuro on the Ipad, it is a lot of fun and is great to play as a family. The one downside is that it doesn’t let you play remotely so I don’t know how helpful this will be for you. :grinning:
I hope this was of some help and gives you a nice way to bond with your nephew.


I really like Sushi Go , as well as Patchwork . I sometimes play the same kind of games on Android phone, but always come back to iPad.