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Introduction Thread!


I still feel bad about screwing our first session. But I have an account now and will post in the thread if I’m up for a game!


Man, Iw ould be up for TI4 if it’s cheap enough for me to get into NE within an hour. :stuck_out_tongue:


I still don’t know how you played enough to get Domination 3333 and all the fiddly specific achievements.


Not everyone is as obsessed by pointless achievements as I am. It may look like we’ve veered badly off-topic here, but that reply works reasonably well as an introduction.


Hahaha, well actually TI4 is the only game in my post that I don’t own (apart from a few T.I.M.E. stories modules that I borrowed), but it’s on the wanted-list.


Hi all, :wave:

I’ve followed SUSD for years but been too stupid/idle to join the forum until now…hello!

My favourite games are Battlestar, Galaxy Trucker, Descent and Dixit (to chill out), but I enjoy most games so long as they have a social aspect. I know trucker isn’t, but damn that game is hilarious!

I am currently living through Brexit. Near Gatwick, England.

Anyway, enough of that. I hope to spend more time with you lovely people soon :smiley_cat:


Welcome! Those are some great favorites!

Don’t be worried about de-lurking, everyone here is pretty squishy and accepting, and many were long-time lurkers themselves. I’m pretty sure everyone already likes you.

I normally would say, “let me or any other mod/admin know if you have any questions,” but, honestly, just let anyone here know, they’ll help you out.


Cheers MinuteWalt! Cheers everyone! Very kind.

Here’s to many years of immense board gaming conversations! By that I mean awesome, rather than overly large. That could be tedious.

Anyway thanks again and chat soon! :wink:


Hey, Walt! I’m not squishy.

I’m hard on the outside, soft on the inside.

But definitely not squishy. :stuck_out_tongue:

And welcome to all the newcomers!



I’m just 100% squishy, then, I guess. Like one of those yappy fat dogs who bark at you, but then just wants to cuddle.
It doesn’t matter if it’s a guest or a burglar. Or even a bugler.
Or an armadillo.