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Introduction Thread!


Nice share.


Hi everyone!

I have been hanging around the forums for a bit without introducing myself, which seemed a bit rude, so I thought I should say hi. My names Kevin, and I am neither 63 nor born in 63, the number is a remnant of my first ever email address! I currently live in Aberdeen in the UK, and my gaming group is my brother and a few friends.

We play a wide variety of games, from Sushi Go Party to TI3 (my friends and brother have played TI4 but due to my 2 pesky kiddos I couldn’t make it) but some of my current favourites are Gloomhaven, Great Western Trail, Hive, Azul, Blackstone Fortress (1 session in so far) and Welcome To…

I may also have a slight Kickstarter addiction, although I have been quite good at restraining myself so far this year.

I have posted a couple of times in the fountain pen topic, but strangely for a board game site nothing about games so far!


Please, please, please, do not visit the Kickstarter Thread in this forum :joy:


Please, please, please, do not visit the Kickstarter Thread in this forum :joy:

I have actually been reading through some of that thread, thankfully none of the games has piqued my interest :relieved:
I only have one game in my saved list - On Mars - and the only Kickstarter I have backed this year was not a board game. That’s pretty good for me!


You know it’s my duty to post the topic link, here, now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I could have sworn it was Steve! Just kidding, I’ve seen you around (is it weird that I lurk on the fountain pens thread?) and I’m glad you are here. Thanks for introducing yourself! :smiley:



I am Quoc. I run https://burgergames.us/. You can see final art for Burger Game’s first game TADA at fb.me/burgergamesus

I like Twilight Struggle, all of the Vlaada games, aggressively paced card euros, Catacylsm Dark Days Ahead and Fate Grand Order.


Hi @Quoc! I’ve already read some of your contributions, and I gotta say, you are totally welcome here, I hope you can hang out with us more.


Thanks! I’ve been looking to be more active member of an online community, so I just don’t only self-promote my own game without contributing to the discussion.

I think I like casual feel of this community more than r/tabletopgamedesign and BGG.

SHUX 19 will also be the main convention I am promoting my game at this year.


Hello! Welcome to this most wonderful forum.


Hi, all!

I’ve only recently discovered SUSD, and though I’ve occasionally played games with friends over the years, I’ve only recently rediscovered my love for board games and actually being at a table with good people instead of having trash spewed at me through a video game mic.

I’m from the sweltering and sticky southeast US in Columbus, Georgia. I am a licensed therapist about to go back to school to get my PhD, and this makes me love the site and the community I’ve been peaking at even more because everyone here is appreciates representation and an overall awareness of the dignity of other human beings.

Game nights over the last several weeks/months have consisted mostly of Werewolf, Sushi Go Party, Monikers, and Secret Hitler. Recently, though, I’ve gotten things to branch out with stuff like The Mind, Railroad Ink, Orleans, Arboretum, and even a bit of Fog of Love. I have Welcome To… and Imperial Assault waiting in the wings as well. I also run a semi-consistent FFG Star Wars roleplaying group and join in on some DnD as well.

I suppose I’ll end this in a stereotypically southern way with,
How y’all doin?

addendum: I do not have a southern accent.



I have been accused of sounding like I’m from Kansas* despite believing that I do not have an accent.

*: I am from Kansas

Welcome to the site!


I suppose I should say then, I don’t THINK I have a southern accent…


I’m just going to read everything you write as if you have a New Jersey accent.


I may do the same now. :thinking:


Welcome to the site!!!

I’m sure you don’t have an accent. Not at all…



I’m from Florida, but most of my family is from Boston. When I’m relaxed, I have a Southern accent. When I’m upset, I have a Northern accent.

When I’ve had a beer or two I don’t have any accent at all :sweat_smile:

The fact is, we come from all over the world, I don’t think we care about that, we just like that you’re here and having fun!


Well, if there’s beer involved, I might be pretty southern. Cheers!


Hey all,

JW here, short for Jan Willem which is Dutch for John William. Father of two, used to play an intense amount of contract bridge before I discovered that there is so much more to gaming.

My collection is growing and I also have this Kickstarter-illness which means I bought a lot of games which I don’t own yet. I also discovered the video reviews from SUSD (among others).

Games I love are varied in their complexity but they mostly share the telling of stories. I love Chronicles of Crime, Twilight Imperium 4, Gloomhaven, Blood Rage, T.I.M.E. stories, Mysterium, Twilight Struggle and much much more. I also work at bringing my two kids (aged 8 & 5) into modern boardgaming, so I don’t own Risk, Monopoly, Scrabble and the Game of Life, but I do play Fireball Island, King of Tokyo and Ticket to Ride.

My username is one I’ve been using for ages, it came from a conversation between Simba and Scar in the Lion King.

Simba: Hey Uncle Scar, when I’m King, what’ll that make you?
Scar: A monkey’s uncle.
Simba: You’re so weird.
Scar: You have no idea.

Anyway, looking forward to meeting you all and perhaps contributing a little bit to this site’s joy.



I haven’t tried (or even heard of) the other two games you named, but Twilight Struggle, all of the Vlaada games, and most of the Chudyk games pretty much sums up all I need right now in the world of gaming-with-people-who-are-not-under-five.

I intermittently invite people round here to play Twilight Struggle, Through the Ages, or Mage Knight online, over periods of days/weeks. Mainly because I’m really enjoying playing with SUSD people who actually took me up on it (cheers @chrislear, @fodder256, and @RossM!) So, if that sounds like your thing, please let me know.


Cheers back! I’m enjoying it too, though I still think I should probably give up my Through the Ages habit when I hit 86 achievements - which can’t be long now.