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Introduction Thread!


So you went to 401 Games back when it was actually at 401 Yonge Street and it was so packed in that you thought all the games were just going to come crashing down on your head at any time?


@MinuteWalt Lol, my first name is Thomas, if that helps.


Haha absolutely! I spent a lot of my teenage and early 20s in that store (and their short lived Bloor st. location) and even worked briefly at both locations. If you think the store floor was bad you should have seen that basement … i had to help restock one day and i swear i saw shrink boxes of extinct CCGs stacked to the ceiling. Never saw so many boxes of Wyvern CCG in my life :slight_smile:


I remember Rage. We went through a phase of trying all the CCGs that came out (Shadowfist, Illuminati, etc.) but none of them ever shifted Jyhad>Vampire from the top spot. Rage got a little more play than most. That period of my life ended after I went to uni though.


That’s extremely sweet of you. I appreciate the warm welcome


Hello people !

My name is Nicolas, I’m french and 35 years old, married with children. I’m also an enthusiast gamer, convention co-organizer, and RPG-Writer (amateur).

I like all kinds of games, but especially those who tell a story (RPG, but also many boardgames). I like miniatures games and painting them. And I’m not very good at presenting myself ^^.

See you around !


Welcome to the board! I’m sure co-organizing a convention is a lot of work.



I’m Jamie and got into the whole boardgame scene for just over a year now…so, still quite a newbie!

Londoner living in Oxford. Hobbies include reading, playing football and of course, playing board games! Favourite games include Flamme Rouge, Dice Thrones, Colt Express and Tokyo Highway.

Thanks for having me on board!


“Welcome!” but with a bad British accent because I’m from the US and trying to be as hospitable as possible.

In other words: I can’t be bothered to wait until a UK native greets you in your own language.


I’m hoping it’s in the style of Dick van Dyke!


Gorblimey guvnor, won’t you have a spot of lemon in your tea, innit?


As a true Brit I can confirm the above is spot on.




@Shakespeareskid I would like to apologize on behalf of the entire SU&SD forum. We actually have a custom emoji for situations like this.


(Seriously, we didn’t have a facepalm emoji and Erik just up and got us one a few years ago! Whoo @tengblad! He is our Marry Poppins one of our original mods.)
Anyway, welcome to this mess that is the forums.


What’s happenin, bruv? Me and my mate, Richard - an absolute ledge and the Archbishop of banterbury - are up for some cheeky Nando’s, innit?


I’m very sorry, but I now have to murder you. I’m sure you understand.


There were rumours some years ago that a criminal had got off by saying, when he was arrested (and knowing the policeman would have to read it out in court): “gorblimey copper you have caught me red-handed and got me bang to rights”.


We need a Cockney rhyming slang game! I wouldn’t pay more than a pony for it though!

The cockney rhyming slang thread (game?)

You are all banned for life!



I think that would be more Barney than it’s worth. Plus a lot of people would t have a scooby.


I do have to do the mod job, even though I’m one of the culprits. As much as I’ve enjoyed this, I have to put on the hat and pull up my britches and be an “adult” (I hate being a grown-up).

Let’s leave a space for other people to introduce themselves in a place they can feel comfortable in. It’s hard to barge into a string of jokes if you’re a shy person who just wants to say “hi.”

Please feel free to make a thread of horrible Brit stereotypes in the off-topic (EDIT: @Benkyo actually made this, well played sir), but we should leave some fluffy space for the noobs (and long term SU&SD veterans who haven’t introduced themselves, yet).

We want them to land gently, here.