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Introduction Thread!


OK, @adrian, keep your silly literary puns to the joke thread! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(I admit, I giggled)


Oooh, a fellow writer! That’s amazing!
I write sci-fi (mostly soft sci-fi, laser swords and explosions) primarily, but I have written some romance (sci-fi romance, natch) and I currently have a YA novel that an agent is considering.

Welcome to the forums!


Just so you know, @rootbeerbaby, we have a thread called Shameless Self Promotion if you want to shamelessly self-promote any of your writing. @Marx09 (just as an example, a lot of other people have posted there, too), and I, for one, keep up with it and often support them, as do others here.



I’m Chris, long time gamer but just recently found the podcast of this site. Based in Cardiff. Mainly play with my wife and 2 x boys (11&10) but have various other friends who like different levels of games.

Started moving on to heavier games over the last 12 months. Most commonly Terraforming Mars and Great Western Trail get to the table. Got Scythe for Xmas which we’ve played twice. Still very much learning the mechanic of the game before trying to discover a strategy or two.

I play to enjoy and for others to enjoy. If I win great stuff but that’s secondary.


If you really want to confuse people, try playing for second place… And then watch the reactions of your opponents when you accidentally come in first and look disappointed!


Awww, good to know! Most of my writing is firmly in the 7-9 year old reading tree but I’m hoping to have a series out under my own name in the next 18 months, though it’l still be for kids :smiley:


We’re all kids at heart here. Welcome! :slight_smile:


What sort of lighter games were you playing beforehand? And did you use any “medium” games to transition? I’m still working my way towards even something like Great Western Trail.


Ticket to Ride, Dominion (which we’ve just finished a game of), Forbidden Island, Pandemic were our earlier games. 7 Wonders, Galaxy Trucker - we play anything really.

I absolutely love GWT, it’s probably my favourite game at the moment. There’s so many different ways to play it and there is a lot more depth after 6-10 plays than there first appears. It’s cheap too!



Hello all, I thought I would share my collection and introduce myself :grinning: -

I’ve been a player of board games since I was a kid - as I think most of us were. Most fondly I remember that Pokemon board game with all of the pogs, and 13 Dead End Drive (a game which I recently rediscovered in a thrift store, really took me back). That said, it’s only the last…year and a half or so - maybe closer to two - that I’ve really taken up “the hobby” again in earnest.

The game that really got me started again was Mansions of Madness - I had no idea that board games could be… like that. A sort of combination of tabletop rpg and board game that I just had never really experienced before. I had been recently introduced to table top rpgs and fell in love, but could never get a group together that could commit to the time required. Mansions required way less buy in, and my collection has really grown from there.

I’m not sure what it is about the collection that might make it cohesive - there is no singular theme or game type that draws me in, I think it really comes down to the way a particular game makes you feel. That reaction of absolute joy that comes from discovering a game that really tickles part of your brain. I think the best example of a game that I never expected to like was Hive - it really just…did it for me in every way. The puzzle is great, but the way that the pieces feel in your hands added something else as well.

As for what I’d change - I’m not really sure. It feels like it’s still a “young” collection that will only continue to grow - I would like to add more games with a space theme in them, I have my eye on a few, but they tend to get pushed down the list by others that come up.

I hope I’ve done this kind of post correctly - and it is a pleasure to meet all of you.


Also very happy to join this thread and introduce myself. My name’s Thomas, I live in Portland, OR, and I love games. :slight_smile:

Currently, I’m all about Great Western Trail and Concordia as one would expect, though I have been obsessively been playing the Castles of Burgundy Card Game solo, which is something I never thought I’d find myself doing. I design games for fun mostly and enjoy a modest career as a writer.




Hi @lovvbar! Thanks for posting here (I know we have already met elsewhere in this forum, I just wanted to say Hi).

@tbrofromspace I will never be able to spell your name from memory, but that doesn’t matter, it’s just awesome you’re here!

You two’ve already met @whovian223 (I could never spell that from memory, either, the 223 thing totally throws me off) who is totally cool and a very nice person.


It’s easy, just think “the bro from space” with a NW England accent.


Hey everyone, good to be here. My name’s Rory, I’m a freelance graphic designer based just outside of London.

I like games a lot - mostly small cards games and lighter board games. I’ve been dabbling a bit in game design for the last year or so mainly as a way of perpetuating self-initiated graphic design projects.

Top all time game is The Lost Expedition.


Hey, @Wookiebait! Welcome!

If you ever want to shill your stuff, check out Shameless Self Promotion, we’d like to see it.

(Meaning, I’d like to see it, I’ve always had a fascination with graphic design. To heck with the other people here).


@MinuteWalt Hey dude, I’ll drop some stuff on there now. Thanks



My name is Carlos and i currently live in London after being born and raised in Toronto, Canada for most of my life.

I have played many a CCG for about 20+ years now and Video Games ever since i was able to hold a controller but was never really ever able to get into Board games because my local LGS (401 Games Toronto Plug !!!) had a predominately MTG, Pokemon, L5R playing group at the time.

One day i walked in and some people i knew were playing this game called Catan and they asked me to join in. I spent the next 6 hours engaging in one of the most fresh, interesting and sometimes infuriating experiences of my gaming life :slight_smile:

This lead to an obsession with Catan for a while but at the time the access to other interesting board games was difficult for many reasons and i stuck to CCGs.

Now i am a seasoned (ok fine i am old and have white hair) man with a lovely family and i wanted to get back into a hobby i always loved and expose my kids to it and with some skill my wife. Last year i picked up Marvel Legendary and my oldest son and i have been loving it and we recently bought Pandemic, after seeding thoughts into my wife’s everyday life Inception style, and it was a hit.

Now looking to expand their horizons on different types of games and scale of difficulty but without turning them off the whole hobby.

Anyways sorry for the long rant and glad to join the community.

Fav. CCG of all time: Rage - I know it was severely broken and lots of overpowered card but i never had so much fun as playing that with a 4-5 friends. It was as close to a Boardgame experience as i could convince some friends to engage in.

Most played game: Easily and predictably Magic: The Gathering because that was the big game at the time and something so unique for me at the time. I still play Arena but the physical game is way to expensive and pointless for me at this point in my life.

Board game collection is currently very small but hopefully by this time next year it can be much larger as i will be moving from London to Barcelona and anyone who lives in London knows that property space is impossible to find :slight_smile:


Wow! that was an explosion of text!

But that’s fine Carlos, I’m glad to welcome you here, @CCman29.

Never think your collection is too small. A deck of cards or a handfull of dice (and a positive attitude) is the bare minimum to get into this club.

(Unless you have an original Fireball Island, then you’re automatically totes in).


Awwww you’re too kind! Thank you.

Thank Hotmail for the 223. I tried just Whovian and of course it was already taken. 223 was one of the alternate suggestions.