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Introduction Thread!


Step 2: Grow out your curly, ginger hair.
Step 3: Get a bow.
Step 4: Turn your mother into a bear.




Thank you!


2.) Have fun :grin:


Step 2 is surely to tell us a bit about yourself / what you like to play!


Oh, lummy. Let’s see. In my household we are a split party. I like narrative/ highly themed games like DnD, Arkham Horror and my forever favourite Betrayal At The House On The Hill. My husband prefers lighter games with not much theming and more logic, like Codenames, Decrypto, Magic Maze. We end up playing a lot of Catan, Azul and Dixit as a compromise.

He has humoured me with five games of Pandemic Legacy, and I got Betrayal Legacy for Christmas and essentially told my family unit (one husband, two pre-teen sons) that everyone was going to play this with me or I’d stop any domestic duties. We have played three games, one each month.

In brighter news, both sons have come over to the dark side on RPGs so I have got Gloomhaven and (with some adaption for role playing in between encounters, and simplifying for youngest) we are going to give it a go over the Easter holidays.


Oh and about me - I’m a human shaped person of the female persuasion, I’m a writer of children’s literature, I have two cats and a dog and I live in Canterbury, England.


My goodness!

Finally another person from Kentshire!


Wonderful! This is my favorite shape of person!


I’m a fairly recent invader of these parts. I spent a year in Dymchurch which felt like I was in some weird reality tv show called ‘How Racist Are Your Neighbours?’, and then escaped to the comparative cosmopolitan of Canterbury where I have been for two years.


The above post is amazing!


So, having spent most of my formative life living in the church of the Dym myself, I too escaped to Canterbury, although I’m currently hanging around the Mining Villages of East Kent.

What a tiny world we live in. :grinning:


waves from across the county


Hey, I’m from Kent. Faversham, to be specific.

Admittedly, I’ve only been in the country a few times in the last 16 years…


I MIss Faversham. It reminds me to never dount my Dickens before it’s fatched.

Or does that sound too far hetched?


I’m sorry, I have no idea what you are referencing.


I suppose it was too Great an Expectation that you would.

Miss Havisham is a character from a certain Dickens novel, but the rest is probably just stream of consciousness rambling best ignore :wink:

Dickens lived in Kent and Faversham and it’s marshes are supposedly the locales of Great Expectations.


That is quite literally as far as I got.

Ahh, that explains my confusion =)


I have cunningly edited my post to explain more :slight_smile:


Aha. That I did not know.