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Introduction Thread!


There’s a secret way to get more mega game experience.

Run one for you and your friends!


Sorry, friends, I’ve been offline for a couple of weeks. I’ll try to catch up, starting…NOW!

Ummm… welcome? FINALLY! Took you long enough! :rofl: It’s been over 4 years, I think! I can’t help it though, I am super happy you’re here, you’ve been a heck of a contributor. I’m glad you’re hanging out with us instead of getting into trouble with those shady kids from the wrong side of the tracks who would get you hooked on Yahtzee! and Monopoly, or even Scrabble.

@Shades I just wanted to say “Hi,” and welcome, @RossM already did it better than me.

@superjaz I have to say, it’s awesome you’re here. @COMaestro has been dominating some of the pop-culture threads I hang out in, and as @brian has said, he’s a stand-up guy (one of my favorite people here).

Hi @tapgiles, I need to quote you:

Yes. I can get behind that. We do have a Shameless Self Promotion thread that might help with your game development! I’ve seen a lot of very constructive feedback and attention there on lots of projects, not to mention a few sales of finished projects. I hope you have fun hanging out here!


Thanks! He’s a keeper, coming at 10 years married this January.
Not to steal hubby thunder, but I help him on some of the trivia :slight_smile:


Just a quick hi from the magical land pronounced by the natives as FLOOR-EE-DAH.


I assume by the “Gator” part of @GatorDave is because you went to UF? Because I’m a Gator, as are a lot of my family (the rest are USF, we don’t talk about them, sorry Mom).

Anyway, hi back at’ya! If you go to a con in FL or happen to be in the Sarasota area, send me a message, we might be able to hang out. I think there are a few others here, as well, we can all descend like a bunch of nerds with pockets full of dice and cards and tokens and pencils (there is also an unofficial membership map if you want to see a few other peeps who live or visit here on this very peninsular State).


Yep, fellow Gator here (Orange!..). I’m down in the West Palm Beach area. I’m heading down to FlamingoCon in early January for some good old cardboard lovin’. Its a one-day convention in southern Palm Beach County (100-200 people), so it may be a bit out of your driving range. There’s also Dice Tower Con in July. I had a blast there last year.

:blush: you said peninsular


I couldn’t help sneaking that in there! :sweat_smile:

My wheels are a scooter right now, and that’s a bit of a ride to get to the right coast (I’m on the left coast), but I may be able to make it to Del Ray or DTC.


Hello all, I have been lurking for a while here and figured I would create an account and jump in!
I’m pretty new to playing board games beyond casual nights with the family, at the moment I’m trying to get a good collection of games for a variety of group sizes


Welcome @felix!

Remember “casual nights with the family” is one of the best way to get into the hobby. Don’t dive into the games that cost a lot of money, but the simple to learn, with complex results, that let people have fun. Don’t worry too much about the player count (Love Letter, Werewolf (the original PnP game as well as One Night Ultimate), Dixit, Monikers, lots of others including super silly things like Loopin’ Louie and Pie Face), I’m sure lots of members could barrage you with good ideas.

Just take it up a notch at a time, and leave it there where it’s comfortable! Eventually, the gamers will want to try something else, and that’s where it stops being a lark and becomes something much better.


Haha, thanks! Seems like really solid advice, I’ve had to stop myself from impulse buying everything, especially anything expensive. So far I’ve had really good results with Codenames: Pictures, Avalon and Pandemic. I also treated myself and bought Railroad Ink and Welcome To because I really enjoy the roll-and-write genre.

At some point I think I’ll probably end up getting into something “heavier” but I’m waiting until I’m confident it will be something I enjoy


All good choices!

I’m a big fan of all the Codenames games (and want to try to figure out a way to play the Pictures version online with minimal hassle, we had several excellent rounds of the original here as a PBF).

Don’t worry about “heavier” (unless, the actual weight becomes a storage problem, I had to get an actual wheeled tote for my D&D stuff).

Often the simplest game rules reveal very complex game play (and knowing that can keep you from spending hundreds and taking up all of your shelf space).

Not that I’m one to talk, I couldn’t possibly carry my games on my back without being crushed beneath them, got some just because I loved the art design, and bought Captain Sonar in the off-chance that someday I may actually get to play it with friends before I die (which is unlikely).


Long time Lurker. First time round the forums.

I have been playing board games for about 7 years but only recently consistently (yay finding a decent group to play with). One of my best experiences was playing Bang in college dorms. I had a group that would play almost nightly. We made some house rules (only the outlaw that kills the sheriff wins) really changes how you play it. We maxed out playing 17 people once, fun to do once but not something I recogmend.

I found SU&SD around 2013-14 and caused me to get my first game of Letter From Whitechaple. That started my love of board-gaming, and more so hidden movement games. I fell out of baordgames when I worked nights for two years after moving. This last year I started to make playing more of a priority. I just got Fury of Dracula 4ed Cannot wait to play it. Also own Whitehall mysteries and On the brink expansion to pandemic. I think I have a near complete the hidden movement gambit of games.

Other games I own: Go, 7 Wonders (with Leaders), Tales of Arabian Nights, Codenames, Decrypto, and Hanamikoji


Welcome aboard @whothie0 ! Nice to see you here, this is actually a lurker provisioning station! We can stock you up with virtual dice and meeples, and provide roadmaps.

Feel free to hang out wherever you like, and ask anyone here about anything (although, the mods/admin mostly know about the forums and main site and stuff, if it’s a serious philosophical question, best leave them out of it because we’re not that smart).

Those are all great games (I assume, the only ones I don’t have any experience with are On the brink and Hanamikoji).

That being said, even with the dorky forum stuff, most of the members here will have good solid advice and are willing to share if the mods are doing critical fire-control elsewhere (read that as “we’re napping.” This community needs very little moderation, everyone’s generally awesome and helpful, (but direct serious concerns to any mod/admin)).


I wanna try Tales of the Arabian Nights but there’s no one in our group has it. :sweat_smile:


(Me too! I only played it once!)


It is an odd one. There is a “win” condition but I have never played it competitively. It would be really hard to as well, because so much of the game you really have little control over. Once you have played it a few times you will have seen a large percentage of the interactions possible (I know that sounds crazy). Most of the really cool interactions require perfect set up. On the right type of place while drawing the right card. The places of power are even worse. You need to get a special condition to be allowed to go to them and then have to have the right abilities to interact when you are there. I have played it 10-15 times and only 3 of the games did a player make it to places of power. Only once was the player able to really interact with it. It is a really long game as well. Best with 3 players but we often played it for 3ish hours (it takes that long to start to be equipped to do some of the more interesting things). With no end state really, it is hard to know when to end.

Overall if you have a person in your group that really does not like the winner/loser dynamic of a game (GF at the time did not and thus why I bought it), it is a good one. But it is not one I will be pulling out consistently (maybe every other year or so). I would recommend seeing if there is any board game rental type thing in your area. We have a bar that has a wall of board games anyone can play for a small cost.


Hi all
I am a teenager who loves to play and blog about geeky things (especially board games). I release a new blog every week on Saturday (or at least try to, it is hard sometimes with all that pesky homework) and you can find me at https://problemplayer.blogspot.com/.
I have been a reader of Shut Up and Sit Down for quite a while now and though I might get involved in the community.

My favourite games are Flamme Rouge, Snake Oil and Dungeon Mayhem, which I love for their simplicity, I am not that big into more complicated board games.


Nice blog! I bought Magic Maze this week and I’m looking forward to it even more after reading your review :smiley:
I’d never heard of Rhino Hero Super Battle before, and you have a good summary of it as well. Thanks!


Magic Maze is super intense, so you should definitely have a blast playing. Plus thanks for the compliment it really goes a long way in helping motivate me to keep on going and put out a blog every week.


Flamme Rouge is just simple and it works so well!