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Introduction Thread!


Hi all! My name is Ryan. I’m a designer at littleBits and also FlipTales.

I’ve been playing D&D for 10 years and love it. As far as board game goes I love super simple games like scrabble and bananagrams. I’m also a big nerd when it comes to pedagogy & learning and how that relates to games/gaming.

Looking forward to making connections here. If anyone wants design help on their projects, I’m happy to offer my eyeballs and experience!


littleBits! I was just playing with my litleBits synth kit the other day. Totally great.


@flowerboy Welcome, impressive kit you have there…


Hey all, I’ve been rattling around the forum for a couple of weeks now, should probably pop my head up over here too! I’m based in the south of New Zealand, after previously catching the board game bug when living in Melbourne, Australia for a decade. The likes of Galaxy Trucker, Ticket to Ride and The Resistance were my gateway games to the hobby.

Having found myself now in an area without much of an extant board game culture, I have been merrily recruiting local nerds to the dark cardboard arts. Currently playing through a Seafall campaign with a couple of cronies, and contrary to the general consensus we have been having an absolute blast.

I’ve got a wee boy who is almost 5, and is fascinated with Daddy’s “game boards”, so have another player coming along nicely! Already he is able to handle Rhino Hero: Super Battle, and he loves making maps using my Carcassonne set also.


Hey, @skeletor!

I’ve been having a lot of fun with you around, I’m glad you came in here (the Intro Thread, finally!) It’s been fun playing games and telling jokes with you.

You seem like a genuinely nice (and occasionally silly) person, and it’s super-cool that you have helped to breed another one of our ilk (I have a 21 year-old and a very nearly 8 year-old, and I’m proud to say that they are nearly as nerdy as I am).

I have to repeat, though, I really have enjoyed having you around, and you are welcome here.


Hello, everyone! I’ve been watching for a while (even went back to watch every video from the beginning), but never got around to joining the forum. Very impressive features you have here. Good job!

I live in Bournemouth, UK. I’ve been board gaming probably 10 years or so. Started with the eternal Catan at my uncle’s, then we zoomed off to Carcassonne and flew head-first into Agricola. Nowadays, I prefer smaller, simpler games (to learn) that still provide depth of strategy. I also design my own games, though without local playtest groups it’s hard to develop them beyond a few games with relatives.

I also play/run/design an RPG called Sigma, a simpler game that (hopefully) makes it easy to create characters with some depth and to draw them into the narrative. Still not that confident in GM-ing, but I’m getting better with every session. (Maybe we can play here sometime?) :wink:


Please do @tapgiles!


Hi nice to meet ya all.
In NW, Oregon, I’m a wifey n mom to two ASD boys 7 n 5. A lot of my day to day, is keeping lot of balls in the air going. So it’s really nice to decompress with a board game at the end of the day. Or cooking something up and it turning out really awesome. I admit I was hesitant to join because my hubby (comaestro) is on here, and space is important, but he said he doesn’t mind.
superjaz is my old middle school nickname, had a bf who went by Batman.

I love Lords of Waterdeep, I can apply all my mom skills to it. Splendor, 7 wonders, Ethnos. Sheriff of Nottingham, love being the ghost in Mysterium.
For me it less about winning, more did I do the best I could, did I make mistakes.
I do not care much for letters from White chapel, bit long, X-Wing Miniatures Game, tavern brawl.
They don’t work for me.
*edit and Monopoly! I HATE it.
And dispite being nerdy I have never participated in a RPG campaign that was successfully ran.


The only metric we have control over, and therefore the only thing worth focusing on in order to improve, if that’s your thing. Can you believe I only (re)discovered this truth recently? Anyway, I try to live by this, and move away from my old win-focused self.

Oh, and hello =)


Hah! Thats pretty cool!

My highschool nickname by others was something that make me feel bad about myself. :joy:


Oh no! Sorry to hear that. My highschool classmates called me Ambrosia which is pretty cool. Some people thought it’s my first name :laughing:

@superjaz and @tapgiles welcome and have fun!


Ambrosia is awesome! I’ve had that with a friend. I written his last name as zamboni because of a joke. Then I forgot it wasn’t his real name.

When I went to anime cons I used to get called “Super” that struck me as odd.


It’s okay! You don’t have to apologize for him! (Seriously, he’s a sweetie solid dude. Good people, that @COMaestro.)

As the primary food-purchaser, -grower, -cooker, and -composter in my house, I 110% get you. Also child-wrangler. It’s the important work.

So pleased you’re here!


Mine was Skeletor because I was very thin. Despite sometimes having 3 dinners per day.

I eventually fixed the problem by getting older :slight_smile:

On trips in Asia more than one local has patted my stomach in a friendly way and murmured “happy bhudda”.


Well, that sure ain’t what’s going on over here :joy:


So what is it?


Hi everyone! My husband has been on the forum for a while, so I thought I would finally join in the fun. :grinning: I enjoy all kinds of games and I’m getting ready to start playing in my first RPG.


:scream_cat: Oh no! You have beaten me to posting in the Introduction Thread! I was going to do it… eventually…

It is funny… I created my account just a little under 5 hours after this thread was created, and I have now just finally, after all this time, posted here… Well, I guess I should put something substantial down.

:wave: Hello, I have been lurking around here since Sep 19th, 2014 at 9:13PM CST (Insert olde tymer jokes here. ‘I remember when the forums looked different’ and the like, etc., etc…). I play board games with and cook eggs for my friend/spouse/domestic partner/wife who is @Shades, and we both played in a mega-game at SHUX18 which was a good time. Hopefully, we can play another one in the future.


How was the mega game @Shades ?


The mega game was great! We played Heirs of Shattered Age and I was the knight for our house. I really liked the mechanics of the knight game and had a great time building and messing with alliances. I loved the pace of the whole thing. I’m sad that there aren’t more opportunities to play mega games in my area.