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Introduction Thread!


But it already had one foot in the grave! :wink:


Brilliant! This is exactly what I’m doing from now on! Thank you, @JamesMcConway and welcome!

High five :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: for Ontario! There’s more of us here, check it out on forum members map.
And if you happen to be in Toronto, let me know so I we can play some games!


I can’t leave a high five hanging! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


Hi everyone. I’m DogFace…umm I like games and things? And also stuff… I’ve been around on the forum for a little bit of time and @MinuteWalt suggested I introduce myself. I didn’t actually know this thread existed. I’ve played board games and RPGs for as long as I can remember, mostly D&D and the ninja turtles roleplaying game. When I was in the Army a friend of mine introduced me to an RPG called Rifts (no relation to the online game) that was pretty fun. I feel like I’m rambling now…oh also my name is DogFace because I was in the 3rd Infantry Division and 3rd ID goes by the moniker of Dog Face Soldiers. My avatar is actually the mascot for the 3rd ID. Anyway…hi…


I used to have that!! What a great game!!


Hello all,

I’m Micah and I’m from the US. I study American history and I’m currently working towards becoming a professor. The job market is something awful for history professors, however, so I’m often tempted to write, brew/or just drink beer, and design board games instead. I bounce between California, where I grew up, and New York City, where I now live. I travel a lot for my research, which takes me across the United States looking at old documents trying to find stuff to shove into my dissertation. I love movies old and new. Probably my most recent favorites would be Bladerunner 2046 and Sorry for Bothering You.

I got into boardgames only recently. A friend of mine introduced me to Catann, which was fun but didn’t really hold my interest. Another friend got me into Dominion, which really began to peak my interest. But it was only during a period of a lot of work related stress that I actually got into boardgaming in earnest (also D&D). My first purchase was Eldritch Horror and I’ve since acquired many, many more, all of which will likely form the walls of my tomb when they collapse on top of me. I can’t say which is my favorite, but in terms of sheer playcount I’d rank Dominion and Eldritch Horror at the top. I just made some big splurges on Gloomhaven, Scythe, and (my most questionable purchase), the Legend of the Five Rings LCG. I do prefer semi-cooperative games.



I have Dead of Winter, Shadows over Camelot, and Archipelago. I like the style of semi-coop in Archipelago the most. The traitor mechanic on DoW, SoC, and Battlestar Galactica is okay, but doesn’t work for me excellently.


Thanks for the suggestions. :slight_smile:

I’m too competitive for my own good. Unfortunately I’m also not very good at games, so semi-cooperative is usually the best pick for me… and everyone I play with. :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought Dead of Winter not too long ago and just got three games in. I was the betrayer once, but I felt so bad for my friends that I kind of gave up on ruining their game.

Archipelago looks so good! Too bad it’s out of print.


Welcome @micrawave, I’ve never actually played dominion but if you like deck building games, co-op and are a fan of Harry Potter there is a game called Hogwarts Battles that is pretty fun. It’s also the only game I can consistently get my wife to play (she’s not a fan of board games on account of her brother always cheating when they were kids) Anyway, if you are looking for new games I’m sure there are many here who are more qualified than me to offer advice. Welcome and have fun.


Cowabunga! It sounds awesome!

What part of US history are you most interested in right now? Travelling the country to read old documents sound exciting, I’m thinking about big libraries from games such as Tomb Raider and movies like Da Vinci Code :smiley:


What part of US history are you most interested in right now? Travelling the country to read old documents sound exciting, I’m thinking about big libraries from games such as Tomb Raider and movies like Da Vinci Code :smiley:

I wish! The most exciting part of the whole thing is finding an outlet for your iPad so you can scan as many documents as possible before the archivists shoos you away. Not exactly marketable material, but I wouldn’t mind if Angelina Jolie or Tom Hanks wanted to star in a movie about my exploits rummaging through folders.

I’m working on a project about philanthropy in the San Francisco Bay Area right now. I grew up In California and lived in the Bay for a little while, so it’s a nice way to visit the area again.


Henlo! I’m new here! My name is Mateo, I’m 21 years old, and I am the eldest son of @MinuteWalt!

I don’t play games too often, but I’ve enjoyed them since I was a kid. On Sundays, my dad, my fiancée, a high school friend, and I play DnD at said friend’s house. MinuteWalt is a bad DM, but we have fun!

My favourite games from my childhood include Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Putt-Putt, and Pajama Sam. My favourite genres are (psychological) horror, fantasy/RPGs, arcade, sims, and casual. I very much enjoy open world and sandbox, as well as several indie titles.

It’s great meeting you all!


This person (@Wulfgang) is, indeed, my eldest son.

My deepest apologies to you all.

I’m just kidding! I’m incredibly happy that he’s finally here. We had a great game of Catacombs with his fiancee last night, and as many of you know we’re part of a regular D&D game.


Played multiplayer Mario Kart last night on Switch. Got my butt kicked. Welcome!



I probably should be outraged about the lack of respect for us elders, but, I can make an exception.


I’m sorry for your butt. Thank you for the welcome!


I probably should be outraged about the lack of respect for us elders

Hey, I don’t lie. He really is bad. :joy: But he comes up with some great characters and adventures, so I stick with it.


Hello everyone!

My name is Nate. I live in the Pacific North West of the United States with my wife and dog.

I’ve been playing RPGs and hobby board games since middle school (so around 16-18 years at this point). I’m pretty omnivorous in my gaming habbits. I have a stack of independent RPG books I have yet to run but am really looking forward to playing . . . some day.

A lot of my hobby time (and money) is taking up by Magic the Gathering, which I’ve been trying to play more competitively, but without much success so far.

Magic aside, Battlestar Galactica is probably one of my all-time favorite games, but recent favorites include things from Sherrif of Naughtingham to Azul to Gloomhaven. I’ve got a copy of Twilight Imperium 4th edition sitting in shrink wrap, just waiting for when I get a free day with my friends (played third edition before and loved it).


Hi, Nate! It’s good to have you here!

I started playing MtG when it was released YOU KNOW WHAT I don’t want to go into that. I have thousands of cards and now I feel old.

Sorry for that! I got a little discombobulated. I’m, like, 45, I get confused.

Know that you are welcome here!

Gloomhaven is kind of a big deal, we have a regular group on the forums, Imperium is also a fave, and I personally love Sheriff. All of your post is great, though, you’re going to fit in fine.

Pamplemousse: an Appreciation of Juicy Words

I want to play more Twilight Imperium 4. But it was owned by a friend. And if I want my own gaming sesh, then I need a bigger flat for myself. #millenialproblems :sob::sob:


(I feel your pain, @LaLunaVerde.
Think about it this way, it’s a great game for a friend to have.
I mean, I’m the friend who has Captain Sonar and a table that’s barely big enough to play it on.
I think we all need friends who have a game that we can’t have ourselves.
Also, you could always play it on the floor, I’ve had to do that many times with some games, Carcassonne, Catan, PitchCar (OK, that last one almost asks you to play it on the floor).)

Sorry for the sotto voce everyone, we should all get back to introducing and welcoming!