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Introduction Thread!


Hi @Annic!

And yes, that is Quinns at his creepiest, and you’ve made it worse by making a loop out of it. So, thanks for that :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Anyway, welcome!


Is that a puzzle Strike chip? I didn’t know they covered that :open_mouth: might have to go find it now and hope they don’t break my heart (I :heart: PS)


I don’t know if they did any proper coverage of the game. That gif is from one of the “board games with Brendan” segments at the end of one of their old videos. I’m not sure which one off the top of my head.


Yes it is from Puzzle Strike! This segment was hidden in the String Railway Review. You can see it from 8:12 into the review.


Brilliant, thanks so much :smiley:


Hello, my name is Alex.

Just got around to joining today! My wife and I got into modern board games earlier this year and have also spent most of the last two months or so watching and reading almost every SUSD review. We play a lot of 2 player and cooperative games, from Star Realms and Spice Road to Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective and Spirit Island–to name some recent obsessions–and have even started doing some reviews ourselves. A good match of theme and gameplay really draws us in. We have a couple of larger groups we play with as well but less frequently.

We have a dog who doesn’t approve of us staring at things on a table instead of paying attention to him, but he’s learned to deal with it. Some games we’re excited to get to the table include: Gloomhaven (for when we finish Divinity: Original Sin 2 – a videogame that we feel overlaps in experience a bit), Arabian Nights, Root, and the Dunwich Legacy expansion for Arkham Horror: TCG.

Looking forward to getting to you know you all!


Welcome, Alex!

My house also has a canine game night assistant. Her duty - an essential one - is under-table snack cleanup. We have yet to train her to bring everyone a new round of drinks, but I remain cautiously optimistic.


I’m sadly dog free, but my friend did train her saluki-collie to go to the fridge, open it, grab a coke, close the fridge and bring it to her. Cue much “Coke! Mav, get coke!” on game night :smiley:


smh :facepalm: I knew a guy…well, it was beer, not Coke. Cute, but not quite as cute.

(I can barely even ask my dog politely to get off the couch.)


Nonsense! I’m sure you can very politely ask your dog to get off the couch!

Sure, the dog won’t listen, but you can ask. :wink:


It is well understood that during the retirement of a racing greyhound they are not obliged to listen to any requests to get off of couches, polite or otherwise. They are however genetically disposed to bolt at the sound of can-opener. It should also be noted they have pointy noses at table height suitable for stealing snacks from unwary gamers.


Hi all, newbie here just saying hello. I’ve been playing board games for a good few years now but only just discovered online board game communities and so pleased to meet you all!


Hi! And welcome! I’m so glad you’re here, and so is everyone else.

I know how this is going to be so weird, but we have a Selfie Thread, too!
Which admittedly would be odd for “FacelessWoman.”
I’d be savoring the irony :rofl:,
but of course, go at your own pace.

I’m just happy you’re here :grinning:


Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

I was tickled by the name in my Game of Thrones years and still use it far too much. Old habits, eh? I will bear the Selfie thread in mind thanks! If nothing else than for the ironic satisfaction. :laughing:



Loved boardgames all my life, parents got me into them as a kid, all night post-pub sessions of risk and poker in my late teens, discovered Catan at uni and now realising HOW MANY games there are. Probably can’t call myself a fanatic, now that I’ve seen this forum and gained some real insight into how deep the hobby goes. Gonna have to level up a bit!

Based in Glasgow, and no longer have a circle of friends who are into games as much as me. Have a tactic of inviting friends round for dinner, wining and dining them, then thrusting a box on the table, locking the doors. But there are lots of meetups I’m still discovering and the city definitely has enough Enthusiasts. I’ll track you all down!

Never played one of the “epic” games. Would love to host Twilight Imperium or GOT game, with someone who knows what they’re doing. A little scary, and 1-2 hour games probably more my thing, but really want to experience it.

Binge watched SUSD over the last few months since discovering them. Now joined up and now commenting in the forums. That’s me! Thanks!



Welcome! If you just want to play some game, there’s always the play by forum section here!

Heh I did the same kind of binging. When I bought my ticket for SHUX (in April), I decided then that I wanted to have gone through all the content they’ve released before the convention. And I ended up finishing it end of August!


Hey all!
I’m Clayton. I’ve been designing my own board games for about two years now, and I’ve been playing them as long as I can remember. I live in a very small town (300ish people) called Gorrie, Ontario. The name is more ominous than the town is by a large margin.
I went to business school and it was probably one of the worst choices I ever made. Now I work in a small IT firm resetting peoples passwords and telling them to reboot their PC. I know it’s a joke, but it’s a joke for a reason.
I’ve really enjoyed playing and designing games more intensely in these last few years, and I’ve watched lots of reviews, but I’m specifically looking forward to getting some personal connections, as (believe it or not) a rural ontario town of 300 does not include many board gamers. So I’m looking forward to getting to know you guys here.
If you ever wanna chat, I’m usually up for any topic, from art to politics to philosophy and religion. It’s all good over here.
Thanks for letting me join the community!


Hi @Cortello! I actually have a very similar job. It can be a pain, but I still like it better than many other jobs I’ve had.

Anyway, you’re here with us now!

Relax and take your shoes off, take a dip in teh pool (it’s “teh pool,” not “the pool,” because it’s upside-down. You have to swim up to get to the deep end…you know what, you’ll figure it out.)


Minute, you know as well as I do that the last guy DIDN’T figure it out and we had a dead body to hide before the rest of the newbies showed up…


You know what they say, good friends will help you move. Really good friends help you move bodies.

(I’m sorry, Halloween’s coming up, my sense of humor is just going to go downhill for a while).