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Introduction Thread!


Hello! I just saw the latest 5 min fundraiser video and i figured after months of loving SU&SD content, I should finally start putting my money where my mouth is.

I’m an artist working in the videogames industry, currently at a little indie studio called Cloudhead Games (we make VR adventure games).

Just recently went apeshit and bought a ton of boardgames, now the trick is tricking my friends into playing them with me. I also love learning to paint miniatures, which has been a great hobby away from the PC I spend way too much time on.

looking forward to more of all this awesomeness :slight_smile:


Hello all! I’m Josh and I live in the US. I’m also very curious how many people from the US are here.

I recently found SU&SD on YouTube while looking for board games to try and loved the review on Gloomhaven. I’ve been wanting to get into board games for a while, and watching these guys have so much fun just talking about them finally got me to take action. I currently have Scythe and Twilight Imperium, and I just joined a Gloomhaven gaming group, but every time I see another SU&SD review I feel the pull to expand my collection.

If there’s any other Americans here, definitely let me know if you’re in the Nashville, TN area. I’m always looking for more people to play these strategy games with!


Hi, Josh! Welcome, welcome.

There are plenty of folks from the US and lots of other places. There’s a map (and thread) for those who like to mark their location here, so perhaps there’s someone else in your neck of the woods? If not, we’re all nice in the virtual world, too.


Nice! Thanks for that.


Hey @sblomkamp! (man that was weird to type. I won’t even try to pronounce it out loud again, I think I hurt something).

It’s super cool to have you here, though. You should put something about Cloudhead in Shameless Self Promotion, give us a link! Or maybe in Video Games? (“Shameless Self Promotion” is more for what you’re doing, and “Video Games” is more of a general discussion.)


Hey all!

I’m Ash from Cardiff in the UK. Slightly more interesting than this brief intro would suggest. See you in the forums!


Hello @AshpernPapers! I feel as though you are presenting some mystery for me to crack. I will be watching.


“Who Am I?” A new real-world mystery game where you use the internet and writing analysis to decipher the key personality traits of someone you’ve never met before. 2-a forum’s worth of play, ages 6+


Hey, thanks for the welcome! I went ahead and made a shameless self promotion post :slight_smile:
oh, and its sblomkamp as in super boring just my first initial and then my last name, not some actual weird smorgasbord of an attempt at a name lol



I’m a long-time follower of the site, and finally decided to dip my foot to the forums, which I hear are one of the friendliest places online.

I’m a spritely young 30-year-old from Finland, a few years out of university. I love board-card- and roleplaying games, but unfortunately don’t seem to get a group together often enough to fully scratch the itch. I’m hoping that I’ll get to partake in some interesting game-related discussion and perhaps also some online boardgaming.

Nice to meet you all!



This is certainly a place for board-game discussion and online board gaming (and RPG play-by-posts). Are you thinking of playing a board game by forum, or online through TTS or similar? I think there is a steam or discord group for TTS. PBF is easier - just start a thread!



I haven’t ever tried Tabletop Simulator. It does seem that PBF would be the best place to start. I think I’ll look around the forum to get a feel for how PBF:s work and try to join a game or start one of my own. :slight_smile:


Hi there!

My name is Antonio and I’m from sunny (oh god’s what have we done to inspire the hatred of mighty Helios, he bathes our forests in fire and our brows in sweat) beach-side’s of California.

I’ve been following SH&SD for a short while now (tho I followed Matt’s work in video games long before).

I’m a senior in art-school currently studying game design and writing and have a deep love of comic books and role-playing games.

I’m currently developing my own Super-Hero board game (which i’m sure you’ll see more of in the Self-Promo thread!) and I hope to attend SHUX18 if I’m able to find accommodations!

Maybe I’ll see some of you there!


Hi Antonio! Glad to have you here, and looking forward to your Shameless Self-Promotion!

As far as accommodations, there is this little thread that has been languishing over the last 10 days, titled "Is anybody attending this year looking to share a hotel room? "

It’s good to see you here, no matter what, I hope you have fun in the forums. Some of the coolest people I’ve ever met are here, I’m sure you’ll fit in fine!


Hello there internet world.

My name is Scott and I enjoy playing games. You do too? Fancy that.

Anyway, I’ve been playing heavily for about 3 years and only discovered SUSD about 4 months ago but they have easily become my favourite board game reviewers.

Currently the games I can’t stop playing are ROOT and Orleans.

Nice to meet you all.

Scott (MrLucasSir)


Hi, Scott! Thanks for jumping in, @MrLucasSir!

I’m happy to see you here (what baloney, I’m happy to see everyone here, ask any of these nerds)
anyway what I mean to say is it’s always awesome when someone steps up to say “Hi!” to the rest of us. It’s super-cool, and I’m sure everyone will do what they can to make you feel welcome.

This really is the most warm and accepting online community I know. I’m glad you’re a part of it.


Welcome! I had a game of Root and I find it interesting. I hope I can play it again because the first game was difficult. Would love to try Orleans at some point - alas, no one in our group has it.


Yeah, our first game of root was incredibly slow and the vagabond didn’t really understand how to play properly. But most of our games have been really close.


Thanks for the lovely welcome.


Hello all I just joined today, being pulled in by an excellent Flamme Rouge let’s play I saw yesterday on Twitch.

SUSD was allways somewhat on my radar as an avid boardgames fan I had seen their videos before. Even worse years back I kept waking up from a terrible nightmare: screaming and all sweaty, with this image in my head:

So yeah, thanks mr. Smith for that. Anyway, glad to officially be on the forums and now I am going back to kickstarter to check out what I will back this month.