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Introduction Thread!


Not if he has advanced evasion.



(EDIT 3 days later): let’s stop goofing around here, established forum members who already have an intro! Let’s see some new, fresh people who want to say hello! We don’t want to crowd them out with our banter.

It’s unfair to them (and yes, it is partially, and often mostly, my fault for encouraging the rest of you lot for being silly, and for that I’m sorry. I just love seeing new people here and I, myself, get a bit playful. It’s hard not to start shenanigans. However, there are plenty of other places to have fun with the n00bs, and learn more about the grognards who haven’t introduced themselves yet but who want to do it here!)


Hey all, I’m Luke.

I’ve been following SUSD for a while now, love their work and donate to keep them going.

I’ve been board gaming on and off for 4 years with mixed results. I started off with Android (talk about in the deep end) then went back for some Catan, Carcassonne, Lords of Waterdeep and Arkham Horror.

I now have a burgeoning shelf of 15 games and RPG books (been a looong time RPGer).

I find myself drawn to longer, heavier more co-operative style of games, or euros with low conflict for the most part. I guess this comes from the RPG part of my mind.

And whilst I don’t always agree with the SUSD recommendations, they provide me enough information that I feel i can make up my own mind about a game from that.

I’m currently reading the rules for A Feast FOR Odin which I bought last night. and Have been playing Great Western Trail, Scythe, Zombicide and the most all consuming thing… Gloomhaven.


Welcome Luke!

Actually that’s all I got for you, you seem like a person who knows what he likes. Normally I’d try to steer you into a particular forum or something, but you seem to have it under control! (Gloomhaven)

Feel free to ask anyone here anything (obviously mods want you to ask us first, but seriously everyone here is pretty awesome and helpful).




Welcome! A Feast for Odin is so, so good. So much choice, so many ways to win. If you find a strategy that beats emigration reliably, please let me know!


well I have a board game day in the works now to play 4 or 5 or 6 games in a day. so AFFO might be up there.


Hey everyone!
My name is Courtney, and I think of myself as mainly a roleplayer rather than a boardgamer. I have been playing D&D, and various other roleplaying systems just about every weekend for the last twenty years of my life. Some people talk about burning out on DMing, but honestly, I don’t think I’d be able to stop if I tried. I think my brain would just short circuit or something if I went for an entire fortnight without running/playing a game.

I would like to play boardgames more often, but I find it very hard to keep a consistent group. Whereas, with some of my roleplaying games, there’s often a waitlist for people to get in! This seems to be the opposite of most people’s experience. And I have no idea why that is.


I’m Tommi. A long time miniatures gamer turned board gamer in the recent years.
Have been a been reading/listening to/looking at SUSD for a couple of years now and really like the British Humour™ and production quality in the reviews. I am also really fond of how this community seems to be all about being nice.
My game preferences vary based on the company. With the children I play whatever they like for the moment, at meetups I usually prefer Euros with not too much conflict and when playing with groups of long time friends I usually suggest games with lots of goof-up-potential.
Basically I like (almost) all games and mostly want to play the ones that make everyone have a good time.


Hey, @ShiftyCourtney! I like to lump it all into “tabletop,” and then lump more of it into “games, but not video games, and also not sports.” My gaming group often will also take a game into the streets, or a local park, to play large-scale games. Often ones that we just made up, like “Lava Monster” on the jungle gym, or “Manhunt” (basically team hide-and-seek, with elements of the earlier Assassin’s Creed games, where we try to hide in plain sight using unwitting passers-by to blend in. We’ve yet to have one single complaint lodged against us!)

There are a lot of online board gaming resources, if you’re OK with not playing with someone who’s not physically there, and I know there are a lot of people would be willing to (and are already doing) Skype or Google Hangouts or other video/audio conferencing here if you ask around.

Anyway, Courtney, I’m glad that you’re here!


Tommi! Hey everyone, it’s Tommi! I…actually didn’t know who Tommi was before now. So it’s a good thing @hallonapl came to this topic!

YES. All the yes.

Thanks for coming to hang out with us.

I do think we need a stronger showing of minis players (even though I’m not a huge minis player, I still really like them), but I’m right with you on the flexibility of “play what’s fun for this moment.”

I also have to tell you, I’ve had a lot of fun trying to pronounce your screen name! “hallonapl” I don’t know why, but it makes me giggle, I’m sorry if that’s offensive.


Heh! NP, @MinuteWalt
That is just an old demo scene handle (nickname), mashed together with the group short name.
“Hallon” is swedish for “Raspberry” and the ApL-part is short for the name of the group in which I used this handle. (AeppelPlockers - but that in turn is another entire post to explain…)
That group in turn was created ironically in the 90:s and, to the best of my knowledge, didn’t release anything until two years ago (after a brief hiatus of about 20 years).


If you ever do wish to explain that moniker in-depth, we got a place for that!

(EDIT and PS: most of them are: “It just happened for reasons, and it just kind of stuck.” Still one of my favorite Off topic threads, and it’s been here forever.)


Hello am French so excuse the grammar, started with Malefice, rêve de dragon, in nomine satanis magna veritas, Full Metal Planet, Sherlock Holmes, Formula De, Abalone…then play a lot when I was helping running a RPG / Boardgames holidays camp, you can check them out here https://www.facebook.com/Revesdejeux/ … then work, family and kids took over but now the kids are older and we are playing more and more for the last 4/5 years…been following SU&SD for 2 years but only joined here recently…

I just started on Instagram / Facebook under @rollforthewin

Thank you 8)


Hey, mon ami, your English is way better than my high-school 3rd year French (which I took multiple times because I had a crush on the teacher). But I’m pretty sure I can pick up enough, between your (admittedly fine English) and (my admittedly poor French) to figure things out, and everyone here is from everywhere, I wouldn’t be too worried about communicating with any of our members.

Welcome! If you want to see if there’s anyone else around, I do recommend this thing, which started here.

If you’re super-brave, this is also a thing.



My name is Josh and I hail from the very small island of Jersey, between France and the UK (sort of). I’ve been playing board games (among other things) for about 10 years now when a friend plonked Talisman in front of me and I fell in love. Since then it’s been 10 years of spending the majority of my “spends” building up a collection for regular game nights, where we include any and all games that we can.

When I’m not playing board games or otherwise goofing around, I design and build gardens for schools and teach the children plant science and horticulture.



Welcome! I love your choice of username and profile pic!


Thank you :smiley:


Done the map 8)


The map, it’s a bit odd @Tadd31, but it’s really fun. I didn’t like it at first, but it’s grown on me, I end up recommending it a lot (much like the selfie thread).

Hi @Lamora! It’s super cool that you’re here! I second what @LaLunaVerde said.

(Also thank you @LaLunaVerde for welcoming n3ewbies, I wish everyone did more of that, but a surprising number of people do, and I’m glad you’re one of them!)