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Introduction Thread!


Hi everyone!

Kay from California here! I’m relatively new to the board game hobby. I’ve been mainly a casual console gamer. The board game habit, I mean hobby, started when a coworker told me about his amazing experience playing Captain Sonar. Although I didn’t end up getting the game, I did do some research on it and ended up on youtube watching Quinns’ review! And it was just downhill from there. My collection has grown quite a bit in the past couple of months and am now in a situation where I actually have unplayed games, so I need to cool off on that front… until I can convert my friends into board gamers as well (even casual ones).

Looking forward to interacting with the community!


Thanks MinuteWalt, I’ll check it out.


@Frozensushi Hi Kay from California!

Captain Sonar is indeed, an incredible and rare treat, but even though I have it, I’ve only been able to play it once. Hie ye to a convention, any con at all, there are lots more opportunities to play oddball games that take a lot of players (take, for instance, Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator, an admittedly casual video game that needs a bunch of players who are in the same room to play. Also, Two Rooms and a Boom, which is better with many players, and megagames in general…well, there are a bunch of examples, and you’re more likely to find someone who owns that board game without having to buy it yourself).

I’d go with you, but we’re on opposite coasts :frowning: Check out the link just above, though, you may find out more SU&SD members are close to your area.

We call ourselves either “The Silent & Seated,” or “Pearverts,” or both, each of which are equally uncomfortably creepy, if in different ways. However, now we’re stuck with them. No one could come up with anything better years ago. I’m so sorry.


Hello! I’m Matt from Southern California. I’ve been a gamer for as long as I can remember. Growing up I loved console video games and mass market board games. In college, like many of my generation, I found Cards Against Humanity, which led me to discover the huge world of tabletop games once I left school.

Lately my game of choice is Dungeons and Dragons, and I’m very active in my local Adventurer’s League group. Sadly, that means that my growing game collection goes neglected at times, with the SU&SD and Tuesday Knight Games podcasts often being the only way my board game itch gets scratched. I finally decided to join the forums to talk about the hobby with like-minded people. I’m looking forward to getting to know all you awesome people!


Hi Matt! How does the adventurers league work?


Adventurer’s League is the organized play system for 5th edition D&D. It works similarly to Pathfinder Society if you are familiar with that. Players can play the same character anywhere that offers AL play, such as your FLGS, conventions, or online games, in any number of published adventures. It gives new players a chance to play without committing to a long campaign, and players who don’t have an established group a chance to play when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do so.


Hi my name is Chris

33 from Portsmouth, England, married with 2 kids. I’m an Ops Supervisor for an IT support company based on the South Coast.

I’ve always enjoyed board games but only got into the really decent games around 4 years ago when I met some like minded friends.

Favourite games include Dead Winter, Merchants and Marauders and Diamant but to be honest I enjoy playing anything and discovering new games.


Welcome, Chris! This is certainly a great place for finding new games.
(The ones you mentioned are quite good, btw).

You’ll find a lot of people here are into very diverse gaming genres, too. I’ve played a few that were very much outside of my wheelhouse, so to speak, just because of the people who hang out here had great opinions of them, or wanted to play them with me. (and also they were supercool people)


Hi my name is Kyle!

Ive been following shut up and sit down for 4 years now and am deeply invested into the hobby. So much so that I’m going to do a research paper on the hobby and how the media has affected it. Would anyone know the proper place to post this question?


Create your own post!


Welcome, Kyle!

I agree with @RossM, make a new post/topic/thread about that (I would say in Talk About Games). I’m sure pretty much everyone here would be glad to help you. PM any of the mods/admin if you want any technical assistance.


Thanks! I’ll do just that.


Hi everyone! I’m Rachel, or Deia, I answer to both. I’m a game guide at Tea +Victory, the brand new board game cafe in Houston, and I got clued into the amazingness that is SU&SD by the owners! We - the game guides - were all recommended to watch the Twilight Imperium IV review before we played it, and then I got into the podcast, and well, it’s all just been downhill from there. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like so many people, I was introduced to the world of Euro and hobby games by Settlers of Catan in college. It didn’t take me long to escalate beyond that, and once I got my boyfriend/now husband into games we started building our collection! I’ve been running board games at local conventions since I was a broke college student who needed a way to get into cons for free, and now I just do it because I love it. :slight_smile:

I always hate when customers ask me my favorite game, because it literally changes from day to day, what mood I’m it, etc, but I can at least list a couple of my current go-tos. I’m a huge fan of Scythe, have been since I first played it. Sagrada is one of my favorite for newbie gamers. Betrayal at House on the Hill (and Baldur’s Gate) have been in my top ten for years now. But as a loyal Browncoat, my all time favorite has to be the Firefly board game with all of the possible expansions. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m also a D&D player and GM, and have an entirely too wide variety of other geeky interests. And I’m super excited to meet everyone and get involved here! :slight_smile:


Hello! I am Jacob, or WaitingCynicism, or whatever you want to call me :slight_smile: .I am a student at University planning to major in Computer Science with a minor in Information Security. I really got into tabletop gaming with D&D when. I learned it two years ago. I look forward to playing with you all here.


Whoooo! Hi @Deia!

“What is my favorite game?” What an awful question.

Having been in the service and sales industry myself for many years, people asking me “what is the best thing for me/my friend/my kid/my friend’s kid/my family member as a gift?” has also frustrated me, it’s a very similar question. “What’s the hottest, the coolest?”

It’s always made me feel like these people asking me didn’t know much about themselves, or their friends, or their friend’s kids, etc., well enough to give me some guidance to help them choose something appropriate.

(BAD ANALOGY coming up): I can give a customer steak or fish or tofu, but if they don’t know if the person they’re getting it for is vegan, or has an allergy, or is doing paleo or whatever, I can’t really help them. They just expect you to know, or just want whatever the latest craze is. They don’t want “Good,” they just want “Now.”

Sorry for the rant, welcome!

Hi, Jacob, or @WaitingCynicism, or whatever! That was exactly my dorm-mate’s major when I went to university (they called it Information Science back in the early 90s), and he introduced me to MTG when it was this cool new thing that all the nerds were talking about.

I’ve been playing D&D since the 4e red box set in the 80s. Believe me, no more THAC0 is a good thing, my friend. (Yes, guys, back off, I’m old, I know). Anyway, welcome! Anyone who’s into Dungeons, and occasionally Dragons, is automatically on my A list.


Having played roleplaying games a lot in my younger days and currently have a group playing the FFG Star Wars RPGs, I’ve bought the ‘new’ (5th Ed) D&D Starter Box. Think I was about 13 when I last played D&D and we weren’t very good at it then (mainly interested in designing either the ultimate lairs for dastardly villains or amazing castles for heroes. Looking forward to smashing up some kobolds sometime soon.


And hi to all the new people!


Save vs Death! Or Die!


Which just makes me think of one of my T-shirts:

Jesus Saves!

The rest of you take damage.

What do you get when you cross a joke with a rhetorical question?

Wait, doesn’t that just mean he takes half damage?

(I have a friend named Jesus (pronounced “Hay’-zuus,” he’s Mexican-American), and these jokes never get old. Which is a lie. He’ll punch me if I make any more Jesus jokes but it’s so hard not to. I feel like such a jerk! I’m still copy-pasting you on the joke thread, @COMaestro :stuck_out_tongue: )

Enough banter, though! Time for our fresh, shiny faced gamers to say “Hi!” Or, our old lurkers to say “Hi,” too! I know National Delurking Day was back in January in the US, but any day can be Delurking Day in the SU&SD forums!