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Introduction Thread!



My name is Henrik, I’m 35 years old and work as an Air Traffic Controller.

I just came back to board games within the last 6 months. Having no one to play them with as a child, I have finaly found a ground of like minded people. We’re 3 sessions into Gloomhaven and we’re loving it - it’s like my childhood dream come true. So here I am and I’m looking forward to be spending time browsing the forum.

Enjoy your day!


Oh, awesome! Considering your name is Henrik… I’m going to assume I can thank you for allowing me to arrive and depart in Arlanda safely whenever I’m air traveling. :smiley:


Well, I’m Danish so my job is in Copenhagen, Kastrup. But I do now a couple of ATC’s at Arlanda :slight_smile:


Well, I do fly into Kastrup from to time as well! Will actually make a stop there when I fly to Japan in April - so still, thanks!


I’ll see to that you’ll have a safe first leg of that trip then.


(tengblad’s flight strip gets the Special Red Stripes across it.)


Ahh, the days strips were used :slight_smile:

Now it’s digital, so not possible to do that any more!


Hi, I’m Ben (benkyo, benkyonoben*).

I’ve been a fan of SU&SD video and written review content from the start, just recently blitzed through all the audio content during slow days at work, and as a result heard about this forum.

Roborally, everything Games Workshop, Magic, and Jyhad got me started in gaming, then I experienced a long drought from university onward that was only slightly leavened by Mah Jong, Xiang Qi, and Go during my years in Hokkaido. Since moving to Osaka I’ve dived headlong back into the hobby, with Mage Knight BG being the first to hook me, leading to a deep dive into (nearly) everything by Vlaada Chvatil and a whole lot of other games over the last 5 years or so.

So, I love games, I appreciate the work SU&SD are doing to make the hobby welcoming to all, and I look forward to exploring these forums.

  • the other options for “ben” in Japanese aren’t great


Hey, I’m Val. I was a boardgamer for many years, until I moved halfway across the US and had to leave most of my giant collection (and my gaming friends) behind. Fast forward eight or nine years and board gaming was an occasional, wistful memory for me. The few games I kept had been lost. My once grand assortment was reduced to two Mayfair rails games and a copy of Robo Rally that I told myself I should bring out some day, whenever I saw them in the closet.

Then I saw a Shut Up & Sit Down review. I don’t remember which review because my board game love turned out not to be extinct, but merely dormant, and I binge watched so many reviews. I have since started buying and playing games again from Ticket to Ride (I see why it’s popular but not my favorite) to Castles of Burgundy (why do I need any other game?).


Hi, I’m Rabid (IRL Dave), i’m a Brit who moved to Melbourne 7 years ago, and i have two small Aussies who are just too young to play games yet.

I’ve been a gamer all my life, in one way or another, but am only recently diving back into the boardgaming hobby. I have fond memories of playing Magic on the bus to school when i was 13, and i remember torturing my poor sisters with a home made version of monopoly which had twice as many properties as usual and took ten times as long to play.

The wonderful work of mister Matt Lees has guided me to SU&SD, following the shaggy ragamuffin all the way from his Videogamer UK days, through Cool Ghosts, to his current home! (I love you too Quinns)

The wife and I are having great fun sharing my current cardboard obsession, and our modest collection contains Burger Up! Machi Koro, Ticket to Ride: Europe, Pandemic, Arkham Horror:LCG and Evolution.

I am hoping to meet with some like-minded fellows to play some more involved games with in my local area soon, only time and confidence holding me back!


Hi Dave! I’m always up for playing games with new people (and in Melbourne too!), so send me a PM if you want to set something up :slight_smile:


Thanks for the warm welcome! I may take you up on that offer!


Just keep Erik safe for as long as you can!

I see you have! (sorry it took me so long to say this personally) Thanks Ben, you’ve jumped into this feet first, or possibly head first, it’s hard to tell when everything is text. Anyway, you’ve jumped in and that’s the best way to get acclimated to the water!
(Unless the water is either boiling or freezing, but I think that may be stretching the analogy too far here, so moving on…)

Val! Thank goodness you’ve found us!

I mean, wow. I honestly don’t have much to say aside from that. That really blows me away, that you found us, and we helped spark this love back in you. I am impressed that two of the games you held on to were Mayfair (Mayfair?!? come on nerds, who else here is that dedicated to hanging on to good games that aren’t big names?!) and the outstanding and cruel Robo Rally.

Hi Dave @RabidDead! All I have to say is beware the will-o-wisp that is Matt Lees, he shall surely lead you astray into the swamplands, and you may never be seen again. Other than that, @Hammond’s already demonstrated he’s a cool guy, if you both meetup in Melbourne you should totally take pictures.


That said, if any Melbourne/other Aus folk want to find me I will be at OzBunnyCon/Meeplecon over the Easter weekend at least for the Sat-Sun if not some of the other days too!


I’m Matt from sunny Florida, gods sick mistake dangling off the side of North America! Just getting back into gaming after I ran into Gloomhaven and saw Matt’s review and sort of went crazy from there. I stopped about a decade back due to a lot of things changing and don’t actually have a gaming group yet, but why let that stop me?


Hi gang!
My name is Anita and I am very excited that for the very first time my name wasn’t already taken!

I’m from Poland, currently living in Canada. I like dancing, origami, husky dogs, art, linguistics, pierogies, flying, libraries, canoeing and assembling Ikea furniture.

I don’t like worms, buttons, aand when you touch a fish or a plant while swimming in a lake.

I’m a fan of SU&SD since the first review I saw :deciduous_tree:Arboretum :deciduous_tree: . I end up buying the game, cooking hot hot pasta with hot hot trees, and watching/reading everything else. At one point my superhot husband got kind of jelous of Quinntin, Paul and Matt >> “Are you watching these dudes again? Why are they topless?” (Vlaada special)

Right now I’m discovering SU&SD podcasts, and the one I was listening to earlier today made me want to join your rad forum :sunny:


Hello there!

My name is Michel and I am from the Netherlands. I have been a fan of tabletop games for quite some years now and have recently decided to join this forum. I think the SUSD site is a wonderful source of inspiration and good for a few laughs. Although I do not agree with all their opinions on every game, I do find all reviews useful as they are a the appropriate mix between objective and subjective.

Great to join!


Wow it’s taken me a while to roll out the welcome mat, sorry. I’ve already even met a couple of you elsewhere!

A lot of times other forum members do this too. In fact, I think everyone should be comfortable with welcoming new and old members who post in the intro thread.
(It helps enhance the weird cult-like vibe.)

Hi @TheKingInCheddar! I know we already talked about being sort-of near each other, I just wanted to give the semi-official “Hi!”

Hello and welcome @Anita. Yes, we already talked about your selfie, you should be ashamed (no, not really! It’s pretty dammed good no matter what you say, I am not changing my opinion, and several other selfie nerds agree.)

@prodigious! Yes, I have also disagreed with a couple of the reviews, but never with the quality of the information that can guide me to a decision that’s right for my tastes. I’m glad to see you here with us, welcome!


Hi everyone! This is Gordon from Malta. I got into table-top games at a super young age (6) thanks to a wargamey/GMing dad and have not pulled my head out of mechanics laden, fictional worlds since. Very much into games with solid mechanics that have a story to them - whether it’s scripted by the creator or afforded by the system.

Love SUSD and the incisive analysis Matt, Quinns and Paul bring to the table, hence my interest in the site.
The boardgame community in Malta is pretty small and a lot of the regulars who attended our nights have moved away to work in games in some way or another. So I’m here to get my fix of boardgame socialness :).

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Welcome @Gorgobott!
Malta may be sparse, for sure, but try this link to the unofficial map. I don’t know if it will help, but it might (I hope it does).