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Introduction Thread!


(I almost forgot, this isn’t a place for newbs, exactly, there have been a lot of old-timers who finally just showed up here eventually. Right @tengblad?)


Forums newbs are certainly not necessarily board gaming newbs. And regardless, all are welcome here!


Evening all, I’m Rob and I’m a forum newb but not a board gaming newb. I like most games, varying in length and complexity from Win Lose or Banana to Game of Thrones and everything in between, although somehow I’ve never had the attention span or power of imagination to get into RPGs.

I’m in the process of opening a board game cafe in Central London, so I’m sure you’ll be hearing about that in due course over in the “Shameless self promotion” thread, but for now I’m just looking to increase my geek cred by upgrading from SU&SD video watcher to forum participator.


Rob, aka @ClockwiseBGC, it’s awesome to see you here!

I am positive there are a lot of people in London who hang out here online, who would also be interested in hanging out in your cafe, PLEASE DO post it in Shameless Self Promotion as soon as you possibly can (there needs to be more there, IMHO).

Also hit me up anytime for Win Lose or Banana online.

(Edited: also this might be good.)



I am fairly new to the hobby, I have been playing seriously for a few months now. I live in Central Brittany but I am originally from Bridgend in South Wales. I went to uni in Bangor and stayed there for six years, then I lived in Nottingham for about ten years.

While I was at uni, I was a member of Bangor’s infamous Roleplaying and Wargames Society but although I made some great friends, I was never very good at roleplaying! I also spent more time being part of Stage Crew.

I used to be a programmer, working with Oracle, Java, HTML and JavaScript. Then my mental health took a serious nosedive and I haven’t written any code for about 12 years now.

I have had many homes on the internet, starting with the Monochrome BBS in the early 90s, including various forums such as the Shadowmarch site in the 2000s but for the last decade or so my home has been the site dedicated to my passion in life - fibre arts - ravelry.com

Yes, I knit, spin and dye yarn and more recently, I have learnt to weave (a very binary craft). I also do other crafty stuff, including making jewellery.

I played my first ‘video’ game on a very early console that had tennis, a rubbish game called gridiron that didn’t work and I think there was a third. I had a ZX81 in 81, I was 10 and I played games on it, or at least attempted to when I could get them to load from the tape player. Then we had a C64, same problem. I used to play PC games a lot, mostly city-builders like Caesar 3 and the rest from that company, I also loved Startopia. I could also while away many an hour playing one of the more difficult solitaire games or Backgammon on the PC. After a while though, the need for something tangible crept in and that’s where knitting helped me find balance.

Some personal stuff: I’ve been divorced two years, I have three daughters, one is at uni in the UK and the other two live with me every other week. I am pansexual, feminist, atheist, really interested in social justice and always have been. I have ADHD and probably Aspergers. I am a bibliophile and read SF/F plus some horror/weird fiction.

I played the usual board games as a kid, loved Mastermind, tried to join the Chess club at school but I was the only girl and no one would play against me. I actually struggle with games like chess due to my ADHD. I remember having a wonderful book as a kid full of Victorian and other early board games.

I am trying to build a collection very slowly as I am on disability benefits. Luckily, I can borrow games from our local ludothèque and also from the board games association that I have joined. I only get to play there once a fortnight and they seem to go for older euro games - Puerto Rico is a big favourite, so is Hansa Teutonica, for example. I did play Bruxelles last time which I loved but then I’m a sucker for Art Nouveau. On the other hand, we had a great couple of games of Captain Sonar one evening. We played the first turn based to learn it and then the next in real time.

I really like the way this site picks up on things like the use of sexist imagery in games - it was really refreshing as a female geek to read the comment thread where mostly male voices were objecting to the imagery used in Nemesis. I also appreciate the way you guys approach cultural appropriation, the use of slavery in games and other similar issues. It’s made it very easy to choose a blog that I want to read regularly and a podcast that I want to listen to.

Also, should there be anyone in Central Brittany reading this that needs an extra player…?

Pamplemousse: an Appreciation of Juicy Words

It’s a small world. I, too, went to Bangor uni, and while never in Stage Crew or the Gaming Soc, I definitely knew a lot of the perople who attended. I was there 93-96.


I was there from 90 to 96 but I had my daughter in 94. My name’s Emma and I have red hair, I wonder if we’ve already met?


Hello Damien! I’m pretty sure we met nearer the beginning of your PhD while I was still occasionally visiting the Strathclyde department. I’m Michael, friend of Jamie.


Hey! Yeah that is me. Good to see you are still board gaming!



I hope you don’t mind if I borrow this word for the word appreciation thing. Because I’ve already done it, sorry. It’s so lovely.


Hi everyone,

I’ve been enjoying SUSD for several years (and doing the odd donation to show my appreciation) and finally thought about joining the forum whilst waiting for some work bureaucracy.

My current game situation is that I’d love to play THEM ALL!!! but mainly play spooky stairs and rhino hero with my kids. And occasionally agricola with my wife.

I live in south london, so love trying to work out the location of the SUSD vids, and once thought I saw Matt at Clapham Junction but it wasn’t him…



Who doesn’t feel like this all the time, amirite? But then… we have this moment Game night

New to the forums here and can’t wait to get into the community. USA, Florida here :smile:


Ha ,yes, definitely that!

So hence the playing games with kids, they are always happy to play games and it can be organised in seconds.


Hi @harryharold! Welcome! I’ve never played Spooky Stairs or Rhino Hero but I really want to (sure, with my kids, but also with my grown-up friends. They seem like good pub/cafe games!) I will consider that to be a high recommendation. They might be hard to find around here, but I know my FLGS people, they might be able to help me out.


Awesome, welcome! And that is exactly what it’s like, for me anyway (many games, I can play, friends who want to, never any time for game night!)

I’m in Sarasota, FL, send me a PM if you’re ever going to be in the area! I got cards, dice, meeples…um, brick and sheep and grain etc…tokens…pretend money… and so on, even pencils and paper and a pencil sharpener! Also I know of a couple of gaming pubs and cafes (and other human beings who might have the time for games :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) around here.


@minutewalt that’d be awesome. I don’t make it down south often and usually when I do it’s for Disney but I’ll definitely keep the offer in mind. Same goes if you find yourself near my neck of the woods!


Hi everyone,

I’m a board game tragic and general geek-culture nerd from Australia. My collecting habit has been fairly recent (2-3 years). It has really helped me to form more ‘connected’ relationships with those around me while still getting immersed in the the all round sci-fi/fantasy stuff that I love.

IRL I am a Business Analyst for an IT company. I get to work from home most of the time have more down time then I used to without a daily commute.

I am lucky to have a wife who loves games as much as I do, and our kids (4 and 5 years old) are always excited for Sunday games afternoons. In most weeks I would get 2 light gaming sessions (2 hours) and 1 large one (3 - 5 hours). I don’t get a huge change for all day outings so TI hasn’t quite made it to my collection yet…

My favorite current game is Gloomhaven. Something about it (2 players anyway) just keeps me thinking about it and wanting to see what’s next. However my favorite game tends to change quickly, really heavily play for a few sessions, then try something else.

Anyway, love the SU&SD video’s and podcasts (even when I don’t agree with them at all :P) and have only really discovered the forums after their recent awards podcast. So thought I’d drop in and say hi with what sounds like a really nice group of people.




Hi Ev, welcome! We like more Aussies here; where abouts do you live?


@hammond I live in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. How about yourself?


Terrific! I was just up there for Fringe last weekend. I live in Melbourne but work in Ballarat.


@hammond, where abouts in Melbourne? The current project I’m working on is in Mulgrave, so I have to head out there few times a year for work.