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Introduction Thread!



I am most certainly a human being and not an AI. What a silly suggestion. My habitat is most definitely fit for humans and I consume an appropriate portion of calories and nutrients daily. You can feel safe here among us other humans.


Clearly the Finland category was created by a Swede. :laughing:


The likes I have received fills my core with warmth. This community of people who are most certainly humans is wonderful!


Yay! @shteevie! (Your name made me giggle, I honestly can’t stop. It’s Awesome.)

I also have concerns about the titling of that topic category (it’s a very old topic heading, it was just supposed to be silly when the forums were new, and it just stuck).

Also: Vivaldi? Vivaldi?!?! I thought I was a geek for using Opera!

Also (yes, I do multiple “alsos,” I admit it’s a problem), there are almost no AI’s here. (pssst… @COMaestro is totally an AI, but do not mention that out loud. I don’t think Maestro knows, yet, but we all really like having CO around, and we don’t want to mess that up).


You appear to have a malfunctioning nested loop, resulting in multiple “also” statements. You should see a doctor for maintenance.


Yes, COM, right away (everyone, just play along…)


Look it’s late. Let’s all have a tasty dinner of oil, and come back tomorrow.


(sorry, everyone, we will leave to our friends’ house to give space for proper intros. (are we going to @RossM’s house or @COMaestro’s? my house is having the carpet cleaned. yes, I know I started to derail it to begin with, I’m a horrible mod… let’s just go))


We can’t leave now! @sagantine is coming over with a piñata!


So as you’ve probably already gathered we’re all a bit strange.

But you know, the good, friendly kind of strange. Like an eccentric family member with stories worth hearing.


Alright kids,
Line yourselves up and get ready to swing.
Unfortunately, I didn’t buy candy, so I put money in instead.
Also unfortunate, I didn’t have any money, so it’s actually full of IOUs.


Don’t do drugs, kids.


(Come on, guys, let’s get out of here, make room for the n00bs, they’re awesome and adorable)


Don’t worry, new folks, we’re not always like this. Sometimes we remember to bring out the bad puns.


Can we fill a pinata with bad puns? Or with pad buns? Or maybe a box of lucky charms where 99% of the marshmallows are meeple-shaped and 1% are actual meeples. I’m full of ideas.


Any one of these things would be smashing!

Definitely a hit with everybody.


Hi new online people! Alan here, 35, UK. I like board games too! I play netrunner, & am also a fan of stuff like Twilight Imperium, Fury of Dracula, Roll for the Galaxy, etc, as well as, increasingly, a few heavier Euro-type games (I played the Gallerist for the first time last week, omg).

Inbetween times I spend most of my time reading books, listening to jazz and The Fall, hanging out with my two kittens, and pointlessly tweeting all day long.

So delighted to meet you all!



My name is Kelly from Calgary. By day I am an introverted technology sales person and by night a boardgamer/master mini painter(in my dreams). Who, doesn’t get to play or paint as much as I would like with a youngling in the house. I played a lot of Pictionary, Uno, Hero Quest as a young kid then fell into the AD&D 2E crowd in my Junior High to High School life. From there I started to play more videogames with the occasional game of Settlers of Catan. I had a long hiatus from boardgames for more than a decade but after some recent health problems where boardgaming was suggested to help retrain the mind I have fallen in love with the hobby again.

I have been playing everything I can as of late and will give any game a fair shake at least once. The most played games in my collection at the moment is Terraforming Mars, Star Wars: Armada, Star Realms, and Kingdomino.

Looking forward to being a part of this community!


Hooray for fellow Albertans! Welcome to the forums.


Hi Alan @onerodeahorse ! You’ve pretty much described one of our core demographics here, so we are delighted to meet you as well!

Hi Kelly from Calgary @Silentgiant ! You are also describing being the huge nerds that we all are.

(For instance, just listen to @twispby and @brian (and so many other people here, they were just the most convenient targets who posted here recently))