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Introduction Thread!


Sometimes you get a badge for visiting here 365 days in a row and you’re unsure how to feel about that.


I have a strange obsession with them, I must post more links to get one clicked on by ten different users!



Every now and then I look at the badges and think… should I complete the advanced user tutorial and get the “Licensed” badge?


Where do I go to do the tutorial? If we both do it we will be EQUALLY COOL!!


I think you’re well past being a ‘new’ user, so that’s probably the barrier you’re facing :grin:
(But let me know if you do find out…)


The forum does, indeed, have a limiting threshold for what you can do. Contribute more, you get to do more, at first with a limit.

It’s not a difficult limit to get over, though. It’s just there to prevent spammers and trolls.

The whole “badge” thing is in place to encourage people to contribute to the community!
Just do stuff here, and you’ll see things like badges appear for stuff you’ve done. It’s mostly automated.

Badges. Badges…

Please let’s get back to welcoming all these soft, fuzzy, yellow chicks! I mean newbies! I mean awesome cool people.

We were all here once, guys. Move it along, let the new kids in, pls.

(PS, @penguin_lx it’s your badges that made me post badgers!)


Oh yeah, it’s mostly automated…

Hello all! I’m Fozzie! I’m from up north in the UK and I joined the forums after mention of the PBF games on the podcast. I’m so glad I checked it out because you are all so nice and I didn’t know how much I needed the PBF experience in my life!

I’m a writer among other things, I’ve been hit with more flashes of inspiration than I know of, which tend to turn into a bundle of concepts and sketches about a new card or boardgame, which sit accusingly in my file. One day!

But games are the meaning of life, I’m sure of it. There’s nothing more worth doing than breaking out a massive box full of carboard and plastic.

I hope to interact with you all soon!


Welcome, Fozzie! Hit us with the half-baked ideas, we can at least help make them burnt if not fully-baked.:rofl:


I’ve got so many half-baked ideas I could open a half bakery.


Hello all! I’m Jacob. I’m new to the forum, but have been a SUSD fan for a few years. After attending SHUX last year, I wanted to get more active in the community (even though I procrastinated on joining the forum for 3 months). As far as games go, I’ll try anything once, but I trend towards euro and tile-laying games (although the friend I play with now actively dislikes tile-layers, which saddens me beyond words). Anyone here in the greater Milwaukee area? I would love to find more people to game with.


Random side note. I was once in charge of updating MrWeebl’s website and social media.
Subsequently I now have most of his songs permanently burned into my brain.


Hi Jacob! Wow, went to SHUX before even joining the forums! That’s… actually pretty epic. I didn’t even get to go to SHUX (planning for next year, though).

I am so sorry for your friend, I hope they get over their affliction.

Also there is a map if you’re wondering about Milwaukee, I hope this helps (forum thread link, actual Google Maps link)


I don’t think there’s any way to avoid getting one of Weebl’s songs burned permanently into your brain the first time you hear one. I even sometimes hear “Clows” in my sleep.

You have total nerd-cred, my friend. Been a fan of Weebl’s Stuff since it was just flash, thanks for hanging out with us.


I’m still the sole, lonely pin in Leicester :frowning: But apparently @Triangulate is just up the road in Nottingham :smiley:


Hi all! I’m Tim! I’m in LA. By day I am an online video strategist and analyst, so I have very strong opinions on video thumbnails. I didn’t pay attention to the fact that SUSD had a forum, but now I know there is one.

I’ve always loved board games, but I’m only now realizing that I like them more than I like videogames. Based on what I can get to the table, I’ve grown really fond of games where the puzzle is centered on the other players and how they think (I might like economic Eurogames but I never get to play them).

I also like tabletop rpgs. My current project is restarting a Blades in the Dark campaign after a player had to move away and also trying to weave Whitehall Mystery into a session just for funsies.


Hi, Tim from LA!

That’s awesome, we’ve all experienced that (video games still kick ass, but yeah, playing at a table is on a different level of experience.)

Welcome to the club you are ours now let us know how we can help!

Also be aware there is a map if you want to find any other locals to roll some bones with in Blades or other serious RPGs.


One of those songs is still the basis of my master password… :upside_down_face:


The only person on that map near me appears not to exist any more


Oh thanks, now I’m just spinning through a Weebl megamix in my brain!


I am shteevie. My BGG handle is the same. I joined today because Q and M said to in the podcast, after saying lots of things I agreed with about games. So let’s give this a shot, hmm?

  • I was [am?] quite confused about the “How to fix it: Finland” topic / category, as I am actually in Finland [it’s fine and doesn’t really need much fixing] and thought it might be a region-specific section that was selected for me based on geo-IP tagging [which does not actually seem to have been the case].
  • I like games rather a lot, and could use more local / online / vacation-based gaming.
  • The Forums Membership google map links appear to be broken when used in Vivaldi. I may be the only person that browses with Vivaldi.

Time to go post in some other random threads and see if you all are clever AIs pretending to be people.