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Introduction Thread!


Artist/Designer you say!? Where can I see your work?


Oh how I wish I could play Sherlock Holmes more regularly with a revolving cast of actors to read the voices!


@brian, you asked about the Game of Thromes incident.

Well. What happened was this. Playing Game of Thrones was my sister’s idea - she’s the big GoT fan in our family, and was delighted and excited to hear that I had bought the game (I think as a result of the SU&SD top 25 list a few years ago) and insisted that I bought it home for Christmas and that we all play a game. We set up with six of us - myself, my sister Amy, my two brothers Dan and James, my wife Caroline, and my brother’s wife Marianne. Amy insisted on being house Stark. We had the TV show’s soundtrack playing as we played. The first hour or so passed uneventfully. We probed at each other’s borders, some minor skirmishes broke out, it was all very cagey. The only thing of note was my youngest brother James forming an alliance with Amy and Marianne. Dan immediately branded this cartel the “Stupid Alliance” as it was completely obvious that James would betray them both the first chance he got.

Anyway, after this first hour we decided to have a short break, and the three women very kindly went off to make everyone cups of tea. The fact that what transpired at this point happened while they were making us refreshments still fills me with shame. No sooner had they left the room and James leant forward. “Okay, we three are the real alliance.” he said, “here’s how we’re going to wipe the ladies out of the game.” He laid out a surprisingly detailed plan to spring a trap and take house Stark’s main castle, Winterfel.

As the game resumed, encouraged by James, Amy’s forces were slowly lured out towards my territories, as I played my part in the plan of appearing to be getting picked on by everyone else. Meanwhile one of Dan’s ships carrying an army moved stealthily up the side of the map. He cunningly placed it in the southernmost corner of a long stretch of sea, close to my castle. If you didn’t look closely, you probably wouldn’t have even noticed that the same stretch of sea also bordered the sea next to Winterfel. Amy certainly didn’t notice. Suddenly, James’ forces, rather than attacking me as the Stupid Alliance had planned, suddenly attacked Amy, cutting her off from Winterfel. On Dan’s next turn, of course he moved the ship up to Winterfel to disgorge his army ready to take the now undefended castle. “What’s that ship doing there?!” exclaimed Amy. There was a seconds silence as everyone paused. Then, right on cue, the main Game of Thrones burst from the stereo, as if to drive home just how positively Thematic this massive betrayal had been.

Winterfel fell, and the game fell apart shortly after. The atmosphere was a mixture of anger and guilt, punctuated by giggling. Every time I go back to visit the family home, I take the GoT board game with me. We’ve never played it again.

Did I forget to mention in my introduction that I’m a terrible person?


And are monkeys obviously not their avatars, their handles… :grin:


@MinuteWalt Well, if SHUX is indeed in Vancouver again for 2018, I’ll probably skip Thanksgiving to make the trip.

I don’t think it’s weird to call out countries and people for being awesome on the interwebs yet. :wink:


Monkeyhandles. Yes.

Astronauts use them. Those are the little bars jutting out from the walls you see in space stations, like the ISS. They didn’t really have a name before, but you just totally nailed it.

Monkeyhandles from now on. Someone tell someone you know in NASA or SpaceX or wherever!

(there are a bunch of nerds here, try and tell me there isn’t one single one of you that doesn’t know at least one person who works for a space program)


Hi everyone! I’ve been playing board games of various sorts for a long time now. My first girlfriend introduced me to Abalone and Nirvana on our first date (Kurt was still alive at the time). That was followed by a lot of MtG (missed alpha & beta, spent way too much on it until around ‘98).

After college got into RoboRally for a brief while but generally stayed off board games until a few years ago when I started playing with my kids. Now my collection is threatening to take over yet another bookshelf and my 12yo is frightenly good at Isle of Skye and Tigris & Euphrates while my 9yo is merciless at CubeQuest and San Juan.

I’ve watched SUSD for 2-3 years now but just recently got really into it. I’m particularly happy to see this community seems so open, diverse, and kind. I watched the GamerGate crap go down and it soured me a lot on geek fandom as a whole so it’s really nice to see a group that aligns with the values I’m working to instill in my family, thanks!

Outside of games I co-own and run a small 10-person software studio in Washington DC. We specialize in building large scale interactive installations but also do web apps, mobile, and the occasional game (like the adventure game we made for NASAs Goddard Spaceflight Center). When I’m not doing all that other stuff I build interactive light sculptures. To date my largest was a 8’ (~2.5m) tall robotic lotus blossom that had 2200 addressable LEDs in it and was a puzzle - it would blossom if you solved it.

Anyways, I’m super happy to be here and look forward to talking all about games and all the delightful madness Quinn’s, Paul, Matt and Co. get into. Thanks for having me!


Set 'em up, knock 'em down. Welcome, Wax!


Thanks! Since I’m in DC I’ve got a few friends both at NASA and at the Smithsonian Air & Space museum. I’ll be sure to pass the neologism on to them as I seem them over the holidays. My friend at Air & Space speaks with astronauts fairly regularly when the come to speak at the museum so we might get this up the chain fairly quickly! :smiley:


Hi all,

I have been a fan of the show, and board games, for quite a while now but I haven’t gotten around to saying hello yet. So hello!

I hail from near Glasgow, Scotland, and have been having the most fantastic time board gaming weekly with a good bunch of friends. It kind of all started when we saw Tabletop’s first episode on Smallworld and we haven’t stopped since. We now have a collection in excess of 30 games and it keeps spontaneously getting bigger.

Personally, I am currently working on my Ph.D. which focuses on using video games as a platform for AI research. It is a lot of fun though it often feels a bit like I am being haunted by games everywhere I go.

Anyways, I hope to get to know some people here and to have a good time. Thanks for reading and being awesome.


Uh-oh. You’ve either come to the right place, or… say, how are you fitted out for cardboard storage? The recommendations around here are dangerous things.



At the end of every board game night its kind of like a battle of wits to see who will be stuck with trying to fit the game back into their home. My flat now has that awkward situation where when I leave I have to quickly shut the door to prevent the avalanche of meeples falling out.

I haven’t seen the inside in months… thank goodness for wifi!


Find the person who likes to fold up instructions the same way they were folded to begin with. And then lean on them, hard.

(wait…so that’s why I was in charge of all the maps at the bookstore I used to work at…Dammit, that’s me! )


Hi all!

I’m Pedro, based in London UK. Have been listening to the podcast (and Cool Ghosts and whatnot) for a while, but only today did I think about joining the forum! Matt and Quinns mentioned the PBF section, and I could never find a game on Roll20 :slight_smile:

See you around!


Hi Pedro! Welcome, hope to see you hanging out in the forums!
(Post script: There is almost no one here from the UK :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You’ll be one of the first!)


Do I get a badge??



We don’t need no stinkin’ BADGES!


Although we do get badges for doing stuff.


I knew someone would post this. Thank you for not disappointing!


Sometimes multiple badges. I feel like a Boy Scout/Girl Guide occasionally.