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Introduction Thread!


I have so many questions, but let’s ask first…tell me the interesting ones please :stuck_out_tongue:


Alright. :slight_smile:

Well, there’s Schwarz Peter a (West) German game from 1975 with cards illustrated by children.


The two vintage standard packs, and one Lexicon I mentioned here.

Edward Gorey’s Fantod Pack, basically a mock Tarot* where, as you’d expect from him, every prediction is DOOOM.

I also bought the special edition version of Proteus which comes with a pack of cards called The Protean Map, which are kind of world generating journey cards.

Hopefully this is just the start of a much bigger collection, I don’t mind if I can make a game from them or not (though I have done some looking to see if anyone had made a game that used The Fantod), I just find it really nice to get some cards out, shuffle, and look at some randomly.

*I have one of these too but it’s not a particularly interesting set.


Oh very nice and unusual ! I have a few more “trick” oriented decks but they are more mass marketed than those…


(Above emphasis is mine, not brian’s)

Absolutely! Bricks make houses! Fail faster! Let some of your ideas die so you can concentrate on the ones that actually work. This works for games, tech development, cooking… almost everything (you should probably use some constraint with this concept when it comes to child rearing).

I’ve taken your analogy in a different direction @brian , sorry. Also, sorry, this is the Intro Thread, I shouldn’t be derailing things. Sorry!

@Gamey_Oddlyman There are a couple of game-maker threads here, but much to my shame, I haven’t been able to find the search terms that would give me the links. I failed at my search-fu.
Remember, you always can just make one yourself!

Also there’s the Shameless Self Promotion thread, it doesn’t have to wait until you’re finished with something, it will take anything. It’s shameless.


Thank you @MinuteWalt ! Went with a little of both in the end, hopefully I’ve made a general enough title for the game making thread that it’ll be easy enough to find in the future (I did try to hunt out some old ones but couldn’t find anything).


Hello. I am old. I have made games. I have loved games. I have lost games. Many many games lost.

About 7 years ago I found my old red box D&D and fell in love again. A bit battered, his crayon a mere nub and a d4 missing but it was a flame relit.


Welcome, @Rodders!

I still have my red box too, it is quite a bit disheveled and beaten as well. Crayon is long gone, I still have all the dice. I dug it out once my kids wanted to play last year, and it’s not going anywhere else for a while.

Though, laying on top of it, now, are the main three 5e books, three containers of new dice (Game Science and Chessex, plus a bag of 100 assorted Platonic solids. I just love dice), and a bunch of printouts and graph paper with characters and maps and stuff.

I am also old.


I, too, am old. Well, old enough that odd parts of me hurt for (almost) no reason. I also make games, love games, and lose when playing games. You know that adage about not knowing the sucker at a poker table? I’m the board game table sucker, always aware of it, and always up for another round.


I should say these days the old red box doesn’t really get a look in with all the rather wonderful games people keep making. It appears I’ve become more of a collector of games than a player.


Hello! My name is Sarah, I’m a artist/designer/developer in Seattle. I think about and create games (board- and video-) more than I play them, though I’m an avid tabletop roleplayer (Primetime Adventures is my absolute favorite) and I love friendly, low-stress, highly cooperative and creative games like Codenames, Monikers, Sushi Go, and Consulting Detective. Nice to meet all of you, albeit virtually!


Codenames - low stress? We must have been playing it wrong all the time! :wink:
Welcome to this cozy place!


Thanks! Yes, I suppose Codenames is stressful for me, too, but I find it more enjoyable than (say) Power Grid or Pandemic. I think the game loop is small enough that the stress is relieved sooner… or something like that. :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re right, it is definitely an exciting kind of stress.


Hiya folks.

New to the forum but not new to SUSD (quite a few of the games I own are due to Quinns!).

I hail from a little town in eastern West Virginia (USA) where I’m the the game coordinator for my LFGS (tho not for much longer, it’s shutting down :frowning: )…and basically the town. Professionally, I’m IT support at a local university, but my real passion in that field is programming.

I don’t quite remember the exact point I went ‘game crazy’, but it was about 5-6 years ago starting out with the usual ‘gateway’ games of Catan and such. Now it’s a modest collection of about 175-ish games. You can see my collection on boardgamegeek.

My favorite games usually involve the space/sci-fi theme. My favorite game of all time is Xia: Legends of a Drift System.

Mechanics-wise, I love deck-builders, but I also like many others, especially unique ones and if the mechanic ties in with the theme somehow. Don’t tell my gaming group, but sometimes I like playing a game for it’s mechanics more than for playing with other people–I often play games against myself just for that reason (and often to get the rules down too for a new game).

Looking forward to discussing all gaming.



If you pop over to Shameless Self Promotion I’d love to see some of your art and design work!


Hello everyone!

I’ve been a long time Shut Up And Sit Down apologist, but for some reason I’ve never registered on the forums before today. Well, now all that has changed!

I play boardgames sometimes, but not as much as I would like. I also paint miniatures a bit, so I might post a few pictures in the miniature thread, which I’ve been having a browse through this afternoon. Most recently, I’ve been playing a bit of Imperial Assault. My wife and I have been playing it with the new app that has been released. It’s fantastic, I wholeheartedly recommend it. We also like to play Splendor, Odin’s Ravens (she beats me every single time at this) and Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. I also own several board games I have never got round to playing, as is traditional in this kind of hobby, and I have a story of how the Game Of Thrones board game nearly tore my family apart.

Thanks for listening. You are now free to return to your homes and families.



That’s a common thought 'round here.

That, too. You’ll fit in here just fine.

Okay, not all of us can say that. You’re going to leave us hanging?

Also, @feltmonkey, meet @bortmonkey. (Because both of your avatars have lovely hats, obviously.)


Hi Everyone!

I’ve been reading/watching SUSD since early 2015, but I’ve just joined the forum (mostly to vote on the Pearple’s Choice awards, since I actually played some 2017 games!)

I’m Erika and I’m currently living in Victoria, BC. I would have loved to hop a ferry over to Vancouver for SHUX, but it didn’t fit in the budget this year. I currently work for a video game company, which is awesome, since everyone loves games. I’ve done 3 Extra Life’s with the company, which is when we all get to play games with each other outside of work time, but we do game at lunch time as well, though mostly video games. I need to bring some board games to the office to play sometimes.

I do have a 2 degrees of separation with Paul. My boss is friends with one of the people in Paul’s Ultimate Werewolf play video, and I played Sheriff of Nottingham with her one Christmas.

Been into board/card games as long as I can remember. Obviously with the Monopoly start since it was out there, but Snakes and Ladders, Parcheesi, Sorry, etc. I was a bit too competitive over Trouble (I blew up once when I lost, threw the board and hit my brother who had won.) I think my favourite way to play Monopoly was solo, and I love the Star Wars and Disney Editions of it.

Then it was mostly video games and card games until I discovered Wheaton’s Tabletop. Say what you will about it, but it is a good place to start looking into the gaming scene. That resulted in a few purchases, but most of my game purchases didn’t occur until after finding SUSD. Quinns, Paul and Matt do seem to have similar tastes to mine, but I don’t always impulse buy after a review anymore. I need to play some of the games in my pile now.

I’m still figuring out what genre of game I like the best, but my partner and I play a lot of Dominion and Carcassonne, when we’re not trying out whatever heavy Euro I’ve recently bought.

That’s about all for now…


Put your stuff in the Shameless Self Promotion thread if you’re comfortable with that, I think we all really like to see what we’re all up to IRL (I know I do). Or start your own! We need more art and design topics, IMHO.

(edit: after typing this, saw the excellent @Gamey_Oddlyman beat me to the punch with the SSP suggestion)

@void_presence Local indie shutdowns are always a sad time, you have my feels.
Also, thanks for being a “long time listener, first time caller!” There’s a lot of cool people here, I hope to see you hanging out here more.
Also, “programming?” NERD!


Post pics of minis in the threads, please, thank you. We crave them.
And thank you for apologizing for us.

@alyniana Hi Erika! I missed SHUX too, but I’m in Florida. Your excuse is weak! :rofl:

I have to agree, I’m also a big fan of Tabletop, despite whatever. (Not as cool as us, though ;p ).

Um… I’m also big fan of Canada, and Canadians in general? Is that weird to say here?