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Interactive New User tutorial


I was just about to say, it’s just like that room at Hogwarts you can’t find again.




I was hoping for “most awesomest personage evar”, but I am still proud to join Alecs of all kinds in my new club!


I’m still yet to meet one of the famed humble-alec’s in my goings about. If there’s one in your club please let me know. :grinning:


OK, OK, OK, you silly people. Let’s give this back to folks who genuinely want to talk about things like Forum Privileges, Badges, Topics, @system, etc.


@discobot start new user


Yes, though an admin can still impersonate a specific user and read their messages that way. So you probably shouldn’t use this board to plot the Overthrow of Civilisation or anything. (I’m not an admin here, but I run a couple of Discourse boards of my own.)


@discobot start new user


You’re really playing with fire here, folks! :robot:
Sorry, wanted to answer @simian.


@discobot start new user

Wow, I completely missed that. And it was quite helpful!


(Dammit, my plot to Overthrow Civilization has been exposed! Curse you @RogerBW!!!)


@discobot start advanced user


Don’t do it! It’s a trap.

(I bet that’s an original joke on this thread.)


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