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Interactive New User tutorial


Certainly not when I joined, which is more recently than you.

(Incidentally you can kick off the tutorial in a PM to discobot.)


My other problem with this thread is that is has reawakened my badge collecting competitiveness.




@discobot start new user please


That was legit useful! Cheers @discobot :smiley:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


@discobot start new user


@discobot start new user


@discobot start new user


What really gets to me is one of my badges promises a ‘private lounge area’. I’ve yet to see this private lounge area. I’m a little put out.

I’m not actually put out. I’m a bit bored.

I propose a revolt. Those of us without lounge access should band together and storm the gates. Like in Titanic, they might shoot a few of us but they cannot stop us all. We can be free, we can relax in this private lounge. We can mingle with @minutewalt.

I’ve been told all you need to do is ask, but I think that might be a trap.


You do know, this is the internet. It’s all text and pictures and audio and video and stuff. There’s not an actual physical lounge.

  • I believe that that badge refers to a super-secret place that I haven’t been to in months. No one has, it’s kind of a dump. You’re not missing out on anything.

  • Or it could refer to the fact that you have the privilege of creating/participating in group private messages (which not even Admins can bust in on, any private message can only be read by the sender, recipient, or someone who’s invited, it’s hard-coded in the whole forum application suite).

  • Or it could be that it was just something written into the badge description years ago that no one’s written out because they can’t be arsed, and you’re the only one who’s noticed.

Pick your favorite, I’m sure that’ll be the one that’s correct (though I suspect the second. No, actually the third).


I was thinking option 3 myself…

But the greatest mystery is how you re-name “Regular” to something as cool as “Team a Bit Dad”!


Just talk to a mod. Or (as in my case) just give one of us the smallest excuse to re-title you. I hope you like your new title.

(We’ll always put it back to the way it came or to nothing or to what you want, titles are partially our way of having fun with the other people here. I admit, I’ve gone bonkers with it, but only for the sake of fun and silliness, and will always defer to the user’s wishes.)


Wait, are we not telling people about the secret lounge?


That’s what they want us to think!


That’s the spirit!

All I wanted to do was organize a friendly riot and paraphrase Neil Gaiman’s view from the cheap seats, but no. Apparently we’re supposed to let little things like “there’s not actually a lounge” get in the way of that.


There was a secret lounge, but after the last meeting someone shut the door behind them too firmly, and now we can’t find it again :frowning:


…I’m sure if we find the right board game on the shelf and pull it, it will swing open again.


Anybody has the Marauder’s Map with them?


If my constant baiting of you and generally being a smart-alec hasn’t “earned” me one yet, I don’t know what else I can do! :persevere: