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In Other Waters


I came across the Kickstarter for In Other Waters today, a game in which you experience the story of a xenobiologist through the eyes of the AI that runs her diving suit. It seems to not only be an exploration game, but also an experiment in human/machine symbiosis. You assist the biologist in charting life on an unknown planet, and try to help her find back her partner on the basis of a notebook she left. The Kickstarter page tells it much better than I do:

From the Kickstarter page:

[i]An alien ocean, rich with impossible life.

A lone xenobiologist, adrift in a world of secrets.

An AI, waking from a dreamless sleep, ready to guide humanity to a terrible truth.

Casting you as an Operator AI In Other Waters is structured around an ever-growing, tactile interface. Through this unique mode of interaction you will chart underwater courses, scan environments for vital clues, and navigate this unearthly ocean.[/i]

Disclaimer: I have no interests in this project other than that i am a backer and felt it might some of the people in the Cool Ghosts audience.