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I’ve never seen this before!

Website down for PLANNED maintenance?

Loving the old Paul picture!


Ahh man, the site is back up! I hope someone got a screen grab!

I had heard they were wanting to do some work on the website as the cobwebs had gotten quite thick!

Weirdly the link to the forums is missing - or at least was just now…
Edit: Nevermind, its just less obvious

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Yup, no link to the forum… Worrying?

Yup I missed it at first as well.

It is next to the musical note near the ‘Media buttons’. The two talk bubbles.

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whew, came back here using my browser history.
Personally, I think the button isn’t placed very well. I don’t use twitter, instagram etc so when looking at those buttons I decided it’s a no go area for me and just missed it…

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Shall I shoot Quinns an Email?


Hey @quinns

Site redesign looks great, and is a lot more responsive, but I (and a few others) were wondering if you could make the link to the forums a bit more obvious? On mobiles you have to scroll all the way down and then it’s a picture icon, that doesn’t really tell you it’s for a forum.

Any chance we can have a forum link added to the drop down menu , or at least have the icon say the word ‘forum’.




The reduced linkage to the forum from the main page is a bit of a bummer. I’ve always had the opposite problem before. On my cell phone, from the forums, there is no link back to the main page. There is on desktop, towards the right of my profile pic, but all those links are gone on mobile for me.


That is why on my phone I just keep two tabs open: one for the main page and one for the forums.

Quinns has said they’re discussing this at their next business meeting! So hopefully it will be tweaked.

I know the behind the curtain crew has been working very hard to get the website updated and transferred over so it would be more stable; so, I think at least, any constructive comments on how to make the site more friendly for users will probably be appreciated, but may take a bit, as I think at least, they are the same people who are putting together SHUX.

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Yep, I never want to be anything other than constructive, so will let things wend their merry way now.