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I think ... I might actually come to Shux this year

Working out all the details - but wondering who else is planning on coming? :slight_smile:

EDIT: It’s official. I bought my 3 day ticket. Wooooooooo. :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


Unless my wife finally says ‘no’ this year, I plan on being there for the third-year running. At this point, SHUX is the only non-work travel I plan for. Haha.

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I am also considering my first Shux adventure. Living in the Midwest I am familiar with some of the larger cons (Gen Con, Origins, et al) so I’m interested to experience a small, friendly convention. Which will be good as I will likely be solo.


I may also be solo-ing!
This will be my first convention, I’ll admit the nerves are beginning haha

I wouldn’t stress too much about that one. Folks at game conventions (especially smaller ones) tend to be very welcoming. If your 1st con was like Gen Con there’s a lot more stress, but the difference between 2500 people and 60,000 is pretty extreme.

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makes sense to me

It’s been my experience that the people at SHUX are super welcoming. My friend and I have gone the past two years, and we’ve spent multiple days before, and after, SHUX playing games and/or drinking with complete strangers when we just posted on the Discord where we’d be.


This year the Netrunner World Championship is in Toronto the weekend before SHUX.

I am desperately trying to save money to do both. If I can’t, I likely won’t go to either.

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We are going for the first time as well. This will be our very first convention of any sort, and we’ve both never been to Canada. We are big craft brewery fans and local foodies, so if anyone has Vancouver recommendations we would love to hear them. Also, has anyone done airbnb there? I know some cities are getting less friendly about it for probably good reasons. We are on teacher salaries, so we try to save money traveling where we can.


Also a big craft beer guy, and love food – though, I’m a vegetarian, so maybe not the best person to ask – and have done AirBnB the two times I have attended SHUX.

Vancouver requires their AirBnBs to be registered, and I am pretty sure keeps limits on how many places someone can own as a rental, and how many days they can be rented out, so in theory it’s a little better than some cities. However, as I understand it they basically have zero enforcement of those regulations and people ignore them all the time.

As for beer, last year we rented a car and drove to Port Moody, which I highly recommend. There’s 4-5 breweries all within walking distance of each other. Really only had one absolutely standout beer there, but all the places were solid. You can also catch the train there from Vancouver.

Steamworks near the convention center is pretty good too.

For food, I definitely recommend getting a Japadog. There are a couple carts around the city, and one at the airport, but making the trip to the brick-and-mortar location is worth it for their tasty desserts.

After that, well, there’s a bunch of good ramen all over the place. My friend and I really like Jinya Ramen. And they have a nice whiskey selection too, if that’s your thing.

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Joining @MikeimusPrime in identifying myself as a craft-beer guy. I haven’t been down to Vancouver in some time so I’m not sure what the brewery scene is like there anymore, but I imagine you won’t be short of options for food and beers. It’s definitely going to depend on how much time you want to spend traveling around.

I’ve not air-bnb’d but looking at the costs of some of them near the venue made be break out in a cold sweat. haha.

Work vacation days approved :white_check_mark:
Tickets purchased :white_check_mark:
First post in the 2020 SHUX thread :white_check_mark:
Ready for our 4th SHUX :white_check_mark:

My husband and I live relatively locally, so I’m happy to recommend craft beer spots! Lots of breweries in Port Moody as was mentioned already, but also lots in East Vancouver. There are also some pub options around the convention centre with good selections of craft beer. Can give you some names closer to your visit. Also there are threads of great recommendations from previous years’ events that you’ll find helpful.

To anyone thinking about going - just go! It’s great! We have met soooo many lovely people and had such a wonderful time. I’m not usually extroverted, but SHUX turns me into this strange person who likes to talk to everyone and smile at everyone and join in the fun! The vibe just brings out the best in everyone it seems. Highly highly recommend.


I live in Vancouver and although beer is quite a bit pricer than say the US, there are quite a few good breweries and non-breweries that sell craft beer. A majority of the breweries are in East Van (due to industrial zoning) or in the burbs. They pretty much all fill growlers. I would recommend Parallel 49 Brewing, Strange Fellows, and the award-winning Dageraad Brewing but there are endless amounts of small breweries in this area. In regards to food, Vancouver has an incredible array of options. The best foods here are of Asian or South Asian types - Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian (ie, a reflection of the immigration population). I would stay away from any posh places and ignore downtown and head to places like Kingway that have incredible food for reasonable prices (just a better bang for your buck). Also, public transportation is great here and easy to get around.

I think that depends on where you live, and what beer. Compared to what I pay for a pint (or more realistically 10-12 oz) in California, the beer in Vancouver is pretty cheap. And that’s before taking into account what’s basically a 20% discount due to exchange rates.

Very true. I am a transplant from PDX, so I still find it expensive. It is roughly about $8-$9 (CDN) for a pint here, plus (15%) tax. And about $5 (USD) no tax, in PDX, so it is substantially more than I used to pay. Hard alcohol or booze from the liqueur store is more than double here. But, you are right, it is all relative.

Yeah, the hard alcohol is definitely higher. And man, I wish I could pay $5 USD for a pint here in CA.

A cheap place is somewhere that I can get a “full” 12 oz pour for about $8. A lot of places around me $8 barely even buys you a 10 oz pour.

That’s the SF Bay Area tax, though. Rent for those places has to be insanely high.

Also first-time game convention, first-time SHUX, foodies, and craft beer enthusiasts. I’m very excited, even though we’re still 7 months away.

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There are fantastic food options in Vancouver both ethnic or not, including in downtown and near the convention site. Food trucks are a great way to enjoy good food at an affordable price. Other good spots near the convention site are La Taqueria, Heritage Asian Eatery, SMAK, Autostrada and many more.

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