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I hope everyone had a good time today (EDIT: these couple of weeks)

It’s the holidays, and I know that many of you were celebrating Christmas (or still are, the time line is still sweeping over the Earth as I write this).

If you’ve done anything especially fun today, please feel free to share it here if you like.

Even if you don’t do the X-Mass thing, use this as an excuse to share something that would warm the cockles of our hearts (I have no idea what a cockle is).


OK, so my little guy had his birthday on the first day of Hanukkah this year, which is rare. BUT, that meant I got to play with him on the Switch I bought for me him. He also jumped on me like some crazed bear, and then we went went to an all-you-can-eat salad bar with his mom (they also have hot soup and fresh baked goods, and soft-serve ice cream. Many Americans know this as the resturant chain Sweet Tomatoes. And, yes, you can eat yourself into a food coma off of salad, alone).

And today, we had as much fun with my his new Switch as we did with these cheap remote control robots that punch each other until one of them falls over. Holy heck, these things are hilarious!

My big guy is in Connecticut with his BF. I have no idea what they’re doing, he never writes he never calls! I’m kidding, he doesn’t do Christmas, for REASONS. But we can get away with Decemberween (Homestar Runner fans know what I mean). He’s picking me up a souvenir, and asked me, “Do you want kitschy/cheezy, or cool?” I said “Both, and the weirder the better. If you see something cheap you just don’t understand, that’s it.” And he’s found it! I have to wait until January though.

And I know he’s a member here, but he doesn’t check in a lot, so I’ll spill the beans: I got him a choice between a fox and a tree sloth.

No, no, wait, come back!

They’re stuffed animals you can put in the microwave for a minute, they stay warm for 3-4 hours, scented with French lavender oil. Organic, and like having a hot water bottle you can cuddle with. We used to sell these at my toy store, and a lot of my family have been hurting from injuries, and I thought, “I’ll just get a bunch of these.”

So, when he gets back home, I’m going to let my older kid choose between a long sloth (I’ve named it “Spaget,” and is an awesome neck/shoulder wrap-around) or a rotund fox (“Pancakes”) and hope he doesn’t choose Pancakes because I luuurve him!


Well, we spent a good 23 of the 24 hours looking after jet-lagged babies, but there were some good highlights too. An hour or two nap; lunch and gift-giving with mum, who managed to remain sober; a couple of hours in a nice new playground in the park I spent a lot of time in as a child; a chat with my older brother; and enjoying food we can’t get in Japan, like a malted wholegrain loaf fresh from the oven and (real) cheddar cheese.


There are no babies like jet-lagged babies, even a slightly sloshed mum would be acceptable to take some of the weight off.

I’m glad you have the opportunity to spend that time, there’s a certain redolence to coming back home that you can’t recreate from wherever you live now, no matter where you’re from or what you do to mimic it. The smell, the light, the sounds…hell, even the humidity can’t be replicated.

(PS: Can you send me some of that bread and cheese? :yum:)


PPS: I think best on my stomach but not before @COMaestro clicks “Reply!” (He’s typing as I speak :grinning:
or he could be sleeping and butt-dialing, I suppose. Either result would be awesome.)

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Today was a pretty good day, all things considered. Woke up around 5 when the kids started making noise. That is not because it is Christmas, it is just a nornal thing around here. However, it was after a late night (I think I didn’t fall asleep intil after 1 AM, and @superjaz was not too far ahead of me, so we were both tired. Still, got up, along with her brother so we could open presents.

Our older son, who is 8, is a gift opening fiend. As such, there were no presents under our tree until after they went to bed last night. I was impressed this morning that he was able to restrain himself from opening anything until we gave him the okay. Having a stock9ng to dig into may have helped.

Our younger son, 6, enjoyed getting into his stocking, but actually opening gifts held no appeal for him. He just grabbed one of the kids tablets and sat around with it for the most part. As such, his brother got to “help” opening his gifts.

The boys seemed to like what they got. I was especially pleased to see our older kid play with pretty much everything he got at some point today, mostly a set of handbells, which he would play along to music from his tablet or other toys, and is doing great with the timing and pretty good with the notes. Can’t say the same for his brother, who only played with a few things, but really he seemed kind of overwhelmed by everything. And there were a LOT of gifts overall, so the place was a big mess for a while.

Had a couple of delicious meals, courtesy of my wife, watched some Christmad shows, got in a bit of video gaming (Star Wars: Jedi: Fallen Order), read a few rulebooks for some new games, and managed to stay awake the whole day. Got a little short with the kids now and then when they acted up, but that’s just another day that ends in ‘y’.

Will be visiting family for a little bit tomorrow, but otherwise will be home, and hope to get a game or two in. Friday having friends over for gaming, so looking forward to that.

Merry Christmas everyone, or just Happy Wednesday if you don’t celebrate it. Hope you all had a wonderful day.


That sounds ideal, and a perfect day.

Either that, or the butt-dial has gone the whole infinite monkeys on infinite typewriters thing.

I hope you guys have fun tomorrow! You mean a lot to me, for people I’ve never personally met before. Take care, and happy Christmas.

As I work for an emergency service, it is a rare and precious thing for my shifts to fall in such a way that I am not working at all on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. This year the gods of resource management have smiled on me particularly kindly so no work between 1700hrs Christmas Eve and 1700hrs on the 27th. It’s at least five years since this last happened.

Yesterday we didn’t by many people’s standards do anything unusual or particularly “fun” but for me it was a wonderful day just to spend it in the company of the people whom I care about the most.


Had a quiet evening with my parents followed by a lovely dinner with my sister and her in-laws. Called a bunch of lovely people I wouldn’t have in previous years with much less well managed depression to wish them a happy holiday. Only bit I’m not terribly fond of it being back to work already. :stuck_out_tongue:


A day late, but my 9-year-old gave me his present today: a light pink Japanese Sonic the Hedgehog tee shirt.

I’ve been wearing it all day, as one should with any item of clothing one gets from their kid. It takes a real man to wear light pink, and it takes a real dad to proudly wear his present in public.

And, yes, I know his mom was totally involved in this shenanigan. I still love it. It actually looks pretty cool!


I’m closing this topic soon, it would be silly to leave it open much past the New Year and we all head back to the drudge of school and/or work.

Share your good experiences here for a little while, and we’ll do it again next year. (After it’s closed, you can always PM me to re-open it if you have something you want to share, but we still have some time before I shut it down).

(EDIT: closed unless someone else wants to share something. I hope you all had a great Winter break!)

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