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I have some games I wanna get rid of - BE FAST


And as there are a few that are reccomended by this website I thought I’d give first dibs here.

Hopefully these are all visible.

My intent is to get these to a charity shop but if I can get a bit more cash from those with a more discerning taste than the charity shop will dump them for I’ll take it.

I’m gonna say the games are complete but I haven’t checked them properly.

Be quick to secure a bargain! Because they won’t stay in my house long. :open_mouth:

£5-15 + postage (to me) and I’ll hand the cash to the charity - I’m not sure what the post prices are right now. So we can sort that later.

I don’t intend to keep these too long because I just want to make room more than anything.

Edit: I’ll probably lock this down about 10am 10 August 2018 UK time as it’s already getting fairly complex.

Current list:

MrJackdaw - Welcome To
Benkyo - Coup, longsdale and Flamme Rouge
Michaelg - Fresco + SpaceBase.
LaLunaVerde -Indian Summer.


Afraid the cost of postage to the US puts me out of the running for any of these. :frowning:


I’ve got a funny feeling there is a rule against selling stuff… no doubt @MinuteWalt will fill us in soon!

But if not… I’d like to make dibs on Machi Koro and Welcome To if the price isn’t ridiculous.


I don’t actually care for the money, it’s more about covering whatever the charity shop might lose for them. If you want to give to a local charity then that’s fine too.

If it comes down to it I can cover the postage. Don’t want to break the rules. :slight_smile:


If there’s anything small I can find out.

For clarity: I’ve offered these to some local friends too so some may be gone!


I’d be interested in Fox in the Forest please :slight_smile:


Those are gone I’m afraid!


Looks like you have expansions for Oh my goods! (?)

I’m interested in those, Machi Koro, Flamme Rouge, Coup, and Welcome To.

If it is possible to send any of those to Japan, awesome. If not, no worries!


Can I throw my hat in for Fresco and Space Base please? :slight_smile:


Sort of, -ish, not exactly? It was just in the wrong place. The Purchase Chamber is the most appropriate place, and I just kind relocated this there right now, so don’t worry. (This was not started in the “ideal” thread, but that was no problem this time. I can’t always do that, but I could for this one. It would have been fine where it was started, but moving it to THE PURCHASE CHAMBER may get it a little more attention from members who are interested).

This is about community, and I can’t possibly see how people exchanging or trading games here is a bad thing. It’s only spammers trying to advertise stuff here for free without being a real contributor that bugs me, and @mistercrayon is pretty cool. (no worries @mistercrayon, there are a lot of threads here, easy mistake to make. Heck, I get confused!)

Just as long as no one’s ripping people off and everyone’s making fair trades, this particular sub-forum has been used for this.


Throwing my hat in for

Oh My Goods! Plus expansions
Welcome To…

Potentially interested in Biblios if there’s a deal to had there


YOne of the OMG expansion has gone but you can have the original game and the other one.

Also biblios too

@MinuteWalt thank you :slight_smile: my main aim is to make space but I felt sad when I last did this and the charity shop seemed to just give away the games. At least this way perhaps a little more will go to charity + I can get a bit of satisfaction that people who dig games in a community i enjoy are a little happier. :smiley:


@MinuteWalt We can sell on here? Excellent. I have a child that’s been annoying me - anyone up for it? No? What’s that? Against the law to sell children? Darnit.

@mistercrayon I am definitely up for Machi Koro and Welcome To. What is the carriage to Lancaster, UK? Do you do Paypal? Better PM me!


I’d like to have Indian Summer, please. And Sakura if possible.


I still have Indian summer.

When it gets to 10am I’ll clear up the opening post and PM everyone with details and more precise info!


I’ll take that super fluffy-looking rug. :upside_down_face:


I’m guessing the one I’m really after is gone then. It won’t be worth taking the rest then so I’ll leave everything then.

Thanks for the reply though!


:facepalm: Banned! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


No worries.


Welcome to is back on the table.
I’m gonna go to the post office tomorrow to send all the stuff out if anyone wants it let me know!
My thoughts are £10+postage.