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I have 2 free tickets to SHUX


I’m asking all of my friends here, if they know anyone who’s only barrier is the price of the tickets to SHUX. I have two to give away.

I could get a refund, but I would rather balance my disappointment by living vicariously through someone else’s joy. I’d rather give some people a bit of happiness than be pissed off about my own bad luck.

They would have to convince me that the only problem is the ticket price, that they definitely would go (they have the means, motivation, and opportunity), and they would take pictures and video and post it here.

If I don’t get a response in a few days, I will request the refund.

It’s not a bad deal, folks. The due date is the 25th of September.

[PBF] Luxor - Forgotten Treasures

I don’t have my birth certificate (I was born in Guam, the last time I held it, it crumbled apart in my hands, and I can’t get one for 90-120 days). I don’t want to be turned around at the Canadian border, and I don’t want to scheme my way across.

I had a flight, a hotel room, a list of things to pack lightly, but I don’t want my crushing disappointment to be futile.

This isn’t a contest, or a raffle. You just need to convince me. It’s totally subjective and unfair.

I have a feeling I’ll still need to ask for a refund, everyone here is so self sufficient and good with planning (board gamers, amiright?)


I’m sorry you had to cancel your plans. :frowning: Border policies are really frustrating at times. I guess there’s no rushing (usually at a steep cost) a new copy of your birth certificate?

It’s very generous of you to offer up your tickets though. I know a couple people who might be interested, if they have friends to stay with on the mainland. I’ll pass this along.

If you have a BGG account, you could also try sharing this in the BC forums on BGG. There might be some locals who would take you up on this.


Thanks for sending me this, Adria!

Hi there, I’ve traveled around to several big conventions, mostly to help run them as staff, without getting much chance to simply show up and enjoy them, although I’ve never been to Shux. I haven’t had the chance to travel to a big event that wasn’t paying me to do so, and not in a couple of years have I been to my last one.

I just left my job working in a gaming store and money’s been too tight for quite a while for me to be able to drop money like this on a weekend. I’ve had a lot of big personal expenses this year, including getting a new birth certificate, so I haven’t had the chance to do any travelling.

Shux looks like a ton of fun, and this would be a wonderful distraction from budgeting and job hunting. I don’t normally take pictures and video of events I’m at, but I’d be happy to in exchange for tickets! I have several friends in Vancouver I could stay with, so it would be an extremely affordable trip that I’d never make without your tickets. That said, Shux sounds like a fun time to me, it’s not something I’ve been pining over not being able to get to all year, so I’d be happy to defer to someone who has been hoping to for some time.

Thanks for the generosity of your offer when a refund is still available to you!


Hey Minute, sorry to hear your plans didn’t work out! I saw you first over in the hotel share thread when I was trying to plan for heading up to SHUX from Seattle.

Budget is the big reason I decided not to go (ticket, hotel, travel, food, it all adds up quick!). I turned down a ticket from my local FB group last week and had come to terms with staying home and trying to plan ahead for next year.
If the room to share I previously contacted is still available, then I can make a weekend of getting up there! Thanks for your offer, and I’ll be happy to document what I can for you if I go. :slight_smile:


That’s just cheating!
I’m not saying it didn’t work, but that’s a low blow, man.


I should have put a timer on this, I’m editing my initial post to say the due date is the 25th. I don’t want this to drag on and on, and people would need a bit of time to plan. This is a bit last minute (I’m sorry for that, but I thought I had EVERYTHING down until there was that one thing I didn’t).

So far @Allison and @rakasis have the most to offer, and the most to convince me I won’t just be burning the tickets, and they’ll actually be there.


That’s rough :confused: but also extremely kind of you to give the tickets away.

I hope you can make it next year, it’d be cool to meet you in person!


That’s the idea, I’ll be saving and planning. It’s that one thing that I idiotically didn’t account for.

I feel like a [email protected] for missing that one thing, but I want to pass it to someone who can go and will actually be there.

(EDIT: Thanks Jonathan, @JDPftw. I’d like to meet you, too! Everyone here is so awesome. Now put yer picture on the selfie thread! (I’m so sorry, I can’t stop being a mod and telling people to do stuff like this))


OK! Last day! This expires on the 25th!

Convince me you’ll be there and post your experience in the forum!

So far @rakasis and @Allison have been most convincing (there have only been 5 posters in total, @F4ll0ut was close, but couldn’t convince me that they’d be there, and @Adria was basically just forwarding this to @Allison, and @JDPftw was just being a nice person and commenting. NOT A HUGE SCRAMBLE FOR THE TICKETS.

Midnight EST (4AM GMT) I’m done. If there are no other takers by then, @rakasis and @Allison please PM me with your personal info (full name, address) I will pass that on to Chris and Lis the rest of the gang at the headquarters.


(I shouldn’t have to say that I will never, ever, share that info with anyone else except for the SU&SD official team even under pain of death.

Mostly because I won’t be able to remember it.

And also I’ve given my address and stuff out here publicly, any of you can just come here. I still wont reveal any personal information of anyone else, ever, not just because of integrity (I do have integrity!) but mostly because I’ll have no idea what the hell you’re talking about, and I would have already deleted the email.)


Oh, I will definitely be there with a free ticket…but I certainly can’t compete with a 360° camera and a unemployed family man (I had to go through the unemployment game a couple years ago…he needs it more than I do!). :stuck_out_tongue:



I think that would work with me @COMaestro. Either that or somehow get me on the stage at TED.

Anyway, time’s up!

And I just have to say, @F4ll0ut has been super-cool.

@rakasis pulled the kid card, though, and I am defenseless against that. @Allison has the motivation to go to Vancouver for personal reasons, which barely put her ahead. So that’s two tickets!

If you could both PM me with your contact info, I’ll co-ordinate with the team to make sure you’re admitted. If it turns out that either of you kids can’t actually make it, let me know ASAP, @F4ll0ut will receive it or I’ll ask for the refund.

Please reply soon (Friday, midnight, EST, which is 4AM GMT).


I have @Allison’s info (thank you, Allison!)

Remember, these are the two email addresses to look out for, everyone. Make sure these don’t go to spam (or in the case of gmail and some others, something like a “Promotions” or “Social” folder):

[email protected]
[email protected]


@rakasis just gave me his info, and I fwd’d (is that the past-tense of “fwd?”) it to the above SU&SD email addresses!

Remember, if something comes up, and one of you can’t go, it would only be fair to pass it along to @F4ll0ut.

Thanks for helping me feel better by pretending this is altruism!

I’m not broke, but I’m sure as h#ll am not rich, this wasn’t an insignificant chunk of change. I figure the money was already spent at the time (I wouldn’t miss it too much, I can still pay my rent), and I did get a complete refund for the airfare and hotel (this was a minor expense in comparison to that), and I got to help a couple of other nerds have fun, and get some potentially awesome pictures out of this fiasco.

I’ll try to remember to close this topic on the first day of the con (I’ll wait until then in case anything comes up that’s important, and everyone can always send me a PM at any time).


And good karma. Definitely should be some good karma out of this.


Every nice thing I do is totally for selfish reasons.

Donations to Child’s Play! Totes just to make me feel better about stealing candy and videogames from babies.


God, this makes me think of someone I have encountered on another forum who actually thinks that way. That the only reason people do anything nice for others is because it makes them feel good about themselves. Very cynical thinking to my mind, and feels like they must be totally lacking in empathy.


(@COMaestro All jokes aside, I just want to say thanks. We’ve talked a lot over the years COM, and, well, it means a lot to me that you don’t think I’m like that. I may delete this soon because I’m I have I can’t see aw screw it I’ll think of an excuse to cover for me crying later EDIT: it’s nice to hear when someone knows I’m not as cynical as I sometimes pretend to be)